Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 697

Chapter 697 Wait For Me To Come And Chop

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Heavenly Sky Mountain Rage, the place where the Heavenly Sky Sect in the past was, and where the Purple Mansion Sect was today.

The Purple Mansion Sect’s Sect Master, He Mingde, could be said to be riding on the crest of success these two years!

The Purple Mansion Sect endured patiently for generations. At his generation, they were finally able to welcome back the powerful Wind Emperor.

He Mingde was rewarded substantially by the Wind Emperor because he made huge contributions.

These two to three year’s time, he used the Wind Emperor’s rewards to breakthrough two minor realms in a row. He was already a half-step Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse!

Furthermore, in the medicinal pills rewarded by the wind emperor, there were even medicinal pills to help him break through to the Divine Traversing Realm!

He Mingde never would have dreamed that he was actually able to break through to the Divine Traversing Realm in his remaining years!

Divine Traversing Realm. That was that pinnacle-most group of people in the Endless World.

Even when placed in the Northern Domain, it was also sufficient to establish a sect.

But He Mingde naturally did not have any thoughts regarding the Northern Domain. After Lord Shangguan went to the Northern Domain, this Southern Domain’s affairs were up to him to manage.

“The State of Qin those fellows. How’s the greeting?” He Mingde asked an elder down below.

That elder said, “Replying Sect Master, the State of Qin’s Imperial Family have all been taken down already. The males were sent to the mines to dig for ores, and the women were thrown into the Entertainment Academy as slaves, never to recover for life! The Dan Wu Academy was sealed, and the instructors with relations to Ye Yuan were all sent to dig ores together with the State of Qin’s Imperial Family. Also, that whatever Fragrant Medicine Pavilion, it was removed as well!”

He Mingde’s face revealed a delighted smile and said with a loud laugh, “Hahaha . . . Pretty well done! That brat called Ye Yuan actually made us have such a stumble and even nearly crippled Lin Chao. Truly deserves death! Now, this boy naturally has Lord Shangguan to go and deal with. We can’t stick a hand inside, but can entertain that group of relatives and friends of his properly!”

The elder was naturally aware of the fury in He Mingde’s heart. The Purple Mansion Sect endured patiently for thousands of years. Erupting in one day, they originally thought that they could unify the Southern Domain.

Who knew that at this time, this brat called Ye Yuan would actually pop out, and make the Purple Mansion Sect have a huge stumble, and also disrupted the Wind Emperor’s original set up.

At that time, He Mingde was fearful and trembling in his heart. Every day, he could not even sleep well, afraid that the wind emperor would kill him in a rage.

But who knew that not only did the wind emperor not kill him, he even let him be in charge of all matters concerning the Southern Domain perfectly fine.

However, even though the matter had passed, the fury in He Mingde’s heart did not pass.

Some time ago, He Mingde finally straightened out all the things in the Southern Domain. Right away, he pointed the spearhead at the State of Qin whose relations were not shallow with Ye Yuan.

“Looks like you’re laughing very happily!” He Mingde was currently chuckling to himself when a voice suddenly sounded out in the great hall.

He Mingde’s expression changed, and he said in a cold voice, “Who? Pretending to be mysterious! If you have the capabilities, reveal your true face!”

He Mingde was currently incomparably shocked in his heart. There was actually someone who could enter the Purple Mansion Sect’s main hall noiselessly, and not a single person in the entire sect discovered it, including him!

When was there such a powerful existence in the Southern Domain?

A youth clothed in white walked into the great hall neither hurriedly nor slowly. When He Mingde saw him, his knees went weak in fright, and he nearly toppled down from his chair.

This youth was none other than precisely the Ye Yuan who came from the Northern Domain!

Leaving the Southern Domain for such a long time, Ye Yuan still could not quite put his mind at ease regarding the State of Qin.

Although his parents had already left the State of Qin for a long time, Ye Yuan still had quite a number of people worthy of care remaining in the State of Qin.

Such as Manager Feng San, such as Huyan Yong, Jiang Yunhe, and so on.

Him returning to the Southern Domain this time was to enter the Fierce Gale World through the Grand Yan True Sect’s ruins and conveniently dropped in on the State of Qin. Who knew that the State of Qin was actually taken out altogether.

Manager Feng San died horribly, the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion was thoroughly dissolved. Huyan Yong, Jiang Yunhe, and the Nanfeng Family were all sent to dig in the mines.

He Mingde’s actions thoroughly infuriated Ye Yuan.

He Mingde could cover the skies with one hand in the Southern Domain now. Doing this sort of thing naturally would not have any misgivings. Ye Yuan just inquired a little and knew that it was the Purple Mansion Sect playing tricks at the back.

Ye Yuan sent White Light to rescue Huyan Yong and the rest, while simultaneously dropping in to visit over here.

Actually, Ye Yuan only came a step late. When he rushed to the Purple Mansion Sect, the elder handling the affairs had also just happened to return to the sect. Hence, there was that scene just now.

What made He Mingde astounded was that just two to three years of not seeing, Ye Yuan was actually a Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse already!

He Mingde knew that Ye Yuan’s talent was heaven-defying, but also did not think that it was actually heaven-defying to this kind of degree!

Seeing Ye Yuan, He Mingde knelt down with a thud and begged for mercy, “Y-Ye Yuan, I . . . I . . . All of this is all the wind emperor’s orders! I’m only carrying out the orders! I beg you, don’t kill me!”

Ye Yuan looked at He Mingde and suddenly grinned and said, “Is that so? I’m going to meet Zhao Tianyin very soon. Why not . . . I bring you to confront him face-to-face?”

Ye Yuan did not tolerate his explanation at all. Pointing lightly with his finger, violent essence energy directly shackled He Mingde up.

While that elder was blasted into residue immediately.

Ye Yuan’s figure moved and arrived in front of He Mingde. Extending his hand and smacking on his head, with a lug, he directly pulled out his divine soul, throwing it into a small bottle prepared in advance.

“Fiery, attend to this fellow well!”

Finishing all of this, Ye Yuan gave an order to Fiery. A wisp of essence fire also silently entered inside the small bottle.

Ye Yuan casually sealed the small bottle shut, but heard clamoring sounds coming from inside.

This kind of divine soul refining method was exceedingly cruel. He Mingde’s divine soul could even survive for as long as a hundred years inside this small bottle. He would have to suffer the agony of essence fire burning the body at all times. In the end, he would be refined finished, never to reincarnate forever.

Ye Yuan never tend to be like this towards enemies. But this He Mingde touched his bottom-line!

Feng San’s death made him give rise to thick killing intent towards He Mingde.

Furthermore, the Endless World suffering this kind of apocalyptic calamity, the chief culprit was He Mingde!

Even though he was just a minor character, this minor character changed the moving direction of the two small worlds!

Towards the entire Purple Mansion Sect, Ye Yuan obviously would not be softhearted as well, directly choosing to eradicate the sect, slaughtering the Purple Mansion Sect from top to bottom cleanly.

But what surprised Ye Yuan was that he actually did not find Lin Chao’s figure in the Purple Mansion Sect. It also counted as having let him escape a calamity.

Ye Yuan did not have much time to waste on this as well. The pressing issue was that he still had to hurry to the Fierce Gale World. Therefore, he did not stop over for long too.

. . . . . .

Several days later, Ye Yuan’s figure appeared at the ruins of the Grand Yan True Sect.

Time passed, and circumstances had changed. Ye Yuan also sighed incessantly in his heart coming to this place again.

At that time, the Eight Great Sects came to explore the mystic realm. Who knew that it actually triggered such a tragic war between two worlds. Those martial artists who came to explore the mystic realm at that time, only Ye Yuan was left now.

Even those Tranquil Cloud Sect’s fellow apprentices still did not have any news now as well.

The present ruins were long teeming with Fierce Gale World martial artists already. Ye Yuan obviously would not be polite, killing all the way into the realm passageway’s area.

The one guarding the realm passageway was a Divine Traversing Realm expert. However, he was not an enemy capable of exchanging a single blow with Ye Yuan at all.

“Scram back and tell Zhao Tianyin to ask him to wash his neck clean and wait for me to come and chop!” Ye Yuan did not kill that Divine Traversing Realm martial artist but said to him