Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 694

Chapter 694 Spirit Rank Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm

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A stream of flowing light tore through the sky, entering right into the Blood Prison Cage!

The might of this sword, even through the city protecting grand array, Chu Shi they all could clearly sense it too!

The full power attack of a half-step Boundless Realm powerhouse, the might was unimaginable!

Those people viewing the fight even felt the entire space trembling.

“Lord Ye Yuan!” When Chu Shi saw Ye Yuan in a hopeless situation, he yelled out at the top of his voice.

He leaped, wanting to rush into the grand array.

Yet, right at this time, a change suddenly occurred inside the Blood Prison Cage!

An azure streak of light gradually lit up from weak to strong. The red-colored light which originally suppressed Ye Yuan to the extreme actually became dim under this streak of azure light!


The sound of a clear dragon roar reverberated throughout the entire Wu Fang City!


A close-to-materializing azure colossal dragon soared up into the air, directly smashing the nine great half-step Boundless Realm experts surrounding Ye Yuan into meat paste!

But these nine people’s death were simply unable to stop this azure dragon in the slightest.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, that azure dragon met directly with that stream of light which tore through the sky, then collided fiercely together!


At this instant, the surrounding space virtually started to distort!

A massive aftershock spread out like a roaring wave, restraining all of the sounds in this world!

Those Fierce Gale World martial artists slightly closer were directly obliterated by this powerful aftershock without even letting out a tragic cry.

While the martial artists slightly further away were overturned by waves of air billows and did not have the strength to resist at all!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

All of a sudden, cracking sounds came from the city protecting grand array.

The power of these two attacks colliding actually made even the city protecting grand array fragment inch by inch!


The city protecting grand array finally collapsed with a loud bang under the impact of the shockwave!

The city protecting grand array which had lasted for thousands of years turned into dust just like this.

Yet, the contest between these two attacks had not ended yet.

The azure dragon was released by Ye Yuan after. But at this time, it pushed Shangguan Wenrui’s attack back!

Finally, this almost materialized azure dragon thoroughly crushed Shangguan Wenrui’s attack. Then, wrapped in a formidable power, it galloped towards Shangguan Wenrui!

Shangguan Wenrui was long frightened silly by Ye Yuan’s attack already!

This attack was too powerful!

Powerful until it made him, his half-step Boundless Realm give birth to fear in his heart!

Virtually without any hesitation, Shangguan Wenrui turned around and fled!

However, how could his speed compete against the azure dragon’s?

This azure dragon was seemingly something with a soul. It actually attacked Shangguan Wenrui with an even greater speed.


Shangguan Wenrui was directly ploughed into by the azure dragon’s colossal head!

He spat out a mouthful of blood with a cough, his body falling down weakly.

The nine great half-step Boundless Realms being killed, that terrifying Blood Prison Cage naturally collapsed on itself too.

Ye Yuan’s figure moved, arriving in front of Shangguan Wenrui.

“Give you a chance. Say my parents’ whereabouts, and I’ll make it painless for you! Don’t harbor any hopes of getting lucky in your heart. My methods of torturing people are absolutely much more horrifying than you imagine!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Hearing that voice of Ye Yuan’s which seemed to have come from the underworld, Shangguan Wenrui could not help shuddering.

He could discern that thick killing intent in Ye Yuan’s words.

However, Shangguan Wenrui was aware that he was certain to be killed, so he did not really mind Ye Yuan’s killing intent.

He never could have thought that Ye Yuan could unleash such a peerlessly powerful blow!

That attack earlier already infinitely approached Boundless Realm!

Right then just now, Shangguan Wenrui clearly perceived that the Heavenly Dao had a trace of undulation and almost rained down heavenly tribulation!

Shangguan Wenrui even felt that it was not that the might of this palm stopped here, but Ye Yuan deliberately suppressing the power and not letting it break through the limits of the Endless World?

If it was really like this, then Ye Yuan’s strength was simply too terrifying!

One could say that he was an invincible existence under Boundless Realm!

How could a Soul Sea Realm martial artist possibly unleash such a horrifying martial technique?

Spirit Rank Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!

That move earlier was precisely the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm released with spirit rank dragon wave that Ye Yuan comprehended recently.

Even before Ye Yuan comprehended it, he also did not expect that the spirit rank Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm would actually be so powerful!

Indeed, for the dragon race to be able to become the leader racial group among the demon races, they were not an ordinary kind of strong!

Ye Yuan seemed to have extraordinary talent in the comprehension of dragon wave.

Just before the army moved out this time, after Ye Yuan’s injuries healed, he finally broke through the shackles of Heaven Rank, achieving Spirit Rank dragon wave!

And Ye Yuan had a feeling that this spirit rank dragon wave seemed to be a watershed.

Between heaven rank and spirit rank was seemingly the division between immortal and mortal; the disparity was too great!

Earlier, Ye Yuan had indeed intentionally suppressed the power of the dragon wave. Otherwise, it would likely really draw the heavenly tribulation!

With Ye Yuan’s present strength, calling down the heavenly tribulation was no different from seeking death.

“H-Haha, what’s the harm in telling you. Your parents have already been sent to the Central Capital! If you have the capabilities, go to the Fierce Gale World and rescue them back!” Shangguan Wenrui said with his mouth full of blood.

Ye Yuan’s expression fell, and he thought to himself that it was indeed so!

“Looks like Zhao Tianyin had long guessed that I wouldn’t die that easily and wanted to use my parents to threaten me!” Ye Yuan said solemnly.

“Zhao Tianyin isn’t as simple as you think! Moreover, with your parents in his hands, you’re not his match at all! H-Haha, I know that you’ll definitely go and save your parents. Even if I can’t kill you, Zhao Tianyin will also kill you! Ye Yuan, you can’t escape the word, death, in the end!” Shangguan Wenrui cursed venomously.


Ye Yuan slapped a palm over again, ending Shangguan Wenrui’s life.

This fellow still did not forget to curse him when facing imminent death. Really did not know life from death.

But Ye Yuan had no choice but to admit that the current situation was rather troublesome, and he was also very worried about Ye Hang and Ren Hongling’s safety.

Zhao Tianyin this fellow indeed had the demeanor of a fierce and ambitious person!

Once he faced his adversary squarely, it was simply taking every conceivable possibility into account!

Now that Ye Hang and Ren Hongling landed in his hands, Ye Yuan was somewhat hesitant in taking action.

. . . . . .

In the City Lord Manor, Ye Yuan released all the saved people from inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda and removed the restrictions on their bodies one by one.

With Ye Yuan’s current strength, even if Qi Hai they all knew that the Vast Heaven Pagoda was in his hands, he did not need to worry about anything either.

This bit of restrictions was naturally not worth mentioning to him.

When Qi Hai and the rest saw Ye Yuan again, the shock in their hearts could be imagined.

Ye Yuan saved them on top of city walls and faced off with those ten great half-step Boundless Realm powerhouses.

Now that Ye Yuan appeared in the City Lord Manor, that was enough to explain everything!

Ye Yuan actually relied on his own strength and triumphed over ten great half-step Boundless Realm powerhouses?

This sort of battle result was seriously too astonishing!

Even by pouring in all of the Endless World’s strength, they were also unable to defeat those ten people.

But Ye Yuan was merely just at the peak Ninth Level Soul Sea right now, and he actually did it!

Just how formidable to what degree was the current Ye Yuan?!