Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 698

Chapter 698 Zhao Tianyin You Deserve Death

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“Zhao Tianyin, come out for me!”

In the sky above the Central Capital, a figure stood in the air!

Ye Yuan’s voice was like rolling thunder, instantly spreading throughout the entire Central Capital.

Ye Yuan passed right through the city protecting grand array and entered inside the capital.

This time, he did not have the need to be sneaky like last time. He had the strength to confront Zhao Tianyin now!

This howl of Ye Yuan’s immediately drew everyone’s attention.

“This . . . Who is this person? To actually dare address His Majesty’s name directly without honorifics. Does he want to die?”

“You idiot! This boy is clearly coming with ill-intentions! If he isn’t a fool, then he has genuine ability. Do you think he wants to die or not?”

“You’re the idiot! Who can be His Majesty’s match in this world? He’s a Boundless Realm powerhouse! Even though this boy’s strength is pretty good, he’s at the very most also just a First Level Divine Traversing Realm only!”

“. . . . . .”

The person actually had no words to retort!

In these Fierce Gale World martial artists’ view, Ye Yuan was purely here to seek death.

Because at this time, it was simply impossible for anyone to be the Wind Emperor, His Majesty’s match!

In their hearts, His Majesty was an invincible existence!

Except . . . . Ye Yuan came here today in order to devastate that invincible king in their hearts!

On Qixia Mountain, Star Abyss was currently giving a sermon to his disciples. Hearing this voice, his expression could not help changing.

“Who has such nerve? To actually dare provoke His Majesty! Uh . . . This voice is so familiar!”

“It’s Little Junior Brother’s voice! Master, it’s Little Junior Brother returning!” Shi Haoran recognized this voice very quickly, half-exclaiming and half-overjoyed.

Star Abyss recognized Ye Yuan’s voice right away. His face revealed a complicated look at this time as he said with a sigh, “Ye Yuan coming back, how can he still be your Little Junior Brother? Most likely, even Master also have no choice but to address him ‘Your Excellency’ already!”

Shi Haoran’s expression changed, and he said, “What do Master’s words mean?”

Star Abyss waved his hand and said, “Don’t ask anymore. Follow Master out to take a look, and you’ll know!”

Finished talking, Star Abyss got up and headed out of the door.

The group of disciples were all surprised and bewildered and followed him out of the door too.

At the same time, countless family clans in the city were alarmed, all leaving their homes to watch one after another.

But what made their jaws hit the ground was that the youth who appeared slightly skinny in the air was only a Divine Traversing Realm martial artist.

This kind of strength was still considered pretty good when placed outside the Central Capital. But even if the elites in the Central Capital were all brought out, he could not be ranked in too.

This kind of strength, how could he dare to challenge Lord Wind Emperor?

Two years ago, Ye Yuan overpowered everyone in the Central Capital. But at that time, Ye Yuan’s strength was still weak after all.

In these two years, regardless of whether in terms of disposition or strength, Ye Yuan was worlds apart from at that time. There were naturally very few people who could remember that this youth before their eyes was the Ye Yuan who wreaked havoc in the capital on that day.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan’s commotion today was much, much greater compared to that time when he came back then.

On that day, it was only in the plaza. But this time, Ye Yuan’s roar startled all the experts in the Central Capital!

The current Ye Yuan shut his eyes, hands folded across his chest, quietly waiting for Zhao Tianyin’s response.

However, Zhao Tianyin’s status in the Fierce Gale World was still paramount.

Ye Yuan roaring so impudently like this naturally incurred the displeasure of many experts.

Very soon, there were those who did not fear death rushing forward.

“Where did this boy who doesn’t know life from death come from? To actually dare address Lord Wind Emperor’s name directly without honorifics! Courting death!”

This was a Third Level Divine Traversing powerhouse, going over to ‘greet’ Ye Yuan without allowing any explanations.

Ye Yuan did not move, but a faint phantom separated from his body and came out.

That faint phantom just lightly tapped a finger out and that Third Level Divine Traversing powerhouse dropped down straight from the sky just like this.

Seeing this scene, everyone drew a cold breath.

“That . . . That is divine soul condensing and taking form! This . . . How is this possible?”

Shi Haoran they all had just come out from Qixia Mountain when he saw this scene, shocking Shi Haoran until he was stammering when speaking.

Star Abyss’s gaze sharpened too. He did not think that two years of not seeing, Ye Yuan was actually formidable to such an extent already!

First Level Divine Traversing dealing with Third Level Divine Traversing, and the former actually did not even unleash a move, only using the condensed divine soul to directly one-shot the latter!

Furthermore . . . the divine soul condensing and taking form at the First Level Divine Traversing, what kind of concept was this?

Even if Star Abyss was aware of Ye Yuan’s former Alchemy Emperor identity, seeing this scene, he was unbelievably shocked too.

But speaking of which, if Ye Yuan did not have sufficient strength, it was also impossible to wantonly challenge Zhao Tianyin publicly like this.

Boundless Realm. These two words were not said for fun!

“Now, you all know what my words earlier meant, right?” Star Abyss said with an emotional sigh.

Shi Haoran and the group of apprentices exchanged glances, each seeing the astonishment in the other party’s eyes.

Two years of not seeing, Ye Yuan was no longer that Little Junior Brother who needed their protection!

That youth who used to seek protection under Master’s feathers already truly grew up to become a peerless powerhouse!

Right then, Ye Yuan slowly opened his eyes and said indifferently, “I came here today for a personal grudge with Zhao Tianyin. If there are those who don’t fear death, feel free to come up. I’ll just treat it as a warm-up.”

The voice was not loud, but it transmitted into everybody’s ears clearly.

These words were very arrogant!

Very, freaking, arrogant!

But this youth in front of them absolutely had the capital to be arrogant!

Relying solely on the divine soul to one-shot a Third Level Divine Traversing powerhouse. Very clearly, this fellow was really here for the Wind Emperor, Zhao Tianyin!

A single sentence awed everyone!

The Divine Traversing Realm experts who were originally raring to have a go, all sensibly pressed down the desire to provoke.

When Ye Yuan saw this scene, he could not help shutting his eyes once more.

Him attacking like thunderbolt was in order to stun everyone. Otherwise, some flies coming up repeatedly was also quite irritating.

As for Star Abyss’s lineage, Ye Yuan naturally discovered long ago. But at present, it was clearly not a good time to identify each other. So he could only treat it as if he did not see.

With the passing of time, quite a number of people below could not refrain from commenting.

“Why hasn’t Lord Wind Emperor appeared yet? Could it be that . . . he’s really afraid?”

“Shhh . . . Keep it down, are you courting death?! Lord Wind Emperor is a Boundless Realm powerhouse. How can he possibly be afraid of this brat? Him not coming out definitely has his reason! Even though this boy’s abilities are considerable, it’s not possible to be Lord Wind Emperor’s match either!”

“En, what you said makes sense. Lord Wind Emperor is a Boundless Realm powerhouse after all. How can he possibly fear a First Level Divine Traversing brat?”

Everyone was currently discussing animatedly when a disturbance suddenly arose in the distance.

Clatter . . . Clatter . . .

A middle-aged man in fine clothing slowly walked out from the crowd. But in his hands, he was pulling a very thick iron chain.

The other end of the iron chain was connected to a cage forged from profound iron.

There was a male and female pair in the cage. The two people were thin and pallid, their faces without color.

The Ye Yuan in the air suddenly snapped open his eyes. Starting hard at those two figures in the metal cage, he gnashed his teeth in hatred and said, “Zhao Tianyin, you . . . deserve . . . death!”