Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 693

Chapter 693 Blood Prison Cage

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“A creature who doesn’t know life from death! I’ll let you see what’s called a genuine half-step Boundless Realm!”

Shangguan Wenrui gave a cold laugh. His aura was fully released abruptly.

Different from those nine people, Shangguan Wenrui was a genuine half-step Boundless Realm expert whose strength was on par with Qi Hai’s.

Back then when Qi Hai sneaked into the Shangguan Wenrui, he was wary of Shangguan Wenrui’s existence.

Boundless Realm powerhouses controlled a small area of heaven and earth!

Even though a half-step Boundless Realm could not achieve control, in this small area of heaven and earth, they were a demi-god like existence too.

With a wave of a hand, the essence energy quantity that Shangguan Wenrui mustered was entirely not what ordinary Divine Traversing Realm martial artists could compare to!

“The nine of you, attack together with me and crush this brat directly!” Shangguan Wenrui said in a solemn voice.

Right at this present moment, how could he still dare to look down on Ye Yuan?

Ye Yuan already used his own actions to prove his might.

“Yes, Lord Shangguan!”

Even though those nine people were half-step Boundless Realm experts, they seemed to obey Shangguan Wenrui’s every word.

Under Shangguan Wenrui’s command, the nine people surrounded Ye Yuan from different directions, blocking all of Ye Yuan’s escape routes.

Of course, Ye Yuan did not move.

With his speed, wanting to escape these nine people’s containment was still very easy to accomplish.

Although these nine people were all half-step Boundless Realm, in terms of speed, they simply could not reach Ye Yuan’s speed. Rather, even Shangguan Wenrui could barely contend with Ye Yuan a little in speed.

Of course, that was also because he was an authentic half-step Boundless Realm powerhouses. In terms of cultivation realm, he was a major realm higher than Ye Yuan!

“Huhu, these sort of trash, what difference is there between one and nine?” Ye Yuan said coolly.

It was only to see his figure move, attacking like lightning!

Ye Yuan’s movements were incomparably strange. In a blink of an eye, he unleashed over ten punches!

Nine great half-step Boundless Realms were actually being held down and beaten by Ye Yuan alone!

Ye Yuan’s Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage was incomparably savage. Each blow had overwhelming momentum and immense power.

If not for those nine great half-step Boundless Realm powerhouses relying on their essence energy being thick, they would have long been beaten into minced meat by Ye Yuan!

Seeing this sort of situation, how could Shangguan Wenrui still put up with it?

“Sovereign Extreme Sword Art!”

The moment the sword came out, a fierce and sharp sword qi headed straight for Ye Yuan’s back.

Ye Yuan was currently in the midst of a fierce battle with nine great half-step Boundless Realms but had some vigilance towards Shangguan Wenrui constantly.

Seeing him sneak attack, he silently cursed shameless in his heart, but drew the Xuanying Sword abruptly, turning around and stabbing over with a sword!

“Myriad Rain Sword Blades!”

Ye Yuan already had not used this move for a long time. But it did not mean that this move’s power was not strong!

On the contrary, along with the increase in his strength, the power of this Myriad Rain Sword Blades got increasingly more powerful!


It was an intense collision. The two attacks were actually evenly-matched!

“Heh, is this the pride of half-step Boundless? Hiding at the back and resorting to underhanded means?” Ye Yuan mocked.

Shangguan Wenrui’s face was already long cultivated to be thicker than a city wall. Hearing those words, he only said nonchalantly, “The victor becomes king and the loser a bandit. As long as I kill you, what does it matter what method was used?”

Ye Yuan sneered and said, “Truly, villains work in cahoots with each other! You people and Zhao Tianyin are simply a perfect match! I heard that your Shangguan Family was the previous generation’s Wind Emperor. Now, being a lackey is also done with no qualms of conscience either!”

Shangguan Wenrui’s expression fell. Ye Yuan’s words clearly struck him where it hurt.

The Shangguan Family was a family that was abandoned. He was totally unable to resist Zhao Tianyin’s domineeringness.

If the Shangguan Family really had any intentions of not submitting, Zhao Tianyin would absolutely exterminate the Shangguan Family’s entire clan with merciless means!

Therefore, what Shangguan Wenrui could do was to nurture the next generation to the best of his abilities and make him win in the competition for the Wind Emperor, and seize back the position of wind emperor.

Who knew that the Shangguan Lingyun he groomed painstakingly actually died at Ye Yuan’s hands. How could he not hate?

“Enough nonsense! Do you think that the nine of them are really as feeble as you imagine? Heh heh, bring out your true capabilities and let this brat have a look!” Shangguan Wenrui suddenly grinned hideously and said.

Once those nine half-step Boundless Realm experts received the order, the sanguine power in their bodies suddenly erupted.

Each person was giving off a sinister red light all around their bodies. Those red light actually condensed to form a complete entity in the air, forming an enormous ball-shaped barrier, directly enveloping Ye Yuan inside!

Thick sanguine power leaked out, corroding over straight towards Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan’s expression could not help changing. He sensed that the circulation of essence energy within his body seemed to have become stagnant!

“Hahaha! Enjoy the Blood Prison Cage well! Do you feel that your essence energy is somewhat not listening to your orders? Not only can this Blood Prison Cage resonate with the surrounding essence energy and the essence energy within your body, but it can also even boost the nine of their strength tremendously! To be able to force them to use this move, you can also be sufficiently proud!” Shangguan Wenrui said with a big laugh.

Ye Yuan’s expression darkened. His figure moved, wanting to break free from this area of red domain.

Yet, he suddenly discovered that his speed actually could not be mustered up!

Three figures were actually even faster than his speed, directly sealing off his exits shut!


Ye Yuan directly engaged in a blow with the three people and was actually struck until his innards were in a turmoil!

These nine people’s strength seemed to have really rose a great deal!

This Blood Prison Cage was indeed incomparably bizarre!

Ye Yuan fastidiously sensed it a bit. Indeed, he discovered that his connection with the surrounding heaven & earth essence energy became much weaker.

This also signified that his offensive power would weaken substantially!

As for movement technique, without the support of essence energy, it would naturally be much weaker as well.

Looks like these nine people were also not absolutely without merit. This move was indeed unbelievably daunting. Falling into it was practically a certain death situation.

“Ye Yuan, this taste of waiting for death, how is it?” Shangguan Wenrui said delightedly.

Ye Yuan gave him an indifferent glance and said, “You all invaded the Endless World, collected sanguine power, to use for raising your own powers! This kind of utterly devoid of conscience actions, heaven won’t take you guys in, I, Ye Yuan, will put you away!”

“Humph! Stubborn fellow! I want to see just what you rely on to take us away! Kill him for me!” Shangguan Wenrui said.

The nine people received the order and attacked Ye Yuan once more.

But this time, under their teamwork, their power increased greatly, and actually forced Ye Yuan back repeatedly!

If not for Ye Yuan comprehending the Concept of Wind Flow, he would probably be a corpse at this time already.

These nine people were seemingly nine devils who came from hell; filled with sanguine qi.

Even so, Ye Yuan was also in perilous danger all around and almost got hit many times.

“Hahaha! Ye Yuan, the taste of this Blood Prison Cage is nice, right? Even if your methods are immensely formidable, without strength to unleash them, aren’t you still a good-for-nothing? Yun-er was our Shangguan Family’s hope, and you actually dare to kill him! Today, I’ll send you off to be buried with Yun-er!”

Shangguan Wenrui unleashed his martial technique once more without any hesitation outside the Blood Prison Cage.

“Sovereign Extreme Sword Art!”

Still that martial technique. But this time, the power could not be mentioned in the same breath!

This was the Sovereign Extreme Sword Art’s ultimate move. Being executed by Shangguan Wenrui’s hands, the power was formidable until it made people feel asphyxiated!