Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 681

Chapter 681 Grievous News

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Both parties were currently in the heat of battle over there. But that side which only had ten plus people was already a spent force. Each and every one of their bodies carried serious injuries.

Especially that youth in the lead. He virtually did not have an unscathed area on his body; practically at the state of dying already.

Yet, his gaze was unbelievably fierce; he seemed unwilling to retreat even a single step!

This imposing momentum suppressed the other party. For a moment, there was actually no one who dared to step forward.

“Attack together! Kill him for me! I want to see how long you can persevere till!” the person in the lead roared.

That youth was long already an arrow at the end of its flight. But at this time, he still unleashed out a punch obstinately!


A Sea Transformation Realm martial artist in the front ranks was decimated by him immediately!

However, there was more than one person coming forward at this time. Only to hear a few slashing sounds. That youth’s body actually suffered several more cuts!

Once the other party saw that it succeeded, countless blade edges chopped towards that young man!

“Ah! Don’t!” a girl screamed.

Right at this time, a terrifying aura engulfed this battlefield.

It was only to see a light breeze drift past. Those Sea Transformation Realm martial artists wielding blades all froze there. Some blades already slashed right in front of that youth’s face.

But currently, their blade edges had no way of advancing another inch.

Because they already became dead men!

Dong dong dong!

Only after several breaths did those people topple to the ground one by one, even though they were already not breathing moments ago.

While right then, a figure gradually appeared beside that youth, sending a medicinal pill into his mouth.

“Long time no see, Long Tang!”

This figure was naturally none other than Ye Yuan!

While this powerful Sea Transformation Realm martial artist was the Long Tang that Ye Yuan had not seen for a long time!

Ever since the Southern Domain’s huge change and the Tranquil Cloud Sect secretly sent a batch of geniuses into the Northern Domain, Ye Yuan never saw Long Tang and Nanfeng Ruoqing aunt and niece again.

He did not expect to actually meet them here today.

That girl who screamed just now was Nanfeng Zhirou.

The others were also mostly Ye Yuan’s Tranquil Cloud Sect seniors in the past.

Long Tang’s injuries were extremely severe currently. He already lost consciousness.

Nanfeng Zhirou aunt and niece pair stared fixedly at that figure but did not dare to identify each other.

This person in front of them was too powerful!

The opponents that they used all of their might and were also unable to defeat, this person before their eyes actually exterminated all of them with a wave of his hand!

But that face, that profile, who could it be if not Ye Yuan?

Ye Yuan did not change. It was just a few years of not seeing, the immaturity on Ye Yuan’s face faded considerably. What replaced it was maturity . . . and might!

While right then, Ye Yuan suddenly lifted his head and looked at them. Smiling warmly, he said, “What? You don’t recognize me anymore?”

This sentence was like knocking out a crack on ice, instantly shattering the entire ice surface.

Nanfeng Zhirou suddenly wept. Pouncing into Ye Yuan’s embrace all of a sudden, she sobbed, “It’s really you! I even thought that I would never see you again! Sniff, sniff . . .”

Not far away, Nanfeng Ruoqing had tears flowing down her face too. How were her thoughts different from this niece?

Ye Yuan knew that Nanfeng aunt and niece definitely suffered considerable hardships these few years and did not speak either. He just allowed her to cry in his embrace.

“Alright, everything is over,” Ye Yuan patted Nanfeng Zhirou lightly and consoled them.

After a long time, Nanfeng Zhirou’s crying sounds finally gradually stopped. But she still could not refrain from sniveling.

While at this time, Long Tang also slowly woke up. The injuries on his body were also much better.

When he saw Ye Yuan, he likewise had a look of shock.

He already harbored the determination of certain death earlier. Did not expect that he would actually be rescued at the eleventh hour.

And the person who saved him was actually Ye Yuan!

After small talk, the group of people found an open space to sit down, and Ye Yuan inquired about Long Tang and the others, concerning their situation these few years.

Turns out that after they entered the Northern Domain back then, it was not smooth. They could not even find a place to settle down.

Later on, because they offended a Northern Domain faction, the Sea Transformation Realm elder who was with them also succumbed in order to protect their retreat.

No choice, Long Tang and the rest could only find a remote place to hide.

But fortunately, Long Tang comprehended true intent. The speed of his rise up was very fast, and he quickly became this group of people’s leader.

Experiencing considerable ordeals in the Northern Domain also accelerated Long Tang’s growth even further.

The present Long Tang, his strength even reached late-stage Sea Transformation already. It was also not far from breaking through to Soul Sea Realm already.

Afterward, Long Tang brought a group of fellow apprentices to a very remote place and rebuilt the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

But the place that they were at was seriously too out-of-the-way, resulting in information being inaccessible. They did not hear about the news of the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s entire sect moving north at all.

Following the Fierce Gale World’s large-scale invasion, there were no intact eggs under overturned nests. Long Tang and the others were naturally swept in too.

They were taken in by the nearest faction and joined the Endless Alliance before knowing that it turned out Ye Yuan already became an earth-shaking big shot in the Northern Domain.

It was just that the statuses of their group of people were seriously too low. Wanting to come into contact with the upper echelons was impossible.

Of course, it was also something from several months ago.

“We were originally being sent to the front-lines to stop the Fierce Gale World’s great army. But when we just walked halfway, grievous news suddenly came from the northern side. Wu Fang City was actually besieged by ten great peak Divine Traversing Realm Fierce Gale World experts, and the city protecting grand array was broken through. Wu Fang City was breached, and the Endless Alliance crumbled!”

“What? You said that Wu Fang City was actually breached?!” Ye Yuan’s face paled greatly from shock when he heard that, grabbing Long Tang’s arm as he asked.

“Yeah. Fierce Gale World’s ten peak Divine Traversing Realm experts directly teleported to outside Wu Fang City through no idea what sort of means, and they joined hands to breach the city protecting grand array! What? Could it be that you have some old friends and acquaintances in Wu Fang City?”

Ye Yuan’s expression was incredibly grim. His heart hit rock bottom, and his heart was in a turmoil all of a sudden.

He had long foreseen that the Endless World’s situation right now was probably not too good. But did not think that it was actually terrible to such an extent!

Surprise raiding Wu Fang City. The Fierce Gale World, this bunch of fellows, truly had methods that sprung up one after another.

Once Wu Fang City was breached, the Endless Alliance instantly crumbled. It would also be hard for the entire Endless World to muster an effective defense.

This way, it was simply impossible to have major factions to come and deal with the Fierce Gale World’s great army.

Then the Endless World martial artists became lambs awaiting slaughter one by one!

The war between the two worlds developed to become the Fierce Gale World’s one-sided massacre!

If he came a moment late, Long Tang their group of people would probably have been murdered in cold blood too.

Of course, all these were not what Ye Yuan was concerned with.

What Ye Yuan was truly concerned with was how his parents were right now!

They were both at Wu Fang City. The city being breached, they all . . .

Ye Yuan did not even dare to carry on thinking. If . . . If his parents really had some accident, Ye Yuan would definitely pull out Zhao Tianyin’s bones and refine his soul, and let him never be reincarnated for all of eternity!

Ye Yuan originally thought that his parents in the Endless World’s main camp should be the safest.

Who could have thought that in just half a year’s time, such a serious change would actually occur?

“Good, very good! Zhao Tianyin, looks like you really won’t shed tears until you see the coffin!” Ye Yuan gnashed his teeth in hatred as he seethed with killing intent.