Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 679

Chapter 679 Bring About One's Own Destruction

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Somewhere in the Endless Forest, a martial artist was currently sitting quietly and meditating.

All of a sudden, his heart stirred. Snapping open his eyes abruptly, his gaze revealed a look of wild elation.

He looked at that black mark on his hand and laughed wildly as he said,“Hahaha! Everything comes to him who waits! Finally! I waited until you came! This boy really has the devil’s luck, entering this Forbidden Death Zone and actually not even dying! Looks like the rumors had much falsehood. This so-called Forbidden Death Zone is nothing more than this!”

This martial artist was precisely the Ding Liang who had guarded bitterly here for over half a year!

When Ye Yuan just came out of the Essence Devouring Confounding Fog, the divine soul curse mark which had no activity for half a year finally had a reaction!

Even though Ye Yuan entered the Forbidden Death Zone, Ding Liang was still quite worried in the end.

Ye Yuan’s growth was too quick. If this fellow entered the Forbidden Death Zone but did not die, wanting to kill him at that time would be hard!

Ye Yuan already had the strength to kill Shangguan Yunrong half a year ago. If he was given a bit more time, who knows to what extent he would grow to?

Hence, Ding Lian ultimately decided to stay behind. Want to see the person if alive, the corpse if dead.

During this half a year, Ding Liang wanted to enter the Forbidden Death Zone under impulse a number of times.

But each time he arrived in front of it, that death aura came from head-on, practically making him feel asphyxiated.

In the end, he still did not have the courage to charge in.

Did not expect that after half a year, Ye Yuan actually really came out from inside!


Ding Liang directly vanished on the spot and headed in the direction of the mark with rapid speed.

The distance of the mark was not far. With his speed, he only needed an hour to reach.

But as the distance got increasingly nearer, the uneasiness in Ding Liang’s heart became all the more intense.

“What’s going on? This boy is actually stationary and did not move all along. Could it be that he’s waiting for me to go find him? But half a year’s time, even if his improvement is any quicker, it’s also just middle-stage Soul Sea strength. Even if he can cross boundaries to battle, it’s impossible to be my match too!”

He thought this way in his heart, but Ding Liang’s speed slowed down. His heart was hit with a wave of anxiousness and doubt.

“This boy is most adept at scheming. Is it having something secure to rely on, or he deliberately putting up an empty-fort strategy?”

Right now, the distance away from Ye Yuan’s place would only take merely 15 minutes to reach. Should he go or stay?

After Ding Liang struggled for a while, he finally gritted his teeth and made the decision. ” I don’t believe that he has the strength to threaten me after half a year! When he went in, he was just First Level Soul Sea! If I let Ye Yuan off this time, I can’t escape the word, death, over at the Wind Emperor, His Majesty’s side too!”

Thinking up to here, Ding Liang revolved his skill, his figure speeding in Ye Yuan’s direction.

After 15 minutes, several black dots came into view in the distance.

These few black dots gradually magnified. Ding Lian’s heart sunk with a thud.

Half a year of not seeing, Ye Yuan actually really broke through to late-stage Soul Sea!

At the rate of this speed, wouldn’t he be going to break through to the Divine Traversing Realm very soon?

Would Ye Yuan have the strength to threaten the Wind Emperor, His Majesty, when he broke through to the Divine Traversing Realm?

Thinking up to here, Ding Liang could not resist shuddering. But he then quickly expelled this notion out of his head.

Ye Yuan looked at Ding Liang with a grin on his face and said smilingly, “Why are you only here now? I’ve already waited for you for a very long time!”

Ding Liang did not speak but swept a glance over the few people beside Ye Yuan with a solemn face.

Yue Mengli and White Light, he did not pay any heed to them. Rather, that azure shirt youth actually made him have a feeling of being unable to fathom!

But the aura that Ye Qing exhibited out was faintly discernible, somewhat erratic.

Ding Liang just took a few glances, then placed his gaze on Ye Yuan anew.

Ye Yuan was the target that Ding Liang was the most vigilant of!

Ding Liang never would have dreamed that Ye Yuan leaving this time, he would actually rise two minor stages when he came back, and already advanced to late-stage Soul Sea!

But even so, Ding Liang did not feel that he would lose either.

“Deliberately being mysterious! You called this woman out again. You can’t be thinking that I would fall for it again and let you all escape?” Ding Liang looked at Ye Yuan and said with a cold smile.

Ding Liang had suffered a loss once previously. If not for Ye Yuan calling Yue Mengli out at that time, he definitely could not escape back then!

This matter also made Ding Liang gloomy for very long afterward.

Ye Yuan said with a laugh, “Huhu, letting you, this old dog, live until now, is already letting you get off cheap. Back then, you actually dared to touch my senior brothers at the Fierce Gale World, and then you chased me down. This score, we have to settle it properly today!”

Although Ye Yuan had a smile on his face, the words that he uttered were seething with killing intent.

Towards Ding Liang, he had indeed endured patiently for too long!

As Zhao Tianyin’s accomplice in crime, this fellow’s sin was unforgivable!

Even if Ding Liang did not come to find him today, he would also drop in on him and eradicate him. But with Shangguan Yunrong’s divine soul curse mark, it saved Ye Yuan some trouble.

Ding Liang burst into laughter and said, “You aren’t thinking that you’re invincible after breaking through to late-stage Soul Sea, right? Or is your reliance this woman? Could it be that you forever only know how to hide behind women? It was like this at the Fierce Gale World, it was like this when I was hunting you down the last time, and it’s still like this now! Hahaha . . .”

Ding Liang laughed wildly without fear and did not attach importance to Yue Mengli at all.

However, these words of his did not infuriate Ye Yuan but utterly enraged the Yue Mengli by the side.


Yue Mengli’s dainty palm waved. Essence energy instantly condensed and formed a slap, directly smacking Ding Liang flying.

Under Yue Mengli’s attack, Ding Liang did not even have time to react!

Even if she did not employ ocular powers, Yue Mengli killing Ding Liang was also not much different from killing a dog.

If not for leaving Ding Liang for Ye Yuan, Ding Liang would already be a dead man now!

“Putuu! Putuu!”

Ding Liang crawled to his feet very quickly. Even though he was hugging his face with his hand, he spat teeth out non-stop.

Turns out that this slap of Yue Mengli’s directly smacked out half of his teeth.

“If you say any more rubbish, no need for Ye Yuan to make a move and I’ll annihilate you first!” Yue Mengli warned.

To the current Yue Mengli, insulting Ye Yuan was no different from insulting her.

How did Ding Liang still have any hint of the imposing air from earlier at this time?

Only now did he know that this woman’s strength was still that strong!

Just based on that one move from Yue Mengli earlier, killing him was simply as easy as blowing away dust!

But if Ye Yuan had such a helper, why was he still chased down by him the last time?

Ding Liang really even had the heart to die now. Messing with people shouldn’t be done like this!

Ye Yuan looked at Ding Liang, shrugged his shoulders and said, “You were asking for it. Can’t be blamed on me.”

Right then, the Ye Qing by the side said impatiently, “This sort of trash, I’ll just annihilate him directly. Talk so much rubbish with him for what?”

As he said, he raised his hand too. A slap smacked over.

If previously Ding Liang was not prepared at all that time just now, he absolutely made ample preparations this time!

However . . . the result was still the same!


An extremely resounding slap!

The slapped Ding Liang’s mouth was full of blood. There was already not a single tooth remaining . . .

Only now, did Ding Liang discovered that these two helpers Ye Yuan brought, any one of them could easily exterminate him.

Yet, it was already too late . . .