Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Visiting Together!

Early morning, the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion started theirbusiness as usual. Except, it remained deserted like before.

Feng San sat on a wooden armchair and held a book as he leisurely read.

He was bored out of his mind these past few days. He worked in the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion for so many years, and it was always so busy that it made him dizzy. He constantly wanted to find time to relax.

Now that he actually had free time, Feng San felt completely uncomfortable.

His eyes were on the book, but his heart was not.

What made Feng San curious was about Young Master Ye Yuan. Yesterday after he came back from the alchemist test, he was utterly exhausted. What medicinal pill did he refine to be so drained?

What made him even more curious was that half-way through the night, Ye Yuan came out full of vigor. He even recovered most of his essence energy.

Afterward, Young Master brought Lu-er back to the Dan Wu Academy that very night . . .

Did Young Master get into trouble again, and returned to the academy to avoid a disaster?

But Young Master went to the Alchemist Association yesterday. He could not have turned the Alchemist Association upside down, right?

The more Feng San thought about it, the more he felt it was so. With Young Master's former personality, he could seriously do something like that.

Did Young Master 'get well' for a few days, and went back to his old habits again?

Just as Feng San's imagination was running wild, several old men entered the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion.

Even though the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion's business had become slow, there were still some people coming and going. After all, they conducted business fairly.

Feng San did not pay any heed to the few people who came in and continued staring blankly at the book in his hands. There were naturally attendants to take care of these small matters.

"Are you the shopkeeper? The three of us wish to request an interview with Mister Ye Hang about something. Please pass the word," one of the old men said.

Only then did Feng San gave him a glance lazily. But this glance made him jump in shock because the three stars on these three old men's chests were too blinding!

Two of the old men had red color badges on their chest, while the three-star badge of the old man in the center was actually golden!

Three Alchemy Grandmasters came here together!

The Alchemist Association would distinguish alchemists of the same star by using color. Blue as low-rank, red as middle-rank, and golden as high-rank!

In the entire State of Qin, only one person possessed a golden badge. That person was the Alchemist Association's Lord Chairman, Wu Daofeng!

The identities of the other two people were almost certainly Deputy Chairman Wang Jinfu and Deputy Chairman Sun Jianming!

The three major heads with the greatest weight in the entire State of Qin's alchemy world came forth together. What major event happened?!

Feng San hastily got up, went in front of the three to give a deep bow, and he asked respectfully, "This lowly one welcomes the three Lords! May I ask why the three Lords are looking for the owner?"

"Oh? You know who we are?" Wang Jinfu felt very pleased with Feng San's attitude.

Feng San hurriedly said, "You must be joking, my Lord. Even though this lowly one has never seen the three Lords, I still have some knowledge. Who could don those badges other than the three Lords?"

"Haha. This Shopkeeper is indeed very considerate. No wonder Mister Ye Hang placed you in an important position. The three of us came here for Ye Yuan, and we wish to meet with your boss. Could you pass the message?"

Wang Jinfu was very courteous with his words, but Feng San's mind was blown!

Recalling Ye Yuan's unusual action yesterday night, he immediately felt a chill down his spine.

That rascal really acted up again!

This time around, even Lord Wu Daofeng personally came to call him to account. Ye Yuan was poking a hole in the sky!

Wu Daofeng had always been living a secluded life. Just how much trouble did that punk, Ye Yuan, cause to alarm this major figure!

The Drunken Star Manor's issue already left them bruised and battered. Now, there was the Alchemist Association. Did the heavens really want the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion to perish?

Wu Daofeng kept quiet all this time. But seeing Feng San space out, he could not help asking, "Shopkeeper, is there any difficulty?"

Feng San recovered from his stupor, and then he pulled a long face and said, "My apologies, three Lords. Our owner entered a death-seclusion a few days ago. I'm afraid . . . he won't be coming out soon."

After saying that, Feng San's heart palpitated and could not resist sneaking a peek at Wu Daofeng. He discovered that the three of them exchanged glances, which revealed a deep disappointment.

Feng San was a little curious. Looking at the three of them, it did not look like they were here to confront?

But if they did not come to confront about something, then why did the three of them come together?

Feng San was utterly baffled.

"Then . . . is your Young Master, Ye Yuan, around? We can also look for him!" Right then, Wang Jinfu opened his mouth.

Feng San felt a little guilty as he gave in. "Three lords, Young Master returned to the academy yesterday night."

The three people exchanged looks again. Wang Jinfu shook his head and sighed. "Looks like that punk is intentionally hiding from us! How can that fellow, Jiang Yunhe, let Ye Yuan go after he returns to the academy?"

Wu Daofeng seemed to be pondering, but no one knew what he was thinking about either. After some time, he said, "Shopkeeper, don't let your imagination run wild. We actually came here today to deliver Ye Yuan's badge. He passed the Alchemist Association's test yesterday. Since he's not around, then we will pass the badge to you. I have to trouble shopkeeper to personally go down and deliver this to Ye Yuan's hands."

When Feng San heard deliver badge, he immediately relaxed. So Young Master really became promising, to have passed the Alchemy Apprentice test. At least the owner had a successor now.

However, he quickly grew suspicious again. It was just a badge. Why would it trouble the three major heads of the association to personally deliver it?

Was delivering the badge a pretense and finding the owner to discuss a major matter was the actual intent instead?

Thinking about it, there was only this possibility. After all, Ye Yuan was a junior. There was no way the three major heads would be dispatched.

Although Ye Hang was not qualified yet, because of the Drunken Star Manor's Essence Gathering Pill, the entire situation in the capital had become abnormal. It was also understandable for these three major figures to come and find Ye Hang.

After all, Ye Hang was also an Alchemy Grandmaster, an important figure in the capital.

Connecting the dots, Feng San felt like he finally understood the other party's purpose of visit. He quickly said, "No trouble, no trouble at all! To be of service for the three Lords is this lowly one's honor. I will go to the Dan Wu Academy right away and personally hand this badge over to Young Master."

"Jinfu, give the badge to the shopkeeper," Wu Daofeng said calmly.

"This . . . Why don't we go down personally? In case . . ." Wang Jinfu did not take out the badge right away and was somewhat hesitant.

"No need. The association has never interfered with local affairs. We can't break this rule. With our status, it's not appropriate for us to appear at the Dan Wu Academy. Don't worry. In terms of alchemy, who can compare to the Alchemist Association?" Wu Daofeng said.

Wang Jinfu's eyes lit up. "Lord Chairman is still more foresighted. This old one understands."

Finishing his words, Wang Jinfu retrieved the badge, and then he handed it over to Feng San. He said, "We have to trouble you, Shopkeeper. However, please don't reveal this matter of you delivering the badge. Although this matter can't be hidden for long, every moment counts."

Feng San was confused. It was just an Alchemy Apprentice badge. Why were these lords taking it so seriously? Was this not blowing things out of proportion?

However, when his two eyes landed on the badge in Wang Jinfu's hands, they became wide circles as his eyes were involuntarily glued to the badge.

Only to see that two stars were sewn on that blue color badge!

I-isn't this an Alchemy Master's badge?

Was there a mistake?!