Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 685

Chapter 685 Large Enemy Force Bearing Down Upon The Borde

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“My lord, are . . . are you for real?” Chu Shi immediately said agitatedly upon hearing Ye Yuan’s words.

The Qian Si who was silent the entire time by the side also became agitated at this time.

The medicinal pills which Ye Yuan refined, they had all witnessed with their own eyes before. They had the effects of immediate results!

Back then, Ye Yuan said that he could not refine medicinal pills for their use. But now, Ye Yuan was going to spend time to refine these medicinal pills.

Ye Yuan said with a half-smile, “When have I joked around with you all before?”

When the three people saw Ye Yuan’s smile, they could not resist shuddering.

They could not help automatically recalling the scenario of Ye Yuan throwing them into the Asura Tri-Pronged Formation.

Originally they thought that it was just a one-time simple training, but they did not expect that this training really claimed lives.

The three people bowed their heads to the ground and said gratefully, “Thank you very much, Your Excellency! The Ye Family Army will follow Your Excellency to the death!”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and accepted it calmly.

Towards the Ye Family Army’s arrival, Ye Yuan still felt quite relieved.

To want to recapture the Endless World, Ye Yuan’s strength alone was clearly inadequate.

Even if he was already invincible in the Endless World, there were too many people in the Fierce Gale World. If he slaughtered all the way over, he would probably have to kill for several decades as well.

Ye Yuan erecting the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s banner was in order to solicit these scattered Endless World martial artists.

Of course, if the Wu Fang City folks could hear the news and find their way over, that was for the best.

Just what in the world happened to Wu Fang City on that day, where on earth did the people in Wu Fang City go to, was also a mystery to the current Ye Yuan.

But right now, for Ye Yuan to go find his parents, where would he need to go to search among the sea of faces?

Ye Yuan stirred up such a huge commotion, the primary objective was still for the sake of drawing the Fierce Gale World’s big shots’ attention, to make them place their primary efforts on him.

Moreover, to inquire about his parents’ news, it was clearly more effective to get from the other party.

. . . . . .

With the Ye Family Army’s participation, Deer Cry City’s commotion was boosted considerably all at once.

Ye Yuan also discovered to his delight that Chu Shi was really adept in the area of leadership.

In the wake of martial artists coming to Deer Cry City getting increasingly more, management became a big issue.

One had to acknowledge that Ye Yuan was not very skilled in this area.

Rather, after Chu Shi they all joined and took the initiative to serve as the city guards, they only used a few day’s time to subdue those martial artists into obedience.

Towards this sort of situation, Ye Yuan was naturally happy to see it happen.

Furthermore, the Ye Family Army being established for such a long time, they had also built a complete intelligence system. Hence, Ye Yuan let Chu Shi extend his antennas out and inquire about Wu Fang City and Tranquil Cloud Sect’s news.

Ye Yuan also inquired from Chu Shi about Wu Fang City’s news before. But sadly, they were similarly too far away from Wu Fang City and also not very clear.

Arranging everything properly, Ye Yuan was just planning on marching the troops northwards when Chu Shi obtained an intel.

An Eighth Level Divine Traversing powerhouse from the Fierce Gale World led over ten Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses and a million strong great army and were coming towards Deer Cry City in mighty contingents.

“My lord, the Fierce Gale World’s great army is bearing down menacingly this time. Should we . . . temporarily avoid the spearhead?” Chu Shi asked probingly.

Actually, Chu Shi did not have a clear understanding of just how powerful Ye Yuan’s current strength was right now either.

But what kind of concept Eighth Level Divine Traversing was, he was perfectly clear.

Such strength, even among the Endless World’s titans in the past was also sufficient to enter the top eight!

Let alone that there were even over twenty Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses accompanying.

In contrast, Deer Cry City’s side apart from Ye Yuan’s individual strength being unfathomable, there were virtually no powerhouses that were presentable.

While Chu Shi, the few of them, had also just broken through to the Divine Traversing Realm. To make them deal with twenty over Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses in one go was still a little too forceful.

But Ye Yuan said coolly, “Leave all the Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses to me. The others . . . can you guys handle them or not?”

“Hiss . . .” Chu Shi drew a cold breath when he heard.

Looking at Zhu Changzhi and Qian Si again, their faces were both rather shocked.

One person squaring off with twenty over Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses. Among them still had an Eighth Level Divine Traversing powerhouse. Wasn’t this a little too exaggerated?

Hesitating for a moment, Chu Shi gritted his teeth and thumped his chest, saying, “How can we let Your Excellency take on so many powerhouses alone? Even though us brothers are lacking in strength, we can still accomplish storming the enemy lines! Those Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses, leave them to the Ye Family Army!”

Although Chu Shi normally had quite a cynical attitude towards life, once he got serious, he still had quite an imposing manner.

But the meaning in his words was also very clear. That was preparing to heap on human lives.

Twenty over Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses. Definitely not all would be initial-stage Divine Traversing Realm. There was bound to be some that were middle-stage Divine Traversing Realm or even late-stage powerhouses!

To make the Ye Family Army go and handle these people was indeed somewhat far-fetched.

A Fourth Level Divine Traversing martial artist squandered 20 thousand Ye Family Army martial artists.

The might of an expert Divine Traversing Realm was needless to say.

Zhu Changzhi also said, “Yeah, my lord. You saying this is simply smacking our faces! The Ye Family Army’s lives were given by Your Excellency. We won’t hesitate to lay down our lives if need be!”

Qian Si did not speak, but his firm look indicated everything.

But Ye Yuan laughed when he saw the situation and said, “What are each and every one of you in such a hurry to seek your doom for? Huhu, just an Eighth Level Divine Traversing. How is it worth you all using your lives to suppress him? Are your lives so worthless?”

“. . . . . .”

Chu Shi and the two were speechless too. Dismissing an Eighth Level Divine Traversing so lightly, only Lord Ye Yuan dared to speak this way.

But Ye Yuan’s words warmed their hearts.

The meaning in Ye Yuan’s words was that their lives were even more valuable than an Eighth Level Divine Traversing powerhouse’s life!

At least in Lord Ye Yuan’s heart, he felt this way!

It was true that their lives were given by Ye Yuan, but Ye Yuan did not use them as cannon fodders, but treated them as brothers instead!

He would rather charge forward himself than treat the lives of his brothers as a joke!

Chu Shi and the two secretly resolved in their hearts that even if they died, they would also not let Lord Ye Yuan suffered any bit of harm!

Ye Yuan looked at them a little and said coolly, “Alright, don’t have this sort of expression. A million strong great army is not so easy to deal with either. Each and every one of you has to buck up for me! Since you guys call this great army Ye Family Army, don’t bring shame upon my face!”

Chu Shi was startled inwardly when he heard. Straightening both legs, he clenched his teeth and said, “My lord, rest assured, we’ll let you take a look this time at the might of this Ye Family Army that you personally built!”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “Alright, I’ll have a look. These few days, how are the others training inside the Asura Tri-Pronged Formation?”

The moment Chu Shi heard, he immediately grumbled, “My lord, not that I’m complaining about them, but these fellows are making too little progress! Their casualty rates are much higher than ours! In the end, who knows how many will be left. They have already been training for half a month and only trained 10 thousand plus people.”

These few days, Ye Yuan set up the Asura Tri-Pronged Formation anew to train those motley crew.

But looking at it now, the effects were not very good.