Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 676

Chapter 676 Stealthy Kiss

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“Naturally, I won’t let you down! These few days, I’ll use the Spirit Sealing Needle to help you tidy up your meridians and let your speed of absorbing wood essence power increase ten times. This way, you breaking through to Tier 7 would probably be during these few days as well,” Ye Yuan said.

The so-called Spirit Sealing Needle was actually that set of profound artifact gold needles which Ye Yuan brought out from Ren Xingchun’s place.

It was just that in order to deal with the Azure Spirit Tree, he sanctified it with special means again.

Azure Spirit Tree could not help being overjoyed when he heard, “Truly?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “You already had half a foot stepped into Tier 7 in the first place. Me using the needles now is just pushing the boat along with the current. You don’t need to be so happy. With my current strength, what I can help you with is also just this much.”

The Azure Spirit Tree hurriedly said, “How can I not be happy? I’ve already been stuck at this step for a very long time but did not break through for so long. Once my speed of absorbing wood essence power increases ten times, breaking through the Tier 7 bottleneck will be an effortless matter!”

Bottlenecks to all cultivators was a hard to surmount chasm.

Especially from Tier 6 to Tier 7, there was a huge threshold. Even though the Azure Spirit Tree was a heaven and earth spirit wood, wanting to cross this hurdle was also absolutely not something that easy.

The Azure Spirit Tree’s cultivation could be calculated in units of centuries.

Don’t look at how the Azure Spirit Tree was just a half-grown child appearance. Actually, he was totally an old tree demon!

It was just that the time he gave birth to a primordial spirit was not long, so his mind was not very mature.

Absorbing wood essence power to break through bottlenecks was actually about the same as martial artists breaking through bottlenecks.

When martial artists were breaking through this sort of major checkpoint, they needed titanic amounts of essence energy as support. Otherwise, it was very easy to fail the breakthrough.

This was also the reason why medicinal pills were so important when breaking through bottlenecks.

If Ye Yuan did not help the Azure Spirit Tree apply the needles, this distance of half a step, the Azure Spirit Tree might not even break through for dozens of years, even a century.

But his speed of absorbing wood essence power increasing ten times, this difficult problem would be easily resolved.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “This stretch of spirit vein is indeed your optimal place to breakthrough bottlenecks. It’s also no wonder that you entrenched here all along and not leave. The matter should not be delayed. Let’s begin.”

Ye Yuan did not plan on wasting time. It had been roughly over half a year’s time since he was out. No idea what situation the Endless World was in right now either. He must make the best use of his time to get out.

. . . . . .

The following few days, Ye Yuan frequently used the needles on the Azure Spirit Tree’s main body.

Indeed, the Azure Spirit Tree’s aura gradually became violent, looking like it was going to break through to Tier 7 soon!

On the eighth day, tribulation clouds rolled in the sky. The Azure Spirit Tree finally welcomed the heavenly tribulation!

“The heavenly tribulation came. You be careful yourself! You’re a heaven and earth spirit wood. The might of this heavenly tribulation is bound to be extraordinary. Even though this Wood Spirit Dragon Imprisoning Array’s offensive power isn’t high, using it to defend is pretty decent. I’ll control the grand array to help you block a portion of the heavenly tribulation’s power. The rest will be up to yourself!” Ye Yuan said.

Sensing the horrifying aura coming from the tribulation clouds, the Azure Spirit Tree’s expression was also a never-before solemn.

“Good brother! I promise you that after I transcend this tribulation, I’ll definitely guard your friend for ten years!”

This heavenly tribulation was not so easy to transcend for the Azure Spirit Tree.

He finally managed to cultivate out a primordial spirit, unlike when he was muddle-headed back then, relying entirely on instinct to do things.

The present Azure Spirit Tree was filled with yearning and curiosity towards this world and did not wish to fall under the heavenly tribulation.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Talk again after this. You don’t have to be so nervous either. This isn’t beneficial to you transcending the tribulation instead. This place is a land of spirit vein. Not only is it your optimal location to cultivate, but it’s also likewise your ideal place to transcend tribulations. Unceasing wood essence power, what can the heavenly tribulation do to you?”

The Azure Spirit Tree’s eyes lit up as he said in annoyance, “This stupid brain of mine, why didn’t I think of that!”

Before long, the heavenly tribulation descended. The commotion was indeed extraordinary.

Ye Yuan controlled the grand array to resist the heavenly tribulation only withstood for one round, and the grand array collapsed with a loud bang. Ye Yuan even sustained considerable injuries for this.

But on this stretch of spirit vein, the Azure Spirit Tree’s strength was truly by no means insignificant.

No matter how the heavenly tribulation wreaked havoc, the Azure Spirit Tree could recover rapidly.

Furthermore, through Ye Yuan helping him to tidy up his meridians, the Azure Spirit Tree’s speed of drawing on the wood essence power was ten times than before.

Under such circumstances, virtually nothing could destroy him. Even the heavenly tribulation could not as well!

Finally, the tribulation clouds dissipated, and the Azure Spirit Tree successfully broke through to Tier 7!

“Hahaha! To think that I feared the heavenly tribulation like a tiger! Looking at it now, it’s also nothing much!” the Azure Spirit Tree chortled loudly and arrived beside Ye Yuan with a leap.

Tier 7 was already an extremely daunting existence in this expanse of heaven and earth.

Even in the Divine Realm, Tier 7 powerhouses could also own a piece of small territory and lord over a region.

The Azure Spirit Tree crossing this threshold, how could it not be happy?

“Haha, congratulations to Brother Qing,” Ye Yuan congratulated as well.

Although Ye Yuan’s injuries were already healed at this time, the Azure Spirit Tree knew that he played a role of vital importance during the process of him breaking through this time.

“Ye Yuan, we’re good brothers from hereafter. My promise to you will definitely be fulfilled! Here, this is the Azure Spirit Heart Fusing Fluid. Take it!”

The Azure Spirit Tree casually threw toward Ye Yuan a wood-material vessel. Inside was filled with some azure-colored liquid. It was precisely the Azure Spirit Heart Fusing Fluid!

Ye Yuan was ecstatic when he saw and said, “High-grade Azure Spirit Heart Fusing Fluid! Brother Qing, thanks a lot! My friend is inside the space I carry on me. If Brother Qing doesn’t mind, stay inside there from now on as well.”

The Azure Spirit Tree nodded his head as a show of agreement.

Ye Yuan said, “Brother Qing, don’t resist. I’ll put you inside.”

Ye Yuan’s mind willed and directly placed the Azure Spirit Tree and himself inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

Inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda, Ye Yuan and the Azure Spirit Tree appeared in front of Yue Mengli and the rest.

Ye Yuan passed the Azure Spirit Heart Fusing Fluid to Yue Mengli and said, “Li-er, this is the Azure Spirit Heart Fusing Fluid. You consume it directly will do!”

Yue Mengli said in astonishment, “You . . . You really found the Azure Spirit Heart Fusing Fluid?”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Brother Qing and I agreed on a divine soul contract lasting ten years. For the next ten year, he’ll guard by your side constantly and provide Azure Spirit Heart Fusing Fluid for you. In the future, consume this quantity of Azure Spirit Heart Fusing Fluid every month, and you can continuously recover the divine soul being torn. As long as you don’t employ the power of the Moonlight Heavenly Eye, it can keep you worry-free for ten years.”

Yue Mengli’s eyes were wet long ago already. Ye Yuan deliberately cut off the Vast Heaven Pagoda’s connection with the outside world and not let the people inside know what was happening outside.

But it was precisely because so that Yue Mengli was even more aware of this trip’s danger.

Putting aside other things, just looking at the Azure Spirit Tree’s Tier 7 aura, unimaginable dangers must have been experienced in between this.

But Ye Yuan actually really found the Azure Spirit Tree for the sake of a promise back then.

Furthermore, making such a divine soul contract with a powerhouse like the Azure Spirit Tree, Ye Yuan definitely paid an immense price too.

The emotions in Yue Mengli’s heart at present was long unable to be described using words already.

“Ye Yuan, thank you!”

Yue Mengli did not hold back, swiftly planted a light kiss on Ye Yuan’s face, then she turned her head over. Her entire face was burning as if it was on fire.