Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 678

Chapter 678 To Guard A Tree Stump And Wait For Rabbits

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Seeing that Ye Yuan did not have any indication, Yue Mengli continued talking.

“The peerless Alchemy Emperor, Qingyun Zi, became furious for a beauty. This became a beautiful story in the entire Divine Realm. It’s just no idea why, after the Spirit Snow Divine King stayed for a month at the Medicine King Hall, she still left. Later on, the Spirit Snow Divine King let out the word, saying that she paid the Heaven Illusionary Ice Soul as remuneration to Lord Qingyun Zi. The two people did not owe each other from then on! Ever since then, the Spirit Snow Divine King went into closed-seclusion and did not exit the entire time, all the way until today.”

Yue Mengli wanted to test Ye Yuan’s reaction and kept on staring at Ye Yuan’s eyes. But there was still no changes at all as if listening to a story completely unrelated to him.

This made Yue Mengli very disappointed.

If Ye Yuan was Qingyun Zi, how great would that be!

But if he was not Qingyun Zi, the Heaven Illusionary Ice Soul this level of top-tier cultivation method, where did he get it?

Yue Mengli had never heard of anyone else who knew this cultivation method in the Divine Realm apart from the Spirit Snow Divine King and her disciples.

The only possibility was Lord Qingyun Zi!

Ye Yuan suddenly smiled and said, “A Qingyun Zi who is so oblivious to amorous feelings! Haha, the story is pretty good.”

Yue Mengli was stunned. It was over like this?

Right then, Lu-er stopped cultivating; the breakthrough had completed!

She jumped right into Ye Yuan’s embrace and said with an exhilarated look, “Young Master, I can finally cultivate again!”

Seeing Lu-er’s cheerful appearance, Ye Yuan was very happy too. Rubbing Lu-er’s head dotingly, he said with a smile, “Huhu, looks like you had a lot pent up. With this, you directly broke through to the Spirit Condensation Realm!”

Lu-er said happily, “Yeah. Lu-er doesn’t wish to become a good-for-nothing. Even if Lu-er can’t ever catch up to Young Master, I also hope to have the ability to protect myself. At least that way, I won’t become Young Master’s burden.”

Ye Yuan knocked Lu-er’s head when he heard that and said with a laugh, “What burden? If you carry on talking like this, Young Master will really get angry!”

Lu-er stuck out her tongue playfully and said, “I won’t say anymore!”

But her eyes revealed a fierce desire. That was the desire to become strong.

This gentle and sweet scene fell into Yue Mengli’s sights, but she was in a trance.

Could it be that she really guessed wrongly? This Heaven Illusionary Ice Soul was just a coincidence?

In Yue Mengli’s impression, Lord Qingyun Zi was a high and lofty divinity. He always had a very proud and cold character.

But the current Ye Yuan was poles apart from that person in her impression.

Alright, no matter what, as long as she kept on following Ye Yuan, there would always be the chance to probe it out.

With Ye Yuan’s heart realm boundary, how could it be that easy for Yue Mengli to feel Ye Yuan out?

Not that Ye Yuan did not trust Yue Mengli, but he did not wish to drag Yue Mengli into the dispute.

The Medicine King Hall was one of the pinnacle forces in the Divine Realm. Even though Bright Moon City was powerful, it was still far too lacking compared to the Medicine King Hall; let alone Yue Mengli who was a weak woman.

The more she knew, the more dangerous it actually was for Yue Mengli.

Ignoring yesterday’s matter, Ye Yuan and Yue Mengli had gone through life and death together. Ye Yuan naturally did not wish to drag her in.

Lu-er’s matter being settled, Ye Yuan was already eager to return home.

But inside the God Prohibited Demon Region, Ye Yuan still had some matters that must be dealt with.

There was still something that happened during this period. The Azure Spirit Tree this fellow said that he had no name, so he gave himself a name called Ye Qing.

Ye Yuan brought Ye Qing and charged right up to the Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan’s lair, and gave the roc clan a stern warning.

If the roc clan dared to touch a hair of the bear clan and fox clan, he would definitely bathe the Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan in blood.

With Ye Qing this Tier 7 expert present, the roc clan did not even dare to make a chirp.

The same thing also happened at the tiger clan.

Even though the tiger clan’s strength fell drastically after this incident, it was also stronger than the bear clan and fox clan no matter what. Giving a bit of warning was a must too.

After settling everything, Ye Yuan brought everyone and set off for the Essence Devouring Confounding Fog once more!

. . . . . .

“Haha! Big Brother, we’re finally out!” White Light said with an excitedly look.

Ye Yuan looked at him with an odd look and said, “This Essence Devouring Confounding Fog actually doesn’t have any effect on you at all! When I just entered back then, I almost succumbed inside there. If not for breaking through Heart Like Monolith Heart Realm at the eleventh hour, I’d probably have become a skeleton right now already!”

“Huhu, Big Brother, you’re a person whose fortunes run deep. How can a puny little Essence Devouring Confounding Fog possibly stump you?” White Light said with a loud laugh.

Ye Yuan shook his head and did not say anything.

Talking about it was simple, but at that time, it was really life hanging by a thread.

Whatever fortunes run deep, Ye Yuan did not really believe all along. When it really came down to the wire, what he relied on was still himself.

Ye Yuan’s mind stirred. Yue Mengli, Yan-er, and Ye Qing appeared beside.

These two people had been kicking up a racket to come out and to take a breather when at the God Prohibited Demon Region. Exiting the Essence Devouring Confounding Fog at this time, Ye Yuan let them out.

Now that Yue Mengli consumed the Azure Spirit Heart Fusing Fluid, her entire person’s vigor and condition were much better.

Even though she was unable to use ocular powers, occasionally using essence energy was achievable.

As expected, Ye Qing was filled with curiosity towards the outside world, making a huge fuss about wanting to come out and take a look.

Ye Yuan was helpless and could only promise him.

As for Lu-er and Yuan Fei they all, they still stayed in the Vast Heaven Pagoda to cultivate.

Especially Lu-er. These few days, she cultivated desperately like she went mad. Moreover, her breakthrough speed was unbelievably odd. She was already almost breaking through to the Crystal Formation Realm now.

But Ye Yuan also warned Ye Qing that after coming out, he must not use essence energy surpassing Tier 5. Otherwise, it would make the entire Endless World’s space collapse.

Tier 7 strength was sufficient to destroy a small world like the Endless World!

Each small world had operation rules belonging to their own. The indigenous martial artists here would receive the restrictions of these rules.

But to powerhouses that surpassed this world’s rules, some of the rules here were not applicable.

If Zhao Tianyin came to the Endless World, what he could bring would only be destruction, and would not be able to ascend from here. Because he carried the brand of the Fierce Gale World since birth.

And Yue Mengli was born in the Divine Realm. What she carried on her was the Divine Realm’s regulations power.

But the Divine Realm’s regulations power was clearly higher level than the Endless World’s regulations power. Hence, Yue Mengli would not transcend tribulations here but could rip space and enter the Divine Realm.

Before this, Ye Yuan repeatedly exhorted Ye Qing. This place was Ye Yuan’s hometown. He did not wish for his parents to die and be destroyed together with the small world.

“Big Brother, since we’re already out, let’s quickly go back. With half a year’s time already passed, I reckon that the war between two worlds has already gotten out of hand!” White Light urged.

Ye Yuan took a look at the black mark on his palm and said with a smile, “No rush. There’s still a small trash fish that wants to come over and seek his own doom. Let’s send him along his way first.”

White Light was stunned, then smacked his head immediately and said, “Sigh,look at this memory of mine. I nearly forgot about that mutt trash! Now that both of our strength have improved greatly, we have to wait for this trash well!”