Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 682

Chapter 682 Raise One's Arm In A Call For Action

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The current Ye Yuan was unbelievably agitated. The killing intent on his body was virtually condensed to materialization, making Long Tang and the rest nearly suffocate.

A gentle force lightly wrapped them up inside. Only then did Long Tang and the others loosen up, but they still panted heavily for air.

“Ye Yuan’s parents and grandfather are all in Wu Fang City. They are his close kins. This trip of his only took around half a year, but I did not expect that the Endless World was actually occupied without even holding on for half a year.”

A pleasant-sounding voice transmitted over. It was precisely Yue Mengli.

Ever since the first time they laid eyes on Yue Mengli, Nanfeng aunt and niece were already startled into taking her to be a fairy by her looks and disposition, with a feeling of shame at their own inferiority.

Several years of not seeing him, they did not expect that such a goddess-like beautiful bosom friend would actually appear around Ye Yuan.

The distress and inferiority-complex in the Nanfeng aunt’s and niece’s hearts were really unable to let people know about it.

Between them and Ye Yuan were like two crisscrossed lines; going further apart.

But right now, they were not in the mood to be jealous either. Hearing Yue Mengli’s words, they could not help worrying for Ye Yuan’s parents.

“Do you guys have Wu Fang City’s news? Wu Fang City has gathered the pinnacle experts in the entire Endless World. Even if the city was breached, it’s also impossible for the entire army to be wiped out, right?” Ye Yuan asked with his heart filled with expectations.

Back then, Wu Fang City had gathered countless powerhouses. Even if the Fierce Gale World’s ten great powerhouses laid siege to it, it’s impossible to round everyone up too.

Yet, Long Tang’s reply disappointed Ye Yuan.

“This . . . I only heard that Wu Fang City had a crushing defeat and countless powerhouses died. As for what exactly happened in the city, I have no clue.”

Ye Yuan heaved a sigh lightly. Even though he knew that Long Tang could not possibly know some crucial information, he still held onto a trace of hope for a chance.

Ye Yuan shut his eyes but silently entered into Heart Like Monolith Heart Realm.

Everyone all knew that Ye Yuan was thinking of strategies. There was naturally nobody who dared to disturb him either.

The others held their breaths, fearful of interrupting Ye Yuan’s thoughts.

Before long, Ye Yuan suddenly opened both eyes and said to everyone, “I’m going to slaughter my way towards Wu Fang City. Who amongst you all are willing to come along with me?”

Ye Yuan’s words made everyone stunned, with a feeling of burning with righteous indignation.

The current Endless World was gloomy and lifeless and already at the borders of destruction. Even if some people had the will, they also had no strength to organize an effective resistance at all.

Ye Yuan just said a simple sentence, but it was filled with powerful self-confidence and strength, instantly infecting Long Tang.

“Fine! I’ll fight it out with you! This bunch of animals killed countless of our people. Even if I die, I also have to drag a few down with me!” Long Tang clenched his fists tightly and said.

These days, Long Tang and these fellow apprentices had been lingering on their last breath the entire time, spending it too aggrievedly.

Even if he poured his heart and soul, there were still over half of the fellow apprentices who were lost.

Watching as his fellow apprentices died in front of him one by one, Long Tang’s hatred towards the Fierce Gale World martial artists had also reached the peak!

But his strength was too weak and could not even stir up a single wave at all. This made him very anguished in his heart too.

Now with Ye Yuan taking the lead, even if it was being a mere nobody charging forward, he was perfectly willing too.

Because his accomplishments today were all given by Ye Yuan.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ye, we’re all willing to follow you!”

“Yeah, Senior Apprentice Brother Ye. You’re our Tranquil Cloud Sect’s Sect Master now. If you say to head east, we absolutely won’t head west!”

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ye, we’re all at your disposal!”

Ye Yuan’s words immediately obtained these former allies’ response.

The Fierce Gale World plunged the people into the depths of suffering. Each and every one of the Endless World martial artists all felt like they had experienced it personally. These fellow apprentices’ hatreds toward the Fierce Gale World were not any less than Long Tang’s.

Furthermore, they have an immensely strong sense of identity with Ye Yuan. Therefore, when Ye Yuan raised his arm in a call for action, they immediately agreed virtually without hesitation.

Under this current sort of circumstances, they needed a person to preside over the overall situation too much!

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Fine! Since that’s the case, let’s erect the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s banner once more! Let the Fierce Gale World those fellows know our Tranquil Cloud Sect’s prowess!”

If talking about which faction Ye Yuan had the strongest sense of identity with, it was none other than the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

Hence, Ye Yuan did not erect the Wu Fang City’s banner, but led a bunch of fellow apprentices whose strength were not strong to raise a counteroffensive!

“Long live the Tranquil Cloud Sect!”

“Long live the Tranquil Cloud Sect!”

. . . . . .

Even though these fellow apprentices had experienced hardships, they still had a fierce sense of belonging towards the sect.

Re-establishing the sect at this time, each and every one of them was unbelievably excited.

After the excitement, Long Tang said, “Ye Yuan, since we’re re-establishing the Tranquil Cloud Sect, the choice of person for this sect master has to be you!”

Long Tang saying this immediately got the fellow apprentices’ approval.

Ye Yuan thought about it and said, “How about this, I’ll temporarily take on the position of sect master. We’ll set off for Wu Fang City while inquiring about the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s news at the same time. In the future, when Sect Master Luo returns, this position of sect master is better for him to take on!”

Since Wu Fang City was already breached, the Tranquil Cloud Sect that was rebuilt not long ago would probably also be hard to be spared.

Ye Yuan could only pray in his heart right now that the fellow apprentices of the old days could be safe and sound.

As long as they did not die, he believed that they would definitely come to seek refuge when they hear news about the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

Including those Wu Fang City and the three sects’ factions, they all knew that his relationship with the Tranquil Cloud Sect was not shallow.

Once the new Tranquil Cloud Sect’s reputation builds up, the Endless World’s powerhouses would definitely come over to join very soon.

At that time, trickles of water would converge to become a boundless ocean!

This sort of outcome was also considered reestablishing after getting broken.

Long Tang nodded and said, “Alright, let’s do it that way! Lord Sect Master, I wonder what our first step should be? Although we all have the will to kill the enemy, we cannot help that our strength is still too weak!”

Long Tang was a very calm person and did not lose his head with Ye Yuan’s return.

Ye Yuan was merely just an individual, but the Fierce Gale World’s martial artists were numbered in the hundreds of millions.

No matter how strong he was, it was also not possible to kill off all of the Fierce Gale World martial artists.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “The first step is naturally to raise our strength! Long Tang, I see that you’re only a step away from Soul Sea Realm. I have some medicinal pills here. You take them and distribute them to fellow apprentices and strive to break through as soon as possible. Ye Qing, you come and protect me. I’m also going to enter closed-seclusion for two days!”

“Okay, no problem!” Ye Qing said.

Ye Yuan took out some medicinal pills and handed them to Long Tang. Then his mind stirred, and he entered the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

This action naturally aroused a wave of amazement. After Yue Mengli explained, everyone set their minds at ease. But also inexplicably had a bit more faith in Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan’s means were forever that inexhaustible!

Ye Yuan built a pill refining room in the Vast Heaven Pagoda to provide for Ren Dong and Xiao Ruyan’s cultivation usage.

After Ye Yuan entered the Vast Heaven Pagoda, he came straight to the pill refinement room. Casually waving his hand, a large batch of spirit medicines appeared.

He was not some goody-two-shoes. Before coming out of the God Prohibited Demon Region this time, he had extorted large quantities of spirit medicines from the tiger clan and roc clan.

Currently, his strength was still rather weak. He planned on refining a batch of medicinal pills and directly rushing to peak Ninth Level Soul Sea!

Moreover, using the chaos gem the last time, there was still two-thirds of the time not used.

Ye Yuan could just nice make use of this period of time to break through cultivation realms in one stroke!