Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 680

Chapter 680 Meeting Old Friend

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Looking at Ding Liang’s flat-shaped face, Ye Yuan had a look of helplessness.

He was initially still thinking of having a big fight. Who knew that Ding Liang looked for trouble himself and actually went to provoke Yue Mengli.

Ye Qing was clearly not some good-natured person either. Ye Yuan had yet to stop it, but Ye Qing already directly sent a slap howling over already.

The pitiful Ding Liang already lost his teeth before even starting.

These two people attacking, Ye Yuan could not stop it at all!

“Originally thinking of giving you a chance to have a fair fight. Who knew that you took the road to ruin yourself. Forget it, directly send you on your way then. Consider yourself getting off lightly,” Ye Yuan said helplessly.

Ding Liang still wanted to say something, but he mumbled for a long time and did not say it out.

Ye Qing seemed to not have the patience to dawdle too, directly slapping a palm over.

Ding Liang did not even have time to resist and was smashed into meat paste.

This move of Ye Qing’s earlier was merely employing peak Tier 5 strength. But Ding Liang could not even receive a single move.

A Tier 7 powerhouse, even if only employing Tier 5 strength, was also not what a Tier 5 martial artist could withstand.

With Ding Liang’s death, the divine soul curse on Ye Yuan’s hand also gradually dissipated.

This curse could only be used once. Once the host dies, the curse would also dissipate along with it.

It was a pity that Shangguan Yunrong still arranged a killer for Ye Yuan before dying. But in the end, it dragged Ding Liang in as well.

To the current Ye Yuan, Ding Liang was just a small interlude.

With Yue Mengli and Ye Qing by his side, Ye Yuan could already sweep across any small world!

Even if he faced off with Ding Liang now, it was also absolutely a certain victory.

“Big Brother, what should we do now?” White Light asked.

“Exit the Endless Forest first. I’ll find a person first to ask about the Endless World’s situation currently. Fierce Gale World that bunch of fellows, they are all being mysterious. I keep having a bad premonition,” Ye Yuan said.

White Light’s eyes suddenly swiveled around, and he said, “Okay! Big Brother, I see that your current speed is incomparably strange. Why not we compete with distance and see whose speed is faster?”

Ye Yuan said with a half-smile, “You really want to compete?”

White Light was stimulated by Ye Yuan’s expression, raised his head, and said, “Don’t look down on people! After I broke through to Tier 5, my speed is several times faster than before! Even a late-stage Tier 5 expert, I can also completely suppress him in speed! I don’t believe that I can’t beat you!”

“Alright then. Actually, you as a Flowing Light White Tiger’s progeny, I really don’t wish to strike down your confidence,” Ye Yuan said with a look of helplessness.

“Ahh! Don’t be cocky! I absolutely won’t lose to you! I bet my pride as a divine beast progeny!” White Light went ballistic straight away.

Ye Yuan said with a laugh, “Alright then, alright. So . . . begin?”

“Hang on, I’m coming too!” Ye Qing had a child’s temperament too. Seeing these two people enjoying themselves, he could not resist joining in too.

Ye Yuan and White Light could not help rolling their eyes at him and saying, ” You, a Tier 7 powerhouse, competing in leg strength with us. Isn’t that bullying people?”

Ye Qing said, “I’ll suppress my cultivation realm to late-stage Tier 5!”

Ye Yuan said powerlessly, “Fine then. I hope that you guys won’t cry in a while!”

This time, Ye Qing could not stand it, “Punk, don’t pretend to be capable! Even if I suppress my realm to late-stage Tier 5, you can’t possibly win me either!”

Suppressing his realm to late-stage Tier 5, but Ye Qing had the Heavenly Dao comprehensions of Tier 7.

This sort of transcendence was all-round. It was likewise the same in terms of movement technique.

This was also the reason why the Eighth Level Soul Sea Ding Liang could not even block a single move when Ye Qing suppressed his strength to Tier 5.

Ye Yuan just smiled, looked at Yue Mengli, and said, “Li-er, you and Yan-er be judges together then.”

Yue Mengli smiled sweetly and said, “No problem!”

The three people got their preparations in order. When Yue Mengli said “start,” the three people dashed out like arrows leaving the bow.

For a moment, the three people were actually running neck to neck; they were evenly matched!

“Hahaha! Big Brother, do you only have this bit of speed? Since that’s the case, then I won’t be courteous!”

White Light gave a big laugh and actually increased speed once more, directly shaking Ye Qing and Ye Yuan off.

“Punk, this is your strength? If you only have this bit of strength, I won’t accompany you to play either.”

Ye Qing’s figure moved. A green silhouette immediately ditched Ye Yuan behind.

Seeing the two people’s actions, the corners of Ye Yuan’s mouth curled slightly as he said with a laugh, “This bit of strength? You guys are also looking down on me too much! Kun Peng bloodline, activate! Wind-Thunder Extreme Light Shuttling Art, full release!”

Ye Yuan’s figure was akin to a rainbow cutting across the sky, chasing after the two people ahead with extreme speed!

The three people’s speed were all extremely fast. Martial artists whose strength were slightly lacking could not keep up with their speed at all.

But the Ye Yuan at this time reached first despite launching later, and actually gradually reduced the gap!

His current leg strength was actually a bit faster than White Light and Ye Qing!

This small disparity was enough to determine the final result.

Ye Yuan caught up to Ye Qing very quickly, and then he surpassed White Light. Finally, their gaps became increasingly wider.

Clearly, Ye Qing and White Light already could not catch up to Ye Yuan.

“Ye Yuan wins!” Yue Mengli announced the final result. The three people stopped too.

White Light had a downcast look as he said, “You cheated, Big Brother! That day when you were fighting with Ye Qing, your speed was clearly not so fast!”

Ye Qing also said, “Yeah. Your speed today seems to have increased a great deal compared to that day. What’s going on?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Martial techniques, of course, it’s the more and more proficient. My Wind-Thunder Extreme Light Shuttling Art is already at perfection! Unless it’s peak Divine Traversing Realm martial artists, otherwise, it’s very hard to catch up to my speed already!”

“No way, right? Isn’t the cultivation of this martial technique of yours too fast?” White Light was shocked until his mouth of gaping wide-open.

He knew Ye Yuan’s Wind-Thunder Extreme Light Shuttling Art and also knew how hard it was to train this martial technique.

If it was somebody else who cultivated it, without eight to ten years, they could forget about reaching major accomplishment. But just how long did Ye Yuan use from start to end? To actually cultivate it to perfection already?

“I comprehended the Wind Flow True Intent and possess the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood. This martial technique won’t be too difficult to train to me,” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Other people cultivating this cultivation method was comprehending true intent bit by bit. But Ye Yuan was already armed with two kinds of true intent. Cultivating it was naturally especially fast.

“That might be the case, but even so, this cultivation speed of yours is still too perverse!” White Light grumbled.

Ye Yuan was just about to speak but heard some noise coming from a distance. He involuntarily furrowed his brows and said, “There seems to be people fighting. Let’s go over and take a look, and inquire about the outside world news while we’re at it.”

Everyone naturally would not have any objections. The few people arrived at that fighting place with a leap.

That bunch of people’s strength, they were not that strong, being only around Sea Transformation Realm strength. This bit of strength naturally could not possibly discover Ye Yuan they all.

But the disparity between these two party’s strength was huge. It was clearly one side fleeing until here, then getting surrounded.

One side only had around ten people, while the other side had dozens!

Ye Yuan’s vision was extremely good. Looking over, his expression could not help darkening.

“Ye Yuan, you know them?” Yue Mengli detected Ye Yuan’s oddness and opened her mouth to ask.