Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 688

Chapter 688 Zhou Yan

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Ye Yuan’s expression changed and instantly pulled back his divine sense.

Xue Hongfei gave a miserable cry, then his legs went stiff and did not move any longer.

Evidently, Xue Hongfei was already deader than dead.

That moment just now, Ye Yuan wanted to use Soul Searching Art on Xue Hongfei, but Xue Hongfei’s divine soul gave off an extremely terrifying aura.

Following that, his divine soul was directly ground up.

If not for Ye Yuan retreating in time, he would probably be affected too.

“Ye Yuan, what is it?” Ye Qing and Yue Mengli also detected Ye Yuan’s oddness and came forward to ask.

Ye Yuan frowned and said, “I originally wanted to search his soul, wanting to see if there’s information about my parents. I didn’t expect that his divine soul had restrictions placed by people. The moment I executed the Soul Searching Art, it immediately triggered the restrictions, and his soul disintegrated.”

Yue Mengli was slightly surprised as she said, “This person’s strength absolutely belongs to the apex existences in the Lower Realms. How could he possibly willingly have people lay down such restrictions?”

Soul disintegrating was being unable to enter the natural cycle of samsara. Even if there were only a glimmer of hope to survive, the martial artist would also not possibly be willing to have people lay down such restrictions.

Furthermore, Xue Hongfei’s strength was even stronger than ordinary Ninth Level Divine Traversings. Who could compel him to have this kind of restriction laid down?

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “He should have had the restrictions placed by people under circumstances where he was unaware! This sort of method is very covert. With his strength, he’s simply unable to detect it.”

Yue Mengli could not help being surprised when she heard that, “To be able to place restrictions on the divine soul of an Eighth Level Divine Traversing, even that Zhao Tianyin can’t accomplish that either, right?”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and silently acknowledged Yue Mengli’s conjecture.

Even though Zhao Tianyin was a Boundless Realm powerhouse, to want to place such restrictions on the divine soul of Xue Hongfei without a sound, it simply could not be done.

“Heh, looks like this Fierce Gale World’s upper echelons was most likely controlled by people behind the scenes long ago! If my conjectures are right, Zhao Tianyin is also merely a chess piece,” Ye Yuan said with a cold smile.

“This . . . Zhao Tianyin is a Boundless Realm martial artist. If even he is being controlled . . .” Yue Mengli was very astonished by Ye Yuan’s conjecture.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “This matter probably can’t shake off relations with the Divine Realm. It’s just that, no idea what force is manipulating behind, and also what kind of objective there is. These people stirring up so many things in the Lower Realms, what they are coveting is probably huge. Looks like these few years, the Divine Realm isn’t that calm either!”

Those years during the previous life’s Ye Yuan was at the Divine Realm, the various top forces were basically all in a state of equilibrium.

Even if there were clashes occasionally, it was also just some small issues.

The Medicine King Hall’s destruction was likely the most sensational thing that happened these few years in the Divine Realm.

Yet, there were people inciting a war between two worlds and collecting sanguine power. What they were coveting was probably not small!

Ye Yuan guessed that such an incident happening between the Fierce Gale World and Endless World was likely not an exception.

In the other small worlds, there were probably also quite a number of such incidents that happened.

But even if he had some conjectures, Ye Yuan was also strong in will, only lacking in power right now.

His strength had already roughly reached the pinnacle in the Lower Realms. But when placed in the Divine Realm, it was just the start.

Much still remained to be done!

. . . . . .

Three days later, the great battle was concluded!

Chu Shi led the Tranquil Cloud Sect great army and pursued for a distance of ten thousand miles, eliminating nearly half of the Fierce Gale World martial artists!

The moment a sovereign was enraged, corpses floated for ten thousand miles!

The present Ye Yuan was already the Endless World’s well-deserving sovereign!

Through this battle, the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s fame exploded in the entire Endless World, immediately spreading throughout the entire Endless World.

Fully exterminating twenty over Fierce Gale World Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses! Defeating the Fierce Gale World’s million strong great army with a 40 thousand army!

Who else in the Endless World could create such glorious military exploits apart from Ye Yuan?

And just as Ye Yuan expected, through this campaign, the Endless World martial artists’ confidence was established once again. Major and minor forces everywhere emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain.

These forces carried out frenzied counterattacks on the Fierce Gale World. For some time, the Endless World became battlefronts everywhere.

Of course, this battle made the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s reputation soar even more. The forces and itinerant cultivators that came forth to join the Tranquil Cloud Sect were too many to count.

But Ye Yuan was not concerned with these mundane affairs. There were naturally people like Chu Shi they all to go and manage.

This Deer Cry City was just a temporary residential place. Ye Yuan’s thoughts were still placed on Wu Fang City.

Recuperating for a few days, Ye Yuan gave the order for the army to set off and rush straight for Wu Fang City!

The night before the army moved out, the moon was bright with few stars. Ye Yuan was currently enjoying this hard to come by peace.

“Ye Yuan, you don’t have to worry. Uncle and Aunty, they are good people who will be blessed by heaven. They will be fine!”

Yue Mengli was a quick-witted girl. Even though Ye Yuan did not show it all along these few days, she knew that Ye Yuan’s inner heart was anxious constantly.

If not for this, with Ye Yuan’s disposition, he would not let Chu Shi they all be so heavy-handed towards the Fierce Gale World’s great army either.

Ye Yuan shook his head and sighed as he said, “I secretly swore in my heart before, to not let my kin suffer any harm again. Yet . . . I still didn’t accomplish it in the end.”

Yue Mengli said, “You’ve already done sufficiently well! Zhao Tianyin they all are the main culprits! It was all my fault. If I knew it would be like this long ago, I should have directly killed him back then!”

Ye Yuan turned around to look at Yue Mengli. He said with a smile, “Li-er, you’re thoughtful and understanding. How can this matter be blamed on you? I know that you wanted to leave Zhao Tianyin for me to dispose of personally. I can’t even wait to thank you, why would I blame you?”

Yue Mengli’s face turned red, but said, “These few days, I see that you have no appetite for food and drinks. I’m really quite worried about you. Some things, saying it out might be a little more alleviating instead.”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Thanks a lot for Li-er’s concern. I’m fine.”

Ye Yuan looked straight at Yue Mengli, but it made a blush appear on her face, and she could not resist nodding and lowering her eyebrows in an obeisant manner.

Under the contrast of the moonlight, Yue Mengli’s beauty was unparalleled.

Even Ye Yuan also had no choice but to admit that this woman made him somewhat moved.

For a moment, the atmosphere became rather ambiguous.

“Heh, to dare snatch my, Zhou Yan’s, woman, really tired of living!”

Not far away, a youth tore apart the void directly and revealed his figure, thoroughly shattering this ambiguous atmosphere.

And that thick jealousy and killing intent in his words could not be concealed no matter what.

Ye Yuan and Yue Mengli’s expressions changed at the same time. Someone was spying on them in the void, and not a single one of them actually discovered it!

“Zhou Yan! Why is it you?!” Yue Mengli turned pale with fear.

Zhou Yan did not pay attention to Yue Mengli. Instead, his gaze stared dead at Ye Yuan.

Facing this Zhou Yan, Ye Yuan practically felt like he was almost asphyxiating. The other party’s might was simply not what the present Ye Yuan could contend with!

Zhou Yan looked at Ye Yuan. A bundle of flames suddenly leaped out from his eyes!


Yue Mengli screamed in fear and unleashed the power of the Moonlight Heavenly Eye without any hesitation!


Even with the power of the Moonlight Heavenly Eye neutralizing, it still did not block this attack of Zhou Yan’s. The air around Ye Yuan suddenly exploded, blasting him flying out directly.


Ye Yuan clutched his chest and spat out a mouthful of blood immediately.