Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 695

Chapter 695 True Dragon Heavenly Lord

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“Ye Yuan, apologies! I didn’t protect your father and mother well!”

Qi Hai’s words revealed thick self-condemnation in it.

He was the Endless World’s strongest person and also the Realmlord. He actually did not even detect the enemy’s intentions, and the old nest was wiped out all at once. It was indeed an action that was very derelict of one’s duties.

If it were in the past, even if Qi Hai had some self-reproach, he would not say it out like this either.

But now, Ye Yuan actually already matured into a martial artist much more powerful than him.

When facing Ye Yuan, Qi Hai’s tiny bit of superiority feeling already vanished without a trace.

The present Ye Yuan was the Endless World’s strongest person!

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “Forget it. Worrying over these now is not very useful either. Zhao Tianyin intentionally schemed against those who had no intention of doing so. Wu Fang City being breached is also something within expectations.”

Even Ye Yuan himself also did not think that Zhao Tianyin could actually create nine half-step Boundless Realm experts!

So from the very beginning, the outcome of Wu Fang City falling into the enemy’s hands was destined.

After everyone sat down, Ye Yuan sat at the seat of honor position.

There, represented the position of the strongest person!

“Now that the Fierce Gale World’s great army had severe losses in the Endless World, they already can’t stir up much of a wave anymore. From today onwards, you all start to proceed with counterattacks! But the Fierce Gale World’s loss is already fixed, and they have already suffered due punishment. So don’t commit too many killings. Those who are willing to surrender, gather them together first. Then group them up and send them back to the Fierce Gale World!’ Ye Yuan instructed with the bearing of a sovereign.

“Yes, Lord Ye Yuan!’ Ning Yixian clasped his hands and said.

Unknowingly, a change also occurred with Ning Yixian’s attitude towards Ye Yuan. Even the term of address changed.

This was the pressure that a true powerhouse gave people!

In the world of martial artists, it has always been the strong who reigned supreme.

Your strength is powerful, other people will submit to you wholeheartedly. Your strength is weak, others won’t even be inclined to give you a glance.

Regardless whether it was looking at strength or achievements, Ye Yuan was fully deserving of the word, ‘Lord.’

Before Ye Yuan exited the God Prohibited Demon Region, the Endless World could be said to have already been fully occupied by the enemy.

It was Ye Yuan overturning the raging tides alone, killing off all the strongest Fierce Gale World people in the Endless World!

This kind of strength, even thinking about it made people give rise to awe and reverence in their hearts.

Ye Yuan was not that sort of authentic aboriginal. He was formerly a high and lofty Alchemy Emperor. Towards these people’s changes in mentality, he did not have any discomfort, getting into character very naturally.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan knew that along with the increase in his strength, many friends that he could originally converse with would also gradually drift apart.

Loneliness at the peak was this logic.

Just like Long Tang, Nanfeng aunt and niece they all, they were originally all fellow apprentices at the same sect.

But now, even if Ye Yuan wanted to drop his attitude and get close to them, they would also feel unnatural.

This was the change in status brought by strength.

Even though Ye Yuan knew that Nanfeng aunt and niece already had their hearts committed to him, the disparity between their strength ordained that they were not people of the same world.

Of course, Ye Yuan was not that sort of people who forget their roots.

Since they were friends, Ye Yuan would definitely guide them a bit and let them have even more space to advance in the future.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and asked, “The places that the Fierce Gale World passed through were virtually all massacring the cities. But why was there not much killing when they breached Wu Fang City?”

Ye Yuan had a few simple glances in the city and discovered that Wu Fang City’s preservation was still considered pretty intact as if it did not get into a war. This made Ye Yuan very surprised.

Also, these people in front of him, Ye Yuan originally thought that they were pretty much done for. Who knew that they were only controlled.

That dumb Shangguan Wenrui actually even wanted to use them to threaten him.

“I’ve heard them talk about this before. They were planning on gathering us, these people, together, and choose a time to carry out a collective sacrifice! Originally, it was also going to be carried out these few days, but didn’t expect that Ye Yuan, you, actually killed your way back.” Qi Hai answered.

Ye Yuan was enlightened. Turns out that it wasn’t not taking action, it was just not yet started.

Wu Fang City here were all the big shots of the Endless World. Each and every one of their strength was unfathomable.

Once they died, using that sort of crude way to collect the sanguine power was truly too much of a waste. Therefore, that was why they had the thought of gathering them together to sacrifice.

It was just that Shangguan Wenrui did not think that Ye Yuan would return domineeringly, directly crushing ten mighty half-step Boundless Realms, and freeing Wu Fang City.

Ye Yuan swept a glance over everyone’s faces and suddenly asked rather worriedly, “Is Brother Zihui . . . still around?”

Hearing ‘Brother Zihui’ this name, the expression on everyone’s faces could not help becoming absent-minded and did not recall who ‘Brother Zihui’ was for a moment.

It was still Ren Xingchun who recovered first and hurriedly said, “Xu Zihui should be fine! Soul Sea Realm martial artists were imprisoned by them in the dungeons east of the city.”

Only after hearing Ren Xingchun’s words, was Ye Yuan’s suspended heart put back in its original spot.

Xu Zihui was Father’s savior. Ye Yuan owed him a huge favor. If he died, he would be very upset.

Only after hearing Ren Xingchun’s words, did everyone know that this Xu Zihui was merely a Soul Sea Realm martial artist.

But everybody could not help becoming very envious. This Xu Zihui could actually obtain Lord Ye Yuan’s good graces.

Following that, Ye Yuan personally went to the city-east dungeons and released Xu Zihui, and removing the restrictions on his body.

When Xu Zihui knew Ye Yuan’s current status and strength but lowered himself to let him out of the dungeons personally, it moved him to the extreme.

Later, this interlude was leaked out by goodness knows who, passing on with approbation.

Lord Ye Yuan’s high morality reached the clouds and did not forget old friends.

This added the halo of a trace of humanity on the Ye Yuan who was later deified.

After this battle, Ye Yuan gradually became the figure on top of the Endless World’s altar. His fame was even greater than the Grand Yan True Sect’s back then.

While the Grand Yan True Sect sacrificing the entire sect’s strength to protect the Endless World’s peace was touching and deserving of a song, Ye Yuan turned the foul and rotten into the rare and ethereal, utterly crushing the Fierce Gale World with his own strength.

Such an achievement could be said to be unprecedented and unrepeatable.

The martial artists who witnessed Wu Fang City’s great battle gave Ye Yuan a daoist title, named ‘True Dragon Heavenly Lord!”

After Ye Yuan ascended to the Divine Realm, the Endless World’s martial artists spontaneously forged a monument of Ye Yuan in Wu Fang City, in order to commemorate ‘True Dragon Heavenly Lord’ Ye Yuan!

Ever since then, Ye Yuan’s name of ‘True Dragon Heavenly Lord’ was passed down for as long as ten thousand years in the Endless World!

His achievement was engraved in people’s minds for generations to come!

Of course, these were all the afterword.

After Ye Yuan rescued Xu Zihui, he gave him a large batch of medicinal pills, enough for him to cultivate to peak Divine Traversing Realm.

Following that, Ye Yuan commanded people to search everywhere for the news of the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s disciples.

At the same time, the Endless World’s counteroffensive also officially raised the curtains.

But all of this had nothing to do with Ye Yuan already.

Instructing everything properly, Ye Yuan started closed-seclusion!

The Endless World’s matters were already settled. But the Fierce Gale World’s matters had not ended yet.

Not eliminating Zhao Tianyin, the Fierce Gale World and Endless World would never know peace!

Before going to the Fierce Gale World, Ye Yuan must break through to the Divine Traversing Realm!