Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 687

Chapter 687 Your Turn To Perform

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“Turns out that you’re that whatever Xue Family’s family head.”

Regarding Xue Honghei knowing how to use the Origin Spirit Nine Transformations, Ye Yuan felt a slight surprise, revealing an expression of coming to understand suddenly.

Of course, he would not mind Xue Hongfei’s increase in strength too much.

But Ye Yuan’s look of surprise was misread by Xue Hongfei as panic.

“Huhu, only aware of it now huh . . . Too late!” Xue Hongfei had a look like everything was under control.

Ye Yuan said helplessly, “Is it too late? Why don’t I feel so . . . In this world, there are always some people who feel good about themselves.”

Xue Hongfei said with a cold smile, “Alright, enough jabbering. Do you think that I would fall for your trick?”

Ye Yuan could not help laughing in spite of himself when he heard that and said, “I forget that Zhao Chenggan that fellow said before, you can only last for an hour’s time using the Origin Spirit Nine Transformations. Huhu, however . . . this won’t even take an hour!”

As he said this, Ye Yuan’s aura erupted abruptly, and used the Origin Spirit Nine Transformations at the same time!

Very soon, his aura broke through to half-step Divine Traversing!

“Half-step Divine Traversing is it . . . Maybe you’re still unaware of the disparity between peak Ninth Level Divine Traversing and half-step Divine Traversing, right? Forget it, I’ll send you on your way!”

As he said, Xue Hongfei flicked his sleeves grandly and yelled out in a powerful and majestic voice, “Attack for me! Leave . . . nothing behind!”



For a moment, the Fierce Gale World’s million strong great army’s battle-cry rose one after another, galloping towards Chu Shi they all.

Those twenty over Divine Traversing Realm experts lined up in a row and entered first!

These twenty over people joining hands was truly an irresistible onslaught.

Yet, right at this time, two figures, one azure and one white, suddenly appeared in the center of the battlefield, facing the Fierce Gale World’s assault head-on.

This one azure one white figures were naturally Ye Qing and Yue Mengli.

The earth-shaking million strong great army in other people’s eyes was not much different from ants in the eyes of these two people.

It was only to see the two striked out two palms lightly, wrapped with enormous energy as it whirled away towards the Fierce Gale World’s great army!


Those twenty over Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses were instantly killed without even letting out a miserable scream!

And the pair’s palm force’s residual force had yet to reduce, blasting directly into the great army.

For a moment, tragic cries rose one after another. It was also unknown how many lives were lost under these two palms.

Xue Hongfei was just planning on making a move to deal with Ye Yuan. Seeing this scene, his eyes could not help becoming wide-saucers.

This scene was too shocking!

With a wave of a hand, twenty over Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses turned to ashes!

How formidable a strength did this need?

Those were Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses! The Endless World’s most powerful existences!

Among them, there were even two Seventh Level Divine Traversings, and seven to eight middle-stage Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses. Even if he confronted himself, under the circumstances of not using the Origin Spirit Nine Transformations, it was also very hard to obtain victory.

Those two people slaughtered them just like this?

“What are you still in a daze for? Your turn to perform!” Seeing Chu Shi and the rest in a trance, Ye Yuan reminded them.

“Ah? O-Oh . . . Alright!”

Chu Shi’s expression was exactly the same as Xue Hongfei’s: mouth opened widely, staring at this scene disbelievingly.

“All in a daze for what?! Attack together with this father of yours and screw these bunch of animals to death! Kill!”

Chu Shi yelled out excitedly and took the lead to pounce over towards the Fierce Gale World’s great army.

Zhu Changzhi and Qian Si had their thoughts linked up long ago and followed closely behind.

With these three people helming, the others also recovered to their senses. Tens of thousands of people charged over towards the Fierce Gale World’s great army in mighty contingents.

Saying that it was mighty contingents, actually, it did not even reach the other side’s fraction.

In front of the million strong great army, their headcount was still pitifully little.

It was just that at this time, the imposing momentum of these tens of thousands of people utterly outstripped the million strong great army.

Ye Qing and Yue Mengli’s attack scared the crap out of the Fierce Gale World’s great army!

The moment both sides came into contact, it became a one-sided massacre!

Chu Shi they all, these people could be said to be veterans of a hundred battles already. Their cooperation with each other was already tacit to the extent that made people’s hair stand on end.

These 30 thousand people that he brought over was absolutely even more powerful than 300 thousand, even a 500 thousand strong great army!

Timing, geography, and human conditions all favored the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s great army. How could they not win?

Rather, after Ye Qing and Yue Mengli’s one attack, they already lost interest in attacking once more and retreated to one side very conscientiously.

This was also Ye Yuan intentionally instructing before. They only needed to take action once and leave the rest to him and the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s great army.

Being oppressed for a long time, the Endless World needed a huge victory to raise morale.

And a victory fought out with their own hands versus through other people’s hands, that sort of feeling was completely different!

Moreover, an invincible master required countless battles to temper.

The Fierce Gale World’s million strong great army was undoubtedly the best whetstone.

Chu Shi trio group already broke through to Divine Traversing Realm originally. After both sides engaged in battle, it was akin to entering a place where no one puts up resistance. Places they passed through was like locusts passing through; not even fowls and dogs were spared.

Even though the others did not reach their level, they were likewise incomparably incisive.

Only that batch which was trained the most recently slightly appeared to be straining a bit.

But their imposing momentum was already spurred on. Even though there were casualties, they likewise overshadowed their opponents.

The moral of the troops was already lost. The million strong great army very quickly collapsed, clamoring to escape north. Who would be in the mood to carry on fighting?

With this, the Fierce Gale World’s great army’s declining trend was even more beyond recovery.

The great battle which originally had a great disparity in strength became a one-sided massacre!

When Xue Hongfei saw this scene, he even had the thought to die.

The previous moment, he was still smug with his own success and thought that he was an elephant, and that stepping the Tranquil Cloud Sect, this ant, to death, was as easy as blowing off dust.

But in just an instant, both sides switched!

How could Xue Hongfei still be in the mood to fight with Ye Yuan? Releasing his ssence energy, he wanted to flee away.

Yet, how could his speed compare to Ye Yuan’s? He had yet to make a move, and he had his path cut off by Ye Yuan.

“Since it’s a battle, you have to be attentive. You will suffer a huge loss with your mind being preoccupied with other things!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Xue Hongfei’s expression flickered erratically. Gritting his teeth, he suddenly roared, “Starfire Ablazing Prairie! Go to hell!”

This move, Ye Yuan had experienced before from his son, Xue Zaihe.

However, when Xue Hongfei unleashed it at this time, the power could not be mentioned in the same breath.

Xue Hongfei compressed the essence fire within his body to the extreme, then abruptly exploded it. It was sufficient to eradicate any powerhouse under Ninth Level Divine Traversing!

But sadly, Ye Yuan was half-step Divine Traversing Realm 1 right now!

“Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage!”

Ye Yuan already utilized this move to the extent of mastery. Unleashing with half-step Divine Traversing strength, it actually scattered Xue Hongfei’s Starfire Ablazing Prairie in all directions instantly!


This punch smashed heavily onto Xue Hongfei’s body!

A peak Ninth Level Divine Traversing powerhouse actually could not last one move under Ye Yuan’s hands!

Xue Hongfei who received this punch was already severely wounded.

Ye Yuan floated down gently beside him and flashed him a grin. An incomparably overbearing divine soul attack abruptly attacked towards Xue Hongfei’s sea of consciousness!

“Soul Searching Art!”

Ye Yuan tore open Xue Hongfei’s sea of consciousness tyrannically, wanting to carry out a soul search on Xue Hongfei.

But right then, Xue Hongfei suddenly gave a wretched cry!