Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 684

Chapter 684 Ye Family Army

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This brawny man was precisely the Chu Shi who was not seen for half a year already.

And these tens of thousands of people that he brought here were naturally that bunch of martial artists Ye Yuan rescued from Crimsonlight City back then.

It was just that the numbers seemed to have reduced considerably.

“This Lord is cocky, so . . . what?”

Chu Shi turned his head as he said arrogantly at the same time. But when he turned his head around, the word ‘what’ was uttered quiveringly.

The previous moment, he was still a powerful and majestic tiger. The next instant, he became a sickly cat; he shriveled up to the max.

“Lord . . . Lord Ye Yuan! H-Haha, why is it you? You . . . Why would you appear here?” Chu Shi stammered, his tongue knotting as he spoke.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Didn’t you want to see me? Now that I came, why do you think I showed up here?”

Chu Shi sweated profusely, his pair of eyes swiveled sneakily. Clearly, he wanted to find a reason to brush it over.


Chu Shi was directly sent flying by a person. Who could it be if not Zhu Changzhi?

Zhu Changzhi gave Ye Yuan a deep bow and said, “I warned this guy to not be cocky long ago, but he wouldn’t listen! It’s just that we never thought that the Tranquil Cloud Sect whose fame rose rapidly recently was actually chaired by Lord Ye Yuan!”

When Ye Yuan saw old friends come to join, he was very happy too and said with a smile, “I came from the mortal world and entered the Tranquil Cloud Sect. Now that we’ve renewed our efforts after failure, I naturally have to carry my sect’s banner.”

Chu Shi they all were all itinerant cultivators back then. They only knew that Ye Yuan’s background was very powerful, but did not know at all that he actually came from an unremarkable small sect.

The special characteristics of the Tranquil Cloud Sect, this sect, only those pinnacle upper echelons in the Northern Domain knew.

“H-Haha, Lord Ye Yuan, us brothers really missed you to death! This period of time, we couldn’t sleep at night, worrying about you day in, day out. But didn’t expect that you actually came into being suddenly and became this Deer Cry City’s owner!” Chu Shi ran over submissively, thickened his face and said.

Zhu Changzhi scolded laughingly, “I’ve long said that Lord Ye Yuan is a blessed fellow. How can the mere power of a curse possibly stump him?”

Chu Shi pursed his lips and said, “No idea who moped and sighed in the middle of the night, praying to heaven for Lord Ye Yuan to be safe and sound!”

“Scram! You rebuked His Excellency just now. Why haven’t you knelt down and admitted your fault?” Zhu Changzhi said with a furious roar.

“I . . . I . . .”

Chu Shi darted Zhu Changzhi a fierce glare, blaming him for rubbing his nose in.

When Ye Yuan saw this scene, he felt especially warm.

Although these brawny men were uncouth, their concern towards him was genuine.

Even though these people’s origins were lowly, they valued the code of brotherhood the most.

This kind of people could shed their blood and lay down their lives for you and absolutely would not betray.

Ye Yuan said with a laugh, “Forget it, forget it, the ignorant can be forgiven! Rather, you guys, why are only so few people left?”

Before coming, Ye Yuan already saw that this big army was only numbered less than 30 thousand. Compared to back then, it was lesser by half.

Chu Shi’s expression dimmed, and he fell silent.

Zhu Changzhi let out a sigh too and recounted everyone’s encounter after separating from Ye Yuan.

Turns out that after Ye Yuan left back then, Qin Yan, Guo Taoqun, and the others accompanied City Lord Su Hu and returned to Wu Fang City together.

They wanted to bring Chu Shi they all, these martial artists, back together at that time, but Chu Shi and the rest were not willing.

These people were all itinerant cultivators and used to freedom and no discipline, and were not used to a restrained life. Hence, they did not travel together.

Logically speaking, these people were originally just some itinerant cultivators unacquainted with each other.

But what made Chu Shi trio feel surprised was that these tens of thousands of martial artists, the vast majority of the people actually chose to stay. Only a small portion of the people chose to leave.

Finally, roughly 50 thousand people chose to remain behind, while they elected Chu Shi trio to be the commanders.

These people’s objectives were very simple, their lives were given by Ye Yuan, in the future, they would follow Ye Yuan’s dictates.

Moreover, Ye Yuan left by himself and was chased down by a Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse. Each and every one of them was all worried and must wait for the news of Ye Yuan’s safe return.

Hence, these people formed a guerrilla warfare team specialized in making things difficult for the Fierce Gale World’s great army.

What surprised people was that the great army that the Endless Alliance sent out were virtually routed on all fronts, while this guerrilla warfare team scored victory after victory, slaughtering countless Fierce Gale World martial artists.

But Chu Shi, the three of them, were selective in their raids too. Places with Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses, they absolutely did not dare to go.

Except, their existence ultimately still incurred the Fierce Gale World upper echelons’ attention.

After Wu Fang City was breached, the Fierce Gale World finally got around to sending out those Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses to catch and kill the Endless World’s Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses without restraint.

And to deal with Chu Shi, their big army, the Fierce Gale World actually sent a Fierce Gale World Divine Traversing powerhouse forward.

As a result, both parties carried out a brutal killing.

Except . . . that Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse never could have dreamed that the combat strength of this great army was actually so formidable!

He fell into the sea of people and actually did not have the chance to escape!

Finally, after Chu Shi they all paid the price of 20 thousand casualties, they slew this Fourth Level Divine Traversing powerhouse!

This battle result was what Chu Shi and the rest did not expect at all.

Even they themselves were not aware that the training Ye Yuan gave them would actually produce such tremendous effect!

To make a great army which did not even have a Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse kill a Fourth Level Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse!

But after this, Chu Shi trio also realized a problem. That was that the next time would absolutely not be so lucky!

If the Fierce Gale World sent a late-stage Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse over again, they would still not escape the outcome of the entire army being wiped out.

Right at this time, they heard the news of the Tranquil Cloud Sect crazily annihilating Fierce Gale World forces. Chu Shi trio thought it over and decided to seek refuge with the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

It was just that they never thought that this Tranquil Cloud Sect was actually established by Ye Yuan single-handedly.

And Chu Shi recognized that they had killed a middle-stage Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse before, so they wanted to take the Tranquil Cloud Sect down a notch, so as to protect their own independence.

Who knew that Chu Shi set up a huge blunder for himself and nearly offended Ye Yuan.

“Oh, right, Lord Ye Yuan, the designation of this great army of ours, just call it Ye Family Army!” Zhu Changzhi added.

Ye Yuan was also rather surprised when he heard their encounter in this half a year.

Looks like the growth of this great army was still outside of his expectations.

This half a year’s time, Chu Shi they all experienced countless battles. The tempering between life and death also made their strength have a substantial rise.

Now, Chu Shi trio actually broke through to peak Ninth Level Soul Sea already; there was only only one more step to take to break through to the Divine Traversing Realm.

“Since you guys all came, stay here then. But your strength is still a little weak. I’ll refine some medicinal pills for you guys these two days to help you all break through to Divine Traversing Realm. With your current combat strength, as long as you break through to Divine Traversing Realm, your strength will surge substantially. Even late-stage Divine Traversing powerhouse might not be able to gain an advantage,” Ye Yuan said.

The people coming to seek refuge these few days were a lot. But those who genuinely had strength were not many.

Chu Shi and the others, their appearance finally added the much needed help for Ye Yuan.