Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 677

Chapter 677 Divine Realm's Anecdote

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Ye Yuan was somewhat dazed, caught off guard by Yue Mengli’s unexpected action.

A hint of lingering fragrance reverberated beside his face. The moist red lips were very soft and very exquisite and actually made him somewhat reluctant to part with that action just now.

In his past life and this life, it was still Ye Yuan’s first time having such intimate actions with a girl.

Even he, this Alchemy Emperor, was kind of at a loss on what to do right now as well.

As for Yue Mengli, she buried her head into her chest quickly, bashful until she wished that she could find a hole in the ground to tunnel in.

It was Ye Yuan’s first time, but how was it not her first time too?

Yue Mengli herself also did not think why she would kiss Ye Yuan earlier at the behest of supernatural powers.

This to her, this reserved lady, was simply unimaginable.

In the Divine Realm, how many men were enthralled with longing for her, but she had always turned her nose up at them.

But now, why was she so deplorable in front of Ye Yuan?

Who she liked was Alchemy Emperor Qingyun Zi. How could she possibly be interested in this boy?

Won’t, definitely won’t!

En, she was purely expressing her gratitude!

That’s it!

But why could she always see Qingyun Zi’s shadow on Ye Yuan’s body?

Yue Mengli’s mind ran wild, her entire person was in a mess.

The atmosphere seemed rather heavy and kind of stifling. Of course, there was still some ambiguity.

Yet, there was still a person with a dumbfounded look by the side. The Azure Spirit Tree did not know what the two of them were doing at all.

“What’s with you guys? You were still perfectly fine just now. Why aren’t you speaking all of a sudden?” the Azure Spirit Tree asked very stupidly and very naively.

Even though the Azure Spirit Tree was a heaven and earth spirit wood, it had only cultivated out a primordial spirit for a few short years. It was even more clueless about the feelings between humans.

About Yue Mengli’s actions just now, he did not feel that there was any inappropriate area.

“Cough, cough, nothing. Brother Qing, I’ll have to trouble you in the future!” Ye Yuan also came back to his senses at this time and said rather awkwardly.

The Azure Spirit Tree who did not care about anything at all did not suspect anything else and said with a smile, “This space you carry with you is really quite good. It’s good enough to compare to a small world! Looks like Ye Yuan, you, indeed have encountered immense fortunes. It’s also pretty good for me to stay here. It’s just, I wonder where will we be going next?”

Ye Yuan said, “I still have a matter to handle. After settling this matter, we’ll leave the God Prohibited Demon Region and return to the Endless World.”

. . . . . .

On the second day, Ye Yuan left seclusion and carried an ice-blue medicinal pill in his hand to see Lu-er.

This day, Ye Yuan had waited for far too long. Even he himself was somewhat worked up.

It was Ye Yuan who brought Lu-er onto the path of cultivation but did not think that it would harm her because of this.

All along, who Ye Yuan felt he owed the most to was Lu-er.

But him walking out of a small little Tranquil Cloud Sect, his strength was seriously too weak. Even refining a medicinal pill could not be done as well.

Now, he finally had the strength to refine the Five-Revolutions Iceheart Pill and gathered up the medicinal herbs to refine the medicinal pill. He naturally refined it right away.

“Lu-er, what Young Master promised you is finally accomplished! You eat this medicinal pill, then circulate your skill and give it a try!” Ye Yuan said rather agitatedly.

Actually, these few years, Lu-er’s days following by Ye Yuan’s side were tough.

She knew that Ye Yuan was caught in dangerous situations countless times, but she was a good-for-nothing who could not even cultivate and could not help Young Master. This made her very anguished inwardly.

Looking at the medicinal pill Ye Yuan passed over, that mopey face of Lu-er’s finally glowed with luster anew!

She received the medicinal pill and said tearfully, “Thank you, Young Master!”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Silly girl, what are you being courteous with Young Master for? Eat the medicinal pill, circulate the Heaven Illusionary Ice Soul, and take a look at how the effects are like!”

Lu-er nodded her head like a chicken pecking for rice, swallowed the Five-Revolutions Iceheart Pill accordingly, and started revolving the Heaven Illusionary Ice Soul.

“Ugh . . .”

Very soon, a pained expression appeared on Lu-er’s face, while the surrounding temperature also dropped instantly. Lu-er’s body and face actually started to condense a layer of thin frost.

Very clearly, Lu-er’s frost poison flared up!

But Lu-er was very stubborn, forcefully enduring it.

Before long, the Five-Revolutions Iceheart Pill finally started to take effect!

That Five-Revolutions Iceheart Pill actually formed an ice-blue cyclone inside Lu-er’s dantian, gathering all the frost poison in her body inside the cyclone.

Gradually, the frost on Lu-er’s body started to dissipate and finally vanished away.

Ye Yuan was very happy when he saw this scene and knew that the frost poison in Lu-er’s body was already thoroughly suppressed inside the dantian cyclone!

Now, not only was Lu-er fully recovered, the frost poison was even stored in the dantian.

As long as Lu-er executed a martial technique, not only would it carry the power of ice, it would even carry frost poison in it.

Once invaded into the enemy’s body, it would make the opponent be worse off than dying!

Not only was this frost poison unable to threaten Lu-er, it even became a major killing tool of her’s.

All of a sudden, a violent aura suddenly appeared on Lu-er’s body.

Seeing this scene, Ye Yuan could not help laughing as he said, “This little girl, pretty obstinate. She actually started breaking through right away!”

The commotion of this breakthrough was by no means insignificant!

The violent essence energy engulfed a huge area, making the temperature in this region fall.

Very soon, this area actually started fluttering down pieces of snowflakes!

This startled Yue Mengli and the rest to gather around one after another.

When Yue Mengli saw that Lu-er was actually cultivating, she could not help getting a huge shock.

Looking at the cultivation method Lu-er was cultivating, she could not help exclaiming in shock. “Heaven Illusionary Ice Soul! Lu-er is actually cultivating in the Heaven Illusionary Ice Soul!”

She said it to Ye Yuan. Very clearly, this cultivation method could only be Ye Yuan imparting it to Lu-er.

Yue Mengli knew that the Heaven Illusionary Ice Soul was the Divine Realm’s Spirit Snow Divine King’s main cultivation method; it was extremely powerful!

“That’s right. It’s precisely the Heaven Illusionary Ice Soul,” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

The present Ye Yuan seemed to have already forgotten about yesterday’s incident and faced Yue Mengli very calmly.

Seeing Yue Mengli’s gaze, Yue Mengli’s face flushed to the tip of her ears, but she calmed down.

Her exquisite eyes suddenly swiveled, and she stared at Ye Yuan and said, “Speaking of this Heaven Illusionary Ice Soul, it reminds me of an anecdote in the Divine Realm. I wonder if Brother Ye wants to hear or not?”

Ye Yuan said with a slight smile, “I’m all ears!”

Yue Mengli nodded her head and murmured to herself, “The number one beauty in the Divine Realm back then, Spirit Snow Divine King, Mu Lingxue, adored the peerless Alchemy Emperor of his generation, Qingyun Zi. The two people’s feelings had been entangled all along for dozens of years, but in the end, the heartless brook babbles on while the dropping flowers pine for love. Later on, the Spirit Snow Divine King was severely injured by an enemy and almost perished, her Dao dissipating. When Qingyun Zi got the news, he led ten mighty Divine King experts from the Medicine King Hall and attacked like lightning, directly annihilating the enemy, and saving the Spirit Snow Divine King! The Spirit Snow Divine King’s injuries were extremely severe at that time and virtually did not have the possibility of surviving. But Qingyun Zi transformed the foul and rotten into the rare and ethereal, expending nine days and nine nights to refine a transcendent-grade high-level spirit pill for the Spirit Snow Divine King, forcefully dragging the Spirit Snow Divine King back from King Yama’s 1 hall!”

As Yue Mengli said, she observed Ye Yuan’s expression.

However, Ye Yuan was unperturbed, as if listening to a story not related to him. This discovery made her very disappointed.