Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 675

Chapter 675 Killing Hu Yan

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“Heh heh, didn’t think that I, Hu Yan, would actually have a day where I would succumb at the hands of a brat still wet behind his ears!”

Hu Yan looked at Ye Yuan, his gaze filled with hatred.

Ten years of forbearance was for the sake of today. Who knew that it would actually fail on the verge of success.

This disgrace filled his heart with unwillingness!

“I already warned Hu Rong at the Darkfiend Tiger Clan. No idea if you heard it or not, that is to not provoke my big brother. Because . . . you can’t afford to provoke him at all!” White Light said coldly.

“You shut your mouth for this old man! A creature that lives off people while secretly helping others! What qualifications do you have to lecture this old man? Don’t think that you’re really something by calling you tiger lord!”

The current Hu Yan had already lost his reason. How could he still care what identity White Light had?

But White Light said with a cold smile, “Being cocky in front of this Little Lord?Heh heh, isn’t it just relying on your cultivation realm being a little higher? Do you really think that you’re very impressive? Little Lord, I, will tell you today, in less than three years, this Little Lord will be able to eradicate you with a flip of my hand! It’s just that you can’t wait for that day!”

White Light was extremely confident in both his cultivation speed and strength. As long as he followed Ye Yuan, killing Hu Yan three years later would be akin to killing a dog.

But this sort of situation today was already unable to be reconciled. Ye Yuan would not let Hu Yan off.

Releasing a Tier 6 powerhouse out there was too dangerous.

Hu Yan naturally knew that White Light was not joking. His bloodline was too powerful. Cultivation was like playing around.

After White Light arrived at the tiger clan, Hu Yan had observed White Light before and discovered that his cultivation speed was really too terrifying.

After the shock, Hu Yan was deeply jealous in his heart.

This was the disparity between bloodline grades. He was unable to make up for it forever.

Unless he could rely on his own strength to affirm his Dao and become a deity, otherwise, he could only look up to White Light forever.

And in this world, which demon could still become a divine beast?

Inferiority complex, unwillingness, envy, resentment, all kinds of negative emotions mingled together. Hu Yan’s entire person was almost exploding.

He gnashed his teeth in hatred and said, “Even if I can’t wait until that day, I’ll have to exterminate you guys, these two little bastards, today!”

As he said, Hu Yan directly transformed into a powerful and magnificent large tiger!

This fellow chose demonic transformation right away!

After the Azure Spirit Tree took form, it could naturally fight same as humans as well. This made his combat power increase greatly too.

Seeing Hu Yan demonize at this time, he unleashed a divine soul attack without any hesitation!

The peak Tier 6 Hu Yan was also not somebody easy to deal with. He could actually judge these attacks accurately and dodge them.

And Hu Yan’s target was not the Azure Spirit Tree, but the Ye Yuan and White Light opposite!

Hu Yan was a peak Tier 6 powerhouse. His strength was god knows how many times more powerful than Zhao Tianyin’s.

Yet, Ye Yuan did not care at all facing Hu Yan’s attack.

Ye Yuan’s current formations path attainments were even more powerful than his previous life. Now that there was a ready-made grand array for him to control, how could it be something that easy for Hu Yan to want to hit Ye Yuan?


Hu Yan’s formidable attack passed right through Ye Yuan, slamming onto the ground behind Ye Yuan. A large pit appeared immediately.

Yet, Ye Yuan and White Light were perfectly unscathed.

While at this time, the Azure Spirit Tree’s attack had arrived once more.

Only to see him gesture with both hands. Countless vines broke out of the ground and intertwined over towards Hu Yan!

Hu Yan’s expression changed. He was just thinking of moving when he was caught unawares by the Origin Magnetic Field again.

In the end, he avoided the entanglement of the vines by a narrow escape repeatedly.

Hu Yan hated immensely in his heart right now. These two little fellows were clearly right under his noses, but he just could not do anything to them.

Not just so, that bizarre forcefield was really damnable sometimes.

Originally, when he ambushed Peng Tian, he did not hope for that attack to be able to cripple Peng Tian.

At that time, after it went smoothly, he was still very suspicious. Only now did he know that it was actually Ye Yuan who gave him a helping hand back then.

It was just that Hu Yan could never have thought that this sort of bizarre forcefield would be used on him so soon.

Ye Yuan looked at Hu Yan from a distance and said smilingly, “Inside the Wood Spirit Dragon Imprisoning Array, for you to want to kill me, it’s even harder than ascending to heaven. But for the Azure Spirit Tree and me to kill you, it’s effortless! Now, I’ll let you take a look at the Wood Spirit Dragon Imprisoning Array’s true power!”

Hu Yan’s expression could not help changing drastically once he heard. But he had yet to have time to take any action when the grand array was unleashed already!

Countless flames flooded towards Hu Yan from all directions, directly wrapping him up tightly.

These flames formed a cage, directly binding Hu Yan up inside!

How could Hu Yan be willing to submit? Mustering up essence energy fully, he slapped a palm out directly.

But right at this time, the flame cage similarly burst forth with powerful energy, obliterating Hu Yan’s attack immediately!

“Stop wasting energy. This flame cage maneuvered the entire grand array’s energy to besiege you alone. For you to want to crack it, without a few days, it simply can’t be done! Therefore, wait to die inside there obediently!” Ye Yuan sentenced Hu Yan’s death penalty very indifferently.

Hu Yan’s entire person was almost crazy. How could he be willing to believe it? He roared furiously. “Want to trap me to death, no way! Argh . . . !”

Hu Yan was like a lunatic, unleashing all of his energy, and attacking the flame cage crazily.

But no matter how he attacked, this flame cage did not budge an inch!

The words that Ye Yuan said, when did he go back on his words before?

Ye Yuan looked towards the Azure Spirit Tree and said with a smile, “The rest is up to you!”

The Azure Spirit Tree had a stomach full of animosity towards Hu Yan. Seeing Hu Yan’s crazed appearance at present, he was euphoric in his heart too.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, he said rather excitedly, “Thanks. This time, count it as I owe you a favor! Otherwise, it would really be rather hard for me to want to kill him!”

Hu Yan’s cultivation realm was more or less the same as the Azure Spirit Tree’s. Even though the Azure Spirit Tree’s was innately incomparably powerful, if Hu Yan risked everything to escape, wanting to kill him would really not be too easy.

Ye Yuan said with a laugh, “No need to be courteous. You look at his appearance. He’s bound to want to come and kill me as well. I’m just protecting myself.”

The Azure Spirit Tree was no longer long-winded and directly condensed a powerful divine soul attack!

“Soul Exterminating Sword!”

The Azure Spirit Tree condensed an invisible sword that could not be seen with the naked eye at all. Yet, Ye Yuan could sense how terrifying this attack was!

The moment the invisible sword moved, it pierced through the flame cage instantly, shooting right onto Hu Yan’s divine soul!


A miserable cry sounded out.

Afterward, there was no longer any activity inside the flame cage.

A fierce and ambitious person of his generation in the Dongming Region died in the end under the partnering-up of the Azure Spirit Tree and Ye Yuan.

The Azure Spirit Tree looked at Ye Yuan and said, “I really didn’t expect that a puny little Tier 4 human actually possessed such heaven-defying abilities!”

Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that and said, “If I didn’t have heaven-defying abilities, how could I dare to promise to let you break through to Tier 9 too?”

The Azure Spirit Tree was stunned when he heard this, and he immediately burst into laughter, and said, “Haha! Makes sense! Initially, I was still somewhat doubtful about your words. But now, my misgivings are all gone, and I have unbounded confidence in you instead! Ye Yuan, I hope that you won’t disappoint me!”