Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 691

Chapter 691 Im Coming Right In

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“Family Head, that Ye Yuan has been pressing on with an overwhelming momentum the entire way. He is already closing in on Wu Fang City!”

At the City Lord Manor of Wu Fang City, Shangguan Wenrui was sitting composedly. A Shangguan Family’s Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse was currently reporting the movements of Ye Yuan’s great army at this time.

Shangguan Wenrui smiled and said, “Just a puny little Ye Yuan. No matter how strong he is, can he still match our ten great half-step Boundless powerhouses?”

That subordinate was rather perplexed. Family Head was clearly still burning with anxiety yesterday. Why did he have an indifferent appearance today?

The news of the million strong great army being defeated was transmitted over. The entire Wu Fang City was on tenterhooks.

As the main commander invading the Endless World, Shangguan Wenrui was like an ant on a hot pan a few days back, pacing around anxiously.

In Ye Yuan’s great army had two powerhouses with unfathomable strength. Just using one attack, they obliterated all the Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses.

This was the news brought back by the great army which came back in defeat.

In comparison, the news of Ye Yuan killing Xue Hongfei alone did not appear that astounding.

Very clearly, what Shangguan Wenrui dreaded were those two mighty powerhouses!

But what kind of situation was this today?

“Family Head, according to what the troops who came back in defeat said, those two powerhouses’ strength were overwhelming. Annihilating Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses doesn’t need the slightest effort at all. Could it be that . . . Family Head isn’t worried at all?” The subordinate could not help asking curiously.

Shangguan Wenrui stroked his beard and said with a smile, “Powerhouse? What powerhouse? Hahaha . . .”

“. . . . . .”

The subordinate was speechless. He really could not figure out where Family Head’s confidence came from.

“Alright, you set your mind at ease! Wait until Ye Yuan comes, I’ll definitely make him never return!” Shangguan Wenrui said with a loud chortle.

. . . . . .

Several days later, Ye Yuan pressed on all the way like splitting a bamboo, routing the Fierce Gale World great army along the way utterly. Finally, the army approached Wu Fang City.

Currently, this grand and magnificent large city was still the same city, but no longer held by the same people.

Ye Yuan initially thought that along the way, there would be experts from the Three Sects coming over to join him.

However, such a long time passed, but Ye Yuan did not encounter a single person. This made a trace of foreboding premonition arise in his heart.

His commotion along the way was massive. Logically speaking, there had to be some powerhouses who heard the news and came over.

Then there were only two types of possibilities. One was that they went to hide in an extremely remote place and were unable to obtain the Endless World’s news. The other type was . . . These people were already completely wiped out, maybe even . . .

The last type of outcome, Ye Yuan did not even dare to go and think.

If it really happened, then even if he skinned Zhao Tianyin alive, it made no difference too.

The top of Wu Fang City’s walls, an elderly person was facing Ye Yuan across a distance. It was precisely Shangguan Wenrui.

“Ye Yuan, I really didn’t expect that in just a short two to three year’s time, you actually have the qualifications to be on equal footing with me already! Even though I don’t know why His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, wanted to let you go back then, without a doubt, that was the greatest mistake that he made!” Shangguan Wenrui said.

“Oh? Looks like my battle with Zhao Chenggan back then, you were watching the fight by the side too?” Ye Yuan figured out the links in-between very quickly.

Shangguan Wenrui did not have the intention of hiding either. He nodded his head and said, “That’s right! With your talent, if we can’t become friends, you must be erased! I thought that with His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, moving out personally, you were dead for sure. Who knew that later on, news actually spread out that you escaped alive, making me quite astonished!”

Ye Yuan said with a cold smile, “Not that Zhao Tianyin didn’t want to, but he couldn’t accomplish it! However . . . wait until I take care of you all. I’ll naturally go and find him to settle this score!”

Shangguan Wenrui laughed and said, “Huhu, at this sort of time, do you still want to assume the majesty of the tiger? Your natural endowments are pretty good, but your cultivation realm is still a little low in the end. Do you think that you can contend with the entire Fierce Gale World by yourself?”

Ye Yuan was stupefied and said rather bewilderedly, “Assuming the majesty of the tiger?”

Shangguan Wenrui only took it as Ye Yuan playing the fool and said with a smile, “Those two mighty experts by your side are already not around. Just the likes of you, a peak Ninth Level Soul Sea, want to overturn the raging tides? Heroes are not that easy to be!”

Ye Yuan’s expression changed when he heard that and said, “So, in between this still had Zhao Tianyin playing tricks! And I was wondering . . . Looks like this feud is growing deeper!”

These few days, Ye Yuan found it odd all along how Zhou Yan found Yue Mengli.

Didn’t think that there was actually still Zhao Tianyin’s work in-between this!

Looks like he was fearful of Yue Mengli, so he thought of a way to inform the Divine Realm first.

Yue Mengli’s Moonlight Heavenly Eye was too conspicuous and very easy to identify.

Even if Zhao Tianyin did not recognize the Moonlight Heavenly Eye, the Divine Realm people behind him definitely knew.

Therefore, there was that spectacle several days back!

This Zhao Tianyin was truly abominable to the extreme!

Shangguan Wenrui smiled and said, “Truly, the young ones are unbridled! Just based on your current strength, could it be that you wish to contend with a Boundless Realm powerhouse?”

Ye Yuan already recovered his cool at this time and said nonchalantly, “That isn’t what you should worry about. You better think about how to cross this hurdle today!”

Shangguan Wenrui burst into laughter and said, “Without those two super powerhouses, I really don’t know where your self-confidence comes from, to dare be so cocky in front of me! You take a look at who they are!”

Shangguan Wenrui showed a hand gesture. A group of people was brought up to the top of the city walls.

When Ye Yuan saw that group of people, his expression involuntarily darkened!

Ren Xingchun, Qin Hongtao, Ning Yixian, Jing Xuan . . . One familiar face after another made Ye Yuan’s face unable to resist convulsing.

When his gaze landed on the last person, he could not help being stunned.

Qi Hai!

Qi Hai was a half-step Boundless Realm powerhouse. He actually fell into the enemy’s hands in Wu Fang City too?

Was the Fierce Gale World’s strength this formidable?

But Ye Yuan knew that Shangguan Wenrui was a genuine half-step Boundless Realm!

Ye Yuan looked at those formerly high and mighty Endless World powerhouses on the top of city walls. They actually all ended up as the Fierce Gale World’s captives!

Each and every one of them had their dantians sealed currently and were trussed up tightly. Don’t talk about how embarrassing that appearance was.

Shangguan Lingyun pointed at those people behind and said coolly, “Shangguan Yunrong and Shangguan Lingyun both died at your hands. Because of you, my Shangguan Family’s strength had heavy losses. The heaven has eyes, to send you in front of me!”

Shangguan Wenrui was clearly that sort of people with extremely scheming minds. Even though he hated Ye Yuan tremendously already, he was calm and collected when speaking. One could not perceive the rage in his heart at all.

Only now did Ye Yuan know that turns out this old man in front of him was the Shangguan Family’s Family Head.

Shangguan Wenrui said with a smile, “Ye Yuan, do you see this Wu Fang City’s grand array? Why don’t we play a game, how about that?”

Ye Yuan did not speak, quietly waiting for what followed, wanting to take a look at what this fellow was trying to accomplish.

Seeing that Ye Yuan did not reply, Shangguan Wenrui continued, “This Wu Fang City’s grand array was left by the Grand Yan True Sect who sealed the realm passageway back then. Its might is incomparably powerful! Starting from now, I’ll kill a person every ten breaths of time, all the way until you breach the grand array. How is it?”

Ye Yuan was stunned. Was this guy a moron . . .

“You don’t need to count. I’m coming right in!” Ye Yuan’s indifferent voice sounded out.