Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 696

Chapter 696 Divine Soul Condensing

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On a spacious field a thousand miles outside of Wu Fang City, over ten martial artists were waiting in full battle formation.

Qi Hai, Qin Hongtao, Ning Yixian, and so on. These pinnacle powerhouses of the Endless World were currently standing guard for a young man.

Ye Yuan’s eyes were tightly shut, calming his spirit and focusing his mind, currently making the final preparations before breaking through.

Ye Yuan had a calm expression, facing the breakthrough that was about to arrive very indifferently. However, Qi Hai and the rest each had solemn looks on their faces, as if they were the ones transcending the tribulation.

The war had not ended now, Ye Yuan was the Endless World’s greatest hope. There must not be any accidents.


All of a sudden, a bolt out of the blue echoed. The sky that was originally clear without clouds for thousands of miles actually started to have dark clouds gathering overhead.

Seeing this commotion, Qi Hai and co.’s expressions changed.

“Ye Yuan is only breaking through to the Divine Traversing Realm here. Why would there be such a huge tumult?”

“Even though that heavenly tribulation has yet to form completely, looking at this spectacle, it’s simply even stronger than other people transcending the heavenly tribulation of Boundless Realm!”

“No wonder Ye Yuan possessed such horrifying strength at the Soul Sea Realm. His heavenly tribulation when breaking through is too outrageous!”

The commotion of Ye Yuan transcending tribulation was naturally incomparably outrageous. If not for so, how was he able to rely on the heavenly tribulation back then to smite the Third Level Divine Traversing Shangguan Yunrong down two minor realms?”

But in Ye Yuan’s view, the heavenly tribulation this time was still a little weaker compared to the last time.

After all, he was breaking through the Lower Three Realm’s great threshold the last time. The Heavenly Dao’s obstruction to him was much greater than this time.

Such a thing was bound to still happen when breaking through from the Middle Three Realms to the Upper Three Realms.

This point, Ye Yuan had long been mentally prepared.

This sort of advancement from breaking through the fetters of Heavenly Dao was a one-time wide margin leap in life. One was bound to suffer the Heavenly Dao’s merciless lashing.

And Ye Yuan’s strength was much greater compared to ordinary martial artists. The obstruction he received would definitely be much greater than ordinary people.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Frenzied lightning snakes descended in a wild dance, bombarding the place Ye Yuan was at violently.

Yet, Ye Yuan’s place did not have any bit of essence energy undulation.

“Hiss . . . Ye Yuan is actually using his physical body to forcefully withstand the heavenly tribulation! No, wait! He . . . He’s using the heavenly tribulation to temper his fleshy body?” Qi Hai muttered when he saw this scene.

The way Ye Yuan transcended tribulations, the impact it brought to him was too great.

He had never thought before that transcending tribulations could actually be done in this fashion.

The first round of heavenly tribulation, Ye Yuan actually even could not be bothered to use essence energy!

Within those berserk lightning snakes, Ye Yuan was seemingly a small rowboat. But this small rowboat was as if nailed to the sea surface; not budging an inch!

In the blue-violet lightning, a streak of azure light gradually lit up. Layers of azure dragon scale actually faintly birthed on Ye Yuan’s skin!

The lightning tribulation was getting stronger and stronger. But Ye Yuan felt that it had the trend of getting increasingly weaker. Bombarding on his body actually had less and less of a feeling.

“Tsk tsk, the might of the dragon race’s physical body is indeed extraordinary! I wonder to what degree this fleshy body of mine can attain if I keep on strengthening it!” In the heavenly tribulation, Ye Yuan gasped with admiration.

Very soon, the first round of heavenly tribulation passed. Ye Yuan was completely unscathed.

This scene left the guarding Qi Hai and the rest speechless for a long time. They even forgot their mission for coming here today for some time.

Under such a horrifying heavenly tribulation, there were actually people who could be completely unscathed!

Ye Yuan this fellow was truly a freak!

This was the thought that everyone had right now without prior consultation.

That day when Ye Yuan slew ten great half-step Boundless Realm powerhouses, they were put away into the Vast Heaven Pagoda by Ye Yuan and did not see Ye Yuan take action at all.

Ye Yuan’s might was only imagined by them.

But Ye Yuan transcending tribulation today, they finally saw with their own eyes that soul-stirring might of Ye Yuan!

Especially Qi Hai. He was already not far away from transcending tribulation and ascending. Regarding the might of heavenly tribulation, he even had a feeling faintly from forces beyond his control.

He judged himself that under such a heavenly tribulation, even if he was able to transcend it, it was also very hard to do it as lightheartedly as Ye Yuan.

Very soon, the second round, third round, fourth round, each wave of heavenly tribulation was fiercer than the last. But Ye Yuan transcended through all of them very easily.

When it reached the fifth round, dual-colored lightning tribulation arrived as scheduled.

“5-in-9 heavenly tribulation! Lightning and soul dual tribulations! Hiss . . .” Seeing that scene which awed the heart, Qi Hai drew a cold breath.

Qi Hai once again deeply felt that might of Ye Yuan’s strength!

The dual-colored lightning tribulation at this time was much more powerful than when Ye Yuan was breaking through to the Soul Sea Realm. But Ye Yuan’s growth in this major boundary was even more!

The dual-colored lightning tribulation which heavily wounded Ye Yuan at that time did not bring him too much trouble at this time. He did not even make use of that black bead.

The heavenly tribulation dissipated. The sky restored clarity again.

“You guys, look! What’s that!” Somebody suddenly screamed, as if he saw something inconceivable.

Everyone was still immersed in that horrifying dual-colored lightning tribulation earlier at this time and did not pay attention.

Hearing that person speak, everyone could not help focusing their gazes over, but saw a faint phantom spilling out from the top of Ye Yuan’s head!

That faint phantom looked exactly the same as Ye Yuan!

“This . . . Divine soul condensing . . . How is this possible? He . . . He only just broke through to the Divine Traversing Realm!” Qi Hai screamed.

“Really didn’t expect that Ye Yuan’s divine soul was actually condensed to such a degree already! Just broke through to Divine Traversing Realm and his divine soul can actually condense a form!” Ning Yixian was also unbelievably shocked.

“How is this possible? I’ve never heard before of Divine Traversing Realm martial artists being able to condense and form their divine souls! How consolidated must Ye Yuan’s divine soul be?!” Qin Hongtao said in amazement.

“No wonder he was so relaxed when crossing the soul tribulation earlier. Such a consolidated divine soul, how could that degree of soul tribulation possibly shake it?” Qi Hai said.

Everyone looked over, only to see that phantom Ye Yuan was seemingly a newborn child; filled with curiosity towards this world, wandering in the air, incomparably free from inhibitions.

The so-called Divine Traversing Realm was that the martial artist’s divine soul was able to roam the world and be even closer to heaven & earth. Only this way, were they able to muster even more powerful heaven & earth essence energy.

But for ordinary Divine Traversing Realm martial artists, the divine soul was an intangible thing. Even if it could separate from the physical body and roam in the world, it was also unable to sustain for long.

But Ye Yuan’s divine soul actually condensed to take form already. This was much more powerful compared to ordinary Divine Traversing Realm martial artists!

What Middle Three Realm martial artists emphasized on cultivating was the divine soul.

The more consolidated the divine soul was, the stronger the affinity with heaven & earth essence energy.

Even if they were Boundless Realm martial artists, they might not be able to cultivate the divine soul to the extent of condensing to take form.

But Ye Yuan had just entered the Divine Traversing Realm now, and he actually did it already!

It was also no wonder that when Qi Hai they all saw this scene, it was like seeing a ghost.

Not that their experiences were few. It was truly that this sort of situation was too rare. They had never heard of it before at all.

Ye Yuan’s divine soul played around in the air for a while. Only when it seemed to be rather tired out, did it return to Ye Yuan’s body.

Only at this time, did Ye Yuan slowly open both eyes. The corners of his mouth could not refrain from revealing a trace of a smile.

The feeling of the divine soul leaving the body, it had already been so long since he experienced it.