Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 68

Chapter 68: Awe from a Single Fist

Zhu Qiang really became a sandbag.

He was punched away flying like one.

Zhu Qiang flew over 30 meters before he barely managed to stop.

His face was pale like paper, and a line of fresh blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth. Clearly, he suffered internal injuries that were not light.

Cheng Hua looked at his fist, and then looked at Zhu Qiang blankly.

"Did I really unleash that fist just now?" Cheng Hua felt like he was dreaming.

Just now, when the medicinal pill reached his stomach, he casually directed the medicinal strength into his right arm.

Following which, he felt his right arm surged with a violent strength!

This surging strength made him feel like he had to expend it.

In accordance with the prior arrangement, Cheng Hua did not use any martial techniques. Just a simple punch. But this simple punch managed to injure a Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm expert!

"Brother Zhu, a-are you ok?" Cheng Hua did not have any intention of hurting anyone. But the fact was he had injured Zhu Qiang.

"S-still alright."

Zhu Qiang did not expect the strengthened punch to be so incredibly powerful to actually injure him.

Of course, this punch did not cause him any substantial injuries. After all, Cheng Hua did not use any martial technique, so this strength naturally was not fully unleashed.

The defensive might of a Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm was highly terrifying. Logically speaking, it was impossible for a First Level Spirit Condensation Realm to harm a Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, even if he ate medicinal pills.

Yet now, Cheng Hua truly injured him!

Currently, Zhu Qiang was terrified. Luckily just now, they stipulated not to use martial techniques. Otherwise, it would be hard to say if he could even stand up straight right now.

Zhu Qiang did not underestimate him just because he was a First Level Spirit Condensation Realm. In fact, he already used the bulk of his essence energy to block.

Cheng Hua injured him under this kind of circumstance.

"Quick! Let Zhu Qiang take this medicinal pill!" Wang Jinfu was the first to react, and the first thing he did was to treat Zhu Qiang's injuries.

"A transcendent-grade Tier 2 medicinal pill is actually this horrifying. It actually allowed a First Level Spirit Condensation Realm to injure a Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm!" Sun Jianming muttered under his breath.

This was his first time witnessing the might of a transcendent-grade Tier 2 medicinal pill. That scene just now was too astonishing.

This was not some small-scale fight like back then with Ye Yuan and Fei Qingping. Cheng Hua and Zhu Qiang were both Spirit Condensation Realm experts. Wanting to jump ranks to battle was too hard.

"That's right. That's to say if a First Level Spirit Condensation Realm possessed such a transcendent-grade Tier 2 Strengthening Pill, they would be able to jump ranks to defeat a Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm expert under specific conditions. As for Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, there's virtually no chance of survival under that blow just now," Sun Jianming stated his analysis.

After he finished speaking, Sun Jianming also jumped in fright at his analysis.

Wang Jinfu sucked in a cold breath. "If this sort of medicinal pills could be mass-produced, then wouldn't cultivation realms become a joke?"

It was true that even with this medicinal pill, it would be very challenging for a First Level Spirit Condensation Realm to defeat a Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm.

The effects of the Strengthening Pill was only partial strengthening and would not increase the martial artist's overall strength.

Theoretically, it could let him kill a Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm. However, the required conditions were too harsh. It was virtually impossible in actual combat.

But even so, the significance of a transcendent-grade Tier 2 medicinal pill was too great.

That was because once someone consumed such a medicinal pill, it would be possible for a First Level Spirit Condensation Realm to jump ranks and challenge a Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm, or even a Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm. Furthermore, it would become a common sight.

If that happened, cultivation would indeed become a joke. A person trained bitterly to advance one minor cultivation realm, and it was inferior to other people that ate a single medicinal pill.

"Don't joke around. How can this sort of medicinal pills be mass-produced? Our State of Qin has been established for so many years and hasn't only this one transcendent-grade Tier 2 medicinal pill appeared so far?" Sun Jianming shook his head and said.

Wang Jinfu thought the same as well. Ye Yuan was indeed monstrous, but it was most likely impossible to make him mass-produce transcendent-grade Tier 2 medicinal pills.

However, at this moment Feng Ruoqing voiced out, "Both elders, don't forget, Ye Yuan is only at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm right now!"

Wang Jinfu and Sun Jianming trembled.

That was right. Ye Yuan was only at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm. If he rose a few more minor cultivation realms, maybe even after crossing the threshold called Spirit Condensation Realm, would refining transcendent-grade Tier 2 medicinal pills still be hard?

Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique at the Legendary Realm lowered the soul strength requirement to the minimum.

Even if Ye Yuan's soul strength after advancing to the Spirit Condensation Realm was insufficient to advance to Alchemy Master, would refining transcendent-grade Tier 2 medicinal pills not be like playing for him?

Wang Jinfu suddenly realized that Ye Yuan held extraordinary significance to the entire State of Qin. That was because in the entire State of Qin's alchemy world, only he alone could refine transcendent-grade Tier 2 medicinal pills!

Wang Jinfu's face suddenly turned icy. The aura of a Spirit Condensation Realm spread out, making everyone present feel tremendous pressure.

"All of you here listen up. Nobody is allowed to go out and spread about the matter of Ye Yuan refining a transcendent-grade Tier 2 medicinal pill today! Everyone swears a Heavenly Dao Oath right now. Chairman Sun and I will supervise you all! Of course, you can choose not to swear, but I can't guarantee that you'll be able to walk out of the Alchemist Association!" Wang Jinfu warned grimly.

"What? Heavenly Dao Oath? You want us to swear a Heavenly Dao Oath?! Based on what?!" Wang Jinfu's words immediately drew some people's ire.

Heavenly Dao Oath was different from ordinary oaths. Once a Heavenly Dao Oath was sworn, one could not violate it for life. Otherwise, the heavens would smite them dead.

Regardless of whether in the Divine Realm or in the Lower Realms, nobody could go against a Heavenly Dao Oath!

Wan Yuan was also present. Currently, he was so depressed that he wanted to vomit blood.

He originally came here today wanting to show off. Who would have thought that all the limelight would be snatched away by Ye Yuan alone!

Wan Yuan did not expect that not only did Ye Yuan knew alchemy, but he was also even monstrous to such a degree!

After watching the might of Cheng Hua's fist, he made the decision that he would definitely spread what happened today after he left. He believed that there would be many forces interested in Ye Yuan.

But now, this plan fell through. Wang Jinfu actually forced everyone to swear a Heavenly Dao Oath!

"Zhu Qiang, Cheng Hua, the two of you lead everyone in swearing the Heavenly Dao Oath!" Wang Jinfu commanded.


These two people belonged to the Alchemist Association from the start, so they obviously had to listen to Wang Jinfu's orders.

"M-master, do I have to swear too? I-I won't spread it!" Gritting his teeth, Wan Yuan opened his mouth to ask.

Wang Jinfu had long forgotten about this convenient disciple and did not expect him to jump out by himself now, so he said coldly, "Even Feng-er and Keyun have to swear. Are you more special than them? Mmm?"

Wang Jinfu was a genuine Spirit Condensation Realm expert. Under his powerful pressure, Wan Yuan felt that his consciousness was about to collapse.

"I-I swear!"

Ye Yuan's words made Wang Jinfu come to realize the truth. He was already thoroughly disgusted with Wan Yuan. If not for Wang Donghai's face, he would definitely teach Wan Yuan a lesson.

Just like that, under Wang Jinfu's coercion, everyone swore a Heavenly Dao Oath. Except himself, Sun Jianming, Feng Ruoqing, and Feng Zhirou.

Even though everyone was furious about this arrangement, nobody dared to come forward.

This was a world where the strong reigned supreme, and the Alchemist Association was too strong!