Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 683

Chapter 683 Joining From All Around

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Two days later, Ye Yuan exiting seclusion. This immediately stirred up an uproar.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Sect Master, you . . . you actually used two day to break through two minor boundaries!”

“Too inconceivable! From the first moment Senior Apprentice Brother Sect Master entered the sect, he has been continuously creating miracles. This point has yet to change until now either!”

“This cultivation speed is too heaven-defying! I still remember when Senior Apprentice Brother Sect Master entered the sect, he was just Spirit Condensation Realm. Just how long has it been? He’s actually only half a step away from Divine Traversing Realm already!

Ye Yuan’s cultivation speed simply could not be measured using common sense. Right off the bat when he entered the Tranquil Cloud Sect, he had been the fellow apprentices’ target of envy all along.

In the beginning, there were still people who felt unconvinced by his domineering rise up. But later, they did not have the qualifications to be unconvinced already.

Especially after the sect great competition, there was already no one who could replace Ye Yuan, this sect’s position of strongest talent.

His talent, no one in the entire Endless World could surpass, let alone a tiny little Tranquil Cloud Sect.

Now at this time, these fellow apprentices only had gasps of admirations left.

Ye Yuan found Long Tang and asked, “Right now, which Fierce Gale World force is the closest to us? Uh . . . Forget about those under Divine Traversing Realm. Destroying them is also not very useful.”

Long Tang was slightly shocked. Musing for a moment, he said, “If above Divine Traversing Realm, the closest influence should be the Eminent Sky Sect ten thousand miles away. A Third Level Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse came from the Fierce Gale World some time ago and directly killed the Eminent Sky Sect’s old ancestor. I heard that this person’s measures are extremely cruel. The Eminent Sky Sect’s old ancestor died very miserably.”

A hint of a cold intent flashed across Ye Yuan’s eyes. He nodded his head and said, “Alright. It’s him!”

Starting from this day, Ye Yuan started crazy retaliatory operations!

One day later, he eradicated that Fierce Gale World powerhouse at the Eminent Sky Sect and directly had his cut-off head displayed to the public, hanging outside the gates!

All the Fierce Gale World martial artists in the Eminent Sky Sect were killed. Not one remained!

Five days later, the Deer Cry City ten thousand miles away from the Eminent Sky Sect suffered an attack. All the Fierce Gale World martial artists died. A Fifth Level Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse was annihilated!

Ten days later, Ying Feng City, Che Lei Sect, and Windfiend Sect were destroyed at the same time. Several Fierce Gale World Divine Traversing Realm martial artists were killed!”

. . . . . .

One by one, the news of Fierce Gale World forces being destroyed spread out, very quickly alarming the entire Endless World.

When the Endless World martial artists scattered all over the land heard this news, all of them were greatly encouraged and were all inquiring what kind of force rose up heaven-defyingly and carried out counter-attacks against the Fierce Gale World.

“Really f*cking venting! Ever since the Fierce Gale World invaded, I’ve only heard of Crimsonlight City gaining a complete victory while the others were all bad news. Later, even our old nest was raided by people. Simply made Your Father depressed to the max! Now, this force that suddenly appeared actually destroyed so many Fierce Gale World forces in one breath and finally brought out my Endless World’s might!”

“Yeah! The Fierce Gale World invaded for so long, the news heard were more grave than the last. I even felt that life had no more meaning! Also, don’t know which influence did it. Really vents one’s anger!”

“Heard that it was done by a sect called Tranquil Cloud Sect. But since when was there such a powerful sect in our Endless World? One has to know that among those forces that were destroyed, there was even a Sixth Level Divine Traversing Realm existence. Wanting to destroy such an influence at the very least also needs a late-stage Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse to be able to accomplish, right?”

“Tranquil Cloud Sect? I never heard of them before! But since they made a name for themselves, we naturally have to go and join them! Just us, these few people, once we run into the Fierce Gale World’s great army, we wouldn’t even be enough to fill the gaps between their teeth!”

“What you said is right! Our Endless World right now is a pile of loose sand and very much needs a genuine hero to come out and unite everybody! Go, let’s go and join them!”

In a small faction, two leaders were currently discussing about throwing their lot in with the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

And this scene was currently happening in all corners of the Northern Domain’s southern part.

This Tranquil Cloud Sect was like a last piece of straw that a person about to sink into the water grabbed hold on, giving them a final glimmer of hope.

Even though this hope was very slim, without any doubt, this was far stronger than resigning themselves to death.

For a moment, many big and small forces converged in Deer Cry City.

This was the stronghold that Ye Yuan chose. This city was very large and could accommodate many martial artists. Furthermore, all sorts of resources were very abundant.

The Fierce Gale World martial artists had yet to get to enjoy and were directly obliterated by Ye Yuan.

In a short half a month’s time, 100 thousand martial artists gathered here!

On this day, a massive army gathered at Deer Cry City. This army had roughly 30 thousand people!

This was one of the most massive army currently gathered Deer Cry City among the forces.

This force, even in the present chaotic age, was also a power that could not be underestimated.

“Hey, you guys are that whatever Tranquil Cloud Sect’s people, right? Call your sect master out for me. I want to meet him!” the person at the helm said very haughtily.

The one who received him was precisely Long Tang.

The current Long Tang had also broken through to Soul Sea Realm already with the help of Ye Yuan’s medicinal pills.

The strength of this person before his eyes was very strong; he was already at the peak Ninth Level Soul Sea.

Such strength, bringing along such a colossal army, was clearly also not some easy to deal with people.

But his attitude still made Long Tang very displeased.

“Coming to Deer Cry City, one has to adhere to Deer Cry City’s rules! Senior Apprentice Brother Sect Master is Deer Cry City’s leader. How can there be the logic of moving to receive you? If you wish to meet him, you should naturally go to his door to request an audience!” Long Tang frowned and said.

Long Tang had sufficient reason to be proud now. The might of Ye Yuan’s strength far surpassed his imaginations.

He originally thought that Ye Yuan being able to defeat middle-stage Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses was already very decent. Who knew that his strength was ridiculously formidable.

Regardless of how powerful the Fierce Gale World forces were, him and several companions heading forward by themselves were all slaughtering the enemies directly, leaving none behind.

They, these fellow apprentices, were actually just supporting casts by the side and did not even have the qualifications to take action.

No choice, their strength was too weak.

Long Tang was clear that if not on account of being in the same sect, Ye Yuan would not even be inclined to give them a glance.

The current Ye Yuan was already a figure from an entirely different world from them.

But it was also precisely because so that Long Tang and they all, these fellow apprentices, felt incredibly proud.

Because even until now, Ye Yuan still acknowledged that he was a member of the Tranquil Cloud Sect!

“Yo! Didn’t you see how many people we brought here? Don’t think that you guys eradicating a few forces is impressive! Even though there are no Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses among us, these people, we’ve killed a middle-stage Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse before! In terms of strength, we’re also not much worse off compared to your school’s sect master! What’s wrong with making him come see me?” the brawny man said disdainfully.

Long Tang’s eyes narrowed. Clearly, he did not believe this guy’s words.

A middle-Stage Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse adopting hit-and-run strategy was enough to wipe out this army of tens of thousands.

This guy did not even make a draft before he bragged!

Right at this time, a voice sounded out, “Chu Shi, half a year of not seeing, you’re really becoming even cockier!”