Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 686

Chapter 686 Absolute Strength

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However, this was also within Ye Yuan’s expectations.

Back then, Ye Yuan’s drilling effects being that good at Crimsonlight City was because everyone was in a hopeless situation.

Now that Ye Yuan secured a very large piece of area, there were quite a number of people who actually came to seek refuge with a mentality of being contented to retain sovereignty over a part of the country.

Under such circumstances, how could there be that kind of effect?

Ye Yuan nodded his head when he heard that and said, “Put in some effort. For those sitting around waiting to die, it’s fine to let them be as well. Soldiers depend on quality, not quantity.”

“Yes, my lord!”

. . . . . .

Several days later, the two realms’ great army were facing each other outside the borders of the new Tranquil Cloud Sect’s sphere of influence.

The Fierce Gale World’s side was densely packed. As far as the eyes could see, it was all Fierce Gale World martial artists.

In contrast, the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s side only had a mere several tens of thousands of people, looking just like a small boat in a vast expanse of water; incomparably weak.

The Fierce Gale World’s great army was orderly, displaying power and grandeur. One look and it was clear that they were well-trained.

While the Endless World’s side, each and every one of them was very undisciplined and carefree, with a listless appearance; rather like a bunch of motley crew.

No matter how one viewed it, the Endless World did not look like it had any chances of victory either.

In the Fierce Gale World’s great army, there was person at the front that had long hair and a broad chest, elegant and poised. It was none other than the Fierce Gale World Xue Family’s family head, Xue Hongfei!

When he saw Ye Yuan in the opposing party’s camp, his eyes involuntarily turned intent!

“I didn’t think that the so-called Tranquil Cloud Sect whose limelight is currently in full bloom recently was actually egged on by this boy!” Xue Hongfei said rather surprisedly.

“Commander actually knows this boy?” behind Xue Hongfei, a Seventh Level Divine Traversing powerhouse said in surprise.

Xue Hongfei nodded and said, “If I point it out, you’ll naturally be aware too. This boy was that Ye Yuan who wreaked havoc in the capital that very day! When he was facing off with His Highness, the Seventh Price, I had observed him from far away before. Didn’t think that just a few years of not seeing, this boy has actually reached peak Soul Sea Realm already!”

“It’s actually this boy! Back then when he was squaring off with the seventh price, he was merely just Crystal Formation Realm. Just how long has it been? He actually cultivated to peak Soul Sea Realm already!” exclaimed the Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses in shock.

“En. This boy’s talent is indeed heaven-defying. Furthermore, his combat strength is staggering. According to our intel, even though this boy is just peak Soul Sea Realm, he possesses at least the strength to kill middle-stage Divine Traversing Realms!” Xue Hongfei said.

Towards Ye Yuan’s combat strength, Xue Hongfei was not overly surprised.

With Ye Yuan’s talent, if he could not cross boundaries to battle, that would be absurd!

But Xue Hongfei did not take it to heart too much either. Even though he was only Eighth Level Divine Traversing, he still had the Origin Spirit Nine Transformations, this level of unique trump card.

To really talk about combat strength, he was even stronger than peak Ninth Level Divine Traversing!

If he could not even take down a Ninth Level Soul Sea, that would also be too disgraceful.

“En, so what if he can cross boundaries to battle? In front of Commander and our great army, everything collapses at the first blow! This time, we’ve dispatched all of our elites. If we can’t even take down these tens of thousands of people, that would simply be a joke!” said the subordinate with a contemptuous look.

Xue Hongfei stroked his beard and smiled as he said, “What you said is right! Speaking of which, this Ye Yuan is also considered to have been a great help to us. Truly, wanting to take a nap even had somebody send a pillow. As long as we wipe out all of them in this fight, there would probably be no one else who dares to jump around in the Endless World!”

“En. This boy’s reputation is so renowned. Didn’t think that he was a fool too! With his potential, properly find a place and enter a retreat and a few years’ time, he would be able to ascend to the Divine Realm. What do the matters of the Endless World have to do with him? Moreover, our great army is pressing down on the border this time. If he knows what’s good for him, he should also avoid the spearhead and slowly find a solution. Perhaps there might still be some hope. Now, he actually chose to strike the rock with an egg. Really foolish to the max!”

Xue Hongfei said with a laugh, “You don’t look down on this boy. He most likely has some way of escape since he dares to fight with us head-on. In a moment, I’ll deal with him. You bring the other Divine Traversing Realms together and directly storm over! No matter what kind of schemes or intrigues he has, in front of absolute strength, it’s also useless!”

“Yes, Commander!”

Finished talking, Xue Hongfei’s figure moved as he flew out.

Ye Yuan seeing the situation, flew out too, facing Xue Hongfei across a distance.

“Ye Yuan, you’re a talented person. Do you still not have a clear understanding of the situation at this time until now? Why not you forsake darkness for the light now and I can spare you from death today!” Xue Hongfei said coolly, carrying the attitude of condescension.

But Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that. No idea of life or death was talking about this guy in front of him, right?

“You know me?”

Ye Yuan was rather surprised by him being able to call out his name readily. In his impression, he had not seen this person before.

“On that day you had a great battle with His Highness, the Seventh Price, I was watching the fight far away on the sidelines,” Xue Hongfei said with a smile.

Ye Yuan came to a sudden realization when he heard that. He saw Xue Hongfei making frivolous remarks about his appearance with another person just now. Clearly, he had recognized him.

Looks like there were still quite a number of people observing him in the shadows on that day in the capital.

Ye Yuan nodded his head, indicating that he understand the situation. He then said, “Old fellow, I’m giving you one last chance now. You can choose to forsake the darkness for the light. Don’t help the wicked perpetuate wicked deeds anymore. Zhao Tianyin’s days are already numbered and can’t jump around for many more days.”

Ye Yuan’s voice was very loud, spreading out directly.

The Fierce Gale World’s million strong great army immediately gave off a burst of deafening jeering laughter when they heard this sentence of Ye Yuan’s.

In their view, Ye Yuan’s brain was simply spoiled and could not figure out the situation at all.

Such a person could actually become the commander-in-chief too?

“Hahaha! He’s making us forsake the darkness for the light! Hahaha! I’m dying of laughter!”

“To make a million strong great army surrender to tens of thousands of people. Is this guy sure that his brain is fine?”

“You guys, look at their great army. Just a few lousy First Level Divine Traversings actually dare to spout such wild drivel! I really admire his courage!”

Those Fierce Gale World’s Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses all grinned from ear to ear.

Before the big battle, having a bit of this kind of joke was also a kind of relief.

Actually, not only them but even Chu Shi they all also felt embarrassed.

Even though he had plenty of confidence in Ye Yuan, he seriously could not guess what kind of means Ye Yuan could use to win this great war between two worlds.

Even if Ye Yuan could finish off the other party’s Eighth Level Divine Traversing, it was defeat with victory!

If another person was swapped to stand in front of the formation, Chu Shi would have long brought his great army to run away.

Only Ye Yuan could make him stand behind firmly.

Xue Hongfei naturally just treated it as a joke to listen as well. He said to Ye Yuan with a chortle, “You also saw everybody’s reactions. But have you taken a look at the expressions of those martial artists behind you looking death calmly in the face? Looks like your own great army doesn’t harbor any hope in you as well!”

Ye Yuan did not mind and said nonchalantly, “Looks like you’re choosing to resist stubbornly to the end? I already gave you the chance. It’s you yourself who didn’t know how to cherish it. Since that’s the case, then it can’t be blamed on me.”

Xue Hongfei burst into laughter and said, “Ye Yuan, I know that you have the Origin Spirit Nine Transformations. But even if your Origin Spirit Nine Transformations is any more powerful, it’s also unable to break through the fetters of Soul Sea Realm! While I . . .”


Xue Hongfei’s aura erupted abruptly, his imposing momentum surging towards the clouds!

Under everyone’s gaze, it actually broke right through to peak Ninth Level Divine Traversing!