Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 692

Chapter 692 Pummeling All The Same

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Ye Yuan’s figure suddenly vanished on the spot. When it appeared again, it actually arrived in front of Ren Xingchun they all already!

The city protecting grand array which Shangguan Wenrui pinned high hopes on actually did not have the slightest effect!

The falling petals which covered the skies drifted about. Those Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses guarding the prisoners were directly obliterated by Ye Yuan like this!

Then, Ye Yuan’s mind stirred, putting these people away into the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

All of this was done in the time it took for sparks to fly off a piece of flint. Shangguan Wenrui was still in shock and actually did not react in time.

One had to know that in order to crack this Wu Fang City’s grand array, they had prepared for a very long time. Furthermore, they did not leak any information at all beforehand, dispatching ten great half-step Boundless Realm powerhouses for a surprise raid, before breaching the grand array.

After the matter, they mobilized over ten Tier 5 array masters before restoring this grand array.

Even though it did not reach the power when it was at its peak, it at least had 80% power too!

But this grand array actually could not even accomplish stopping Ye Yuan for a moment?

This . . . Surely this is all a dream, right?

“People have to pay the price for their own stupidity! The thing that you rely on is utterly worthless before me!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“This . . . How is this possible?” Shangguan Wenrui was still unbelievably shocked right now.

Ye Yuan said, “You know that this grand array was left behind by the Grand Yan True Sect, but you don’t know that the Grand Yan True Sect’s legacy is in my hands! How can a mere city protecting grand array stop me?”

“What? You . . . You acquired the Grand Yan True Sect’s inheritance!” Shangguan Wenrui exclaimed in shock.

The Shangguan Wenrui at this moment was like a clown.

He wanted to let Ye Yuan see his kin and friends die one by one in front of him, that sort of pain. But then he discovered that he was actually lifting a rock to smash his own feet.

This sect protecting grand array was even worse than paper!

How could Shangguan Wenrui have thought that all of the Grand Yan True Sect’s grand arrays were born from the Array Formations Three Volumes?

Although this city protecting grand array was a Quasi-Tier 6 grand array, it was still only a part of the Array Formations Three Volumes.

How could such a thing stop Ye Yuan’s footsteps?

Shangguan Wenrui had the bearing of a fierce and ambitious person too. After the shock, he calmed down very quickly and said with a cold snort, “Humph! So what even if you acquired the Grand Yan True Sect’s inheritance? Today, this Wu Fang City will be your burial ground! All come out for me!”

Nine figures suddenly flew out from inside the city, bringing an outrageous aura.

These nine figures were actually all half-step Boundless Realm!

Half-step Boundless was absolutely an existence which showed disdain on all life in the Endless World. This point, just think about how powerful Qi Hai was back then and one would know.

But now, ten of such half-step Boundless powerhouses actually came out all at once. Such a line-up was seriously too extravagant.

Only at this time did Ye Yuan know why even Qi Hai could not escape.

Previously, he heard that it was ten great peak Ninth Level Divine Traversing powerhouses who suddenly raided Wu Fang City. Ye Yuan was still rather uncertain.

Looking at it now, it was simply an error in the rumors!

Wu Fang City’s fall was too sudden. The titans in the city were rounded up in one fell sweep. No accurate news was spread out at all.

The intel spread out were all derived through countless times of development.

In the eyes of the Endless World martial artists, ten peak Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses were already absolutely powerful existences under this heaven.

How could they imagine that the Fierce Gale World actually had ten half-step Boundless Realm powerhouses?

Such a line-up, those martial artists passing on the message did not even dare to think about it.

Ten half-step Boundless Realms joining hands to crack the array, how was there the logic of this Wu Fang City’s city protecting grand array not cracking?

Wu Fang City’s history was even longer than the Grand Yan True Sect’s. In the era where the Grand Yan True Sect dominated the Endless World, Wu Fang City spent a huge sum to invite the Grand Yan True Sect to lay down the city protecting grand array anew.

However, even though this city protecting grand array was powerful, it could not possibly stop ten half-step Boundless Realm powerhouses too.

Even in the Grand Yan True Sect’s era, the Endless World could not bring out such a horrifying line-up either.

“Ye Yuan, looks like I still really underestimated you! However, it ends here too!” Shangguan Wenrui said.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “I already said, you have to pay the price for your stupidity! Do you think that I’m able to stand here merely by relying on the strength of those two friends? Today, I’ll let you know how much more you’ve bitten off than you can chew!”

“Hahaha . . . I want to see just how you let me know that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew! Do you think that you can beat our ten half-step Boundless Realms with your strength alone?”

Ten half-step Boundless Realms. Even this was an absolutely powerful force when placed in the Fierce Gale World, let alone to talk about dealing with a peak Ninth Level Soul Sea brat.

Ye Yuan’s heroic words, in his view, was synonymous with not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth.

“Heh heh, a couple of half-step Boundless Realms that relied on sanguine power to train. What difference is there from paper tigers?”

Ye Yuan said with a faint smile. His figure vanished on the spot once more, speeding towards one of the half-step Boundless Realm with extreme speed!

While revolving his skill, Ye Yuan suddenly released his aura fully. Origin Spirit Nine Transformations instantly erupted, breaking through to half-step Divine Traversing Realm!

“Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage!”

Ye Yuan roared; his fist already arrived!

Ye Yuan’s momentum was immensely great. But half-step Boundless Realms were half-step Boundless Realms. Their reactions naturally could not be compared to ordinary people either.

That half-step Boundless Realm likewise hurled a fist out. The two attacks underwent a frontal collision directly in the air!


Ye Yuan’s figure abruptly stopped like a fixed spring, while that half-step Boundless Realm powerhouses was actually smacked down by Ye Yuan from the air directly, smashing heavily onto the ground.

The might of one fist was overwhelming to the max!

Seeing this punch of Ye Yuan, Shangguan Wenrui’s expression could not help changing.

He did not expect that Ye Yuan’s strength was actually daunting to this sort of extent!

Just Ninth Level Soul Sea and he could actually occupy the absolute initiative in a showdown with a half-step Boundless Realm powerhouse already!

Only at this time did Shangguan Wenrui realize that this young man before his eyes truly had the strength to threaten his life!

If he faced off with him directly just now, what the outcome would be like was really hard to tell!

Ye Yuan looked at Shangguan Wenrui and said coolly, “These few fellows all forcefully promoted their strength. Only essence energy reached the realm of half-step Boundless. Concepts comprehension doesn’t reach the standard at all. Doing this not only diminishes longevity, but their cultivation in this lifetime will also end here. If I can’t even beat this sort of trash, how could I dare to enter the grand array alone?”

Shangguan Wenrui’s expression flickered erratically.

He really did not think that Ye Yuan’s strength was actually even stronger than half-step Boundless!

In his view, Ye Yuan was at most able to deal with Ninth Level Divine Traversing martial artists. Half-step Boundless and Ninth Level Divine Traversing were two entirely different concepts.

Ye Yuan’s glorious military exploits previously were all borrowing Ye Qing and Yue Mengli, the two people’s strength and completely not his own true power.

Seeing Ye Yuan’s strength with his own eyes now, how could he not be alarmed?

“Is that so? Even if they forcefully increased their strength, they are also authentic half-step Boundless Realm powerhouses! Even if one can’t beat you, then how about . . . the ten of us?” Shangguan Wenrui said with a cold smile.

Ye Yuan flashed a bright grin and said, “Beat you all up the same!”