Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 699

Chapter 699 Hatred Billowing To The Sky

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Ye Yuan right now had blood-red eyes with his killing intent billowing to the sky!

The male and female in the cage were none other than precisely Ye Hang and Ren Hongling husband and wife!

Ever since reincarnating, Ye Yuan had never wanted to kill a person this intense before.

Today, was the first time!

Apart from Ji Canglan, Ye Yuan truly became enraged for the first time today!

At this time, Zhao Tianyin carried the Profound Iron Cage and soared into the air. The iron cage in excess of a thousand pounds was like nothing in his hands.

And him moving, Ye Hang and Ren Hongling immediately tumbled around inside. Their heads bumped directly onto the iron cage, giving off banging sounds.

Zhao Tianyin looked at Ye Yuan and said with a faint smile, “Are you furious? But I advise that you better not lose your temper. This metal cage was forged from Profound Iron. Its strength is comparable to a profound artifact’s! On it is already stuck full of Tier 5 Pyroblast Talismans. As long as I activate it, they will immediately be blown to dust!”

Ye Yuan was just thinking of making a move but was forcefully stopped by Zhao Tianyin’s words.

“Zhao Tianyin! If they have any mishap, I dare to assure you that you won’t even get to be buried with them even if you want to!” Ye Yuan’s words seemed to be carrying ice. It could be seen that he was already furious to the extreme at present.

“Huhu, you’re confident! Even if I don’t have them as hostages in my hands, just the likes of you, and you want to find me for revenge? Still a little young in the end. You simply can’t imagine the disparity between Boundless Realm and Divine Traversing Realm!” Zhao Tianyin thought nothing of Ye Yuan at all.

In his eyes, Ye Yuan was just a brat overestimating his own ability.

The further to the back the path of Martial Dao, the harder it was to leap realms and battle. Because the distance between each minor boundary also got increasingly greater.

Perhaps Ye Yuan indeed had the ability to cross boundaries and battle. But it was absolutely impossible to cross a major boundary and defeat the Boundless Realm him.

However, to the inherently cautious Zhao Tianyin, he would rather have a card grasped in his hands.

After all, the current Ye Yuan had already matured to the degree that did not allow him to ignore.

Lions would go all out to hunt a rabbit. Zhao Tianyin would not make light of this boy who rose up heaven-defyingly.

One had to know that many things that he arranged single-handedly were all wrecked at this boy’s hands.

Looking at the present situation, most likely over at the Endless World, it was also more ominous than propitious already.

Shangguan Wenrui had brought ten half-step Boundless Realms over. If they had exchanged blows with Ye Yuan before, then Ye Yuan’s current strength really could not be underestimated.

Of course, Zhao Tianyin was simply unable to imagine that Ye Yuan was all too clear on the gap between Boundless Realm and Divine Traversing Realm!

If he did not have 100% certainty, how could he possibly come to the Central Capital alone?

Ye Yuan clenched his fists tightly, giving off cracking sounds. His nails were already embedded in the flesh, piercing his palm open.

Fresh blood flowed down along the palm, but he was seemingly oblivious!

Suddenly, Ye Yuan sucked in a deep breath and slowly shut his eyes.

Soundlessly, Ye Yuan entered Heart Like Monolith Heart Realm.

When Ye Yuan opened both eyes once more, that scarlet red color already disappeared. But the cold intent in his gaze still did not fade away.

“Speak then. What conditions do you want before you’re willing to release them?!” Ye Yuan said in a cold voice.

Taking Ye Yuan’s transformation entirely into his sights, Zhao Tianyin was also very amazed in his heart. This boy indeed could not be underestimated, to actually recover his cool so quickly!

If it were others, they would probably have rushed forward without heed for anything already.

Martial artists in the midst of rage were scary. But martial artists that lost proper restraint, no matter how furious, could only be played with on the palms of others.

The reason why Zhao Tianyin did this was in order to infuriate Ye Yuan.

Earlier, he did it. But now . . . he failed.

From the look in Ye Yuan’s eyes, Zhao Tianyin judged that he absolutely would not commit that kind of low-level mistake.

However . . . so what then?

As long as Ye Hang husband and wife were in his hands, Ye Yuan would have to be cautious in taking action.

“Huhu, recovered your cool so quickly. Rather somewhat exceeded my expectations. Looks like you’re really quite different from those who think themselves to be geniuses!” Zhao Tianyin said with a laugh.

Ye Yuan said coldly, “Enough crap. State your terms!”

Zhao Tianyin shook his head and could not help laughing as he said, “Relax a little. The terms can be discussed! If you cripple your cultivation, I’ll release them!”

The moment these words came out, a wave of hubbub involuntarily came from below.

In the Fierce Gale World, Zhao Tianyin was a paramount existence. He normally very rarely appeared in the eyes of the public.

But his actions today made quite a number of people all feel somewhat subverted.

Although in the martial artist world, the victor was king, using this kind of method to deal with a youth who was a major boundary lower than him was truly a little too shameless.

When Shi Haoran heard these words, he could not resist cursing, “Utterly contemptible! Zhao Tianyin is truly too shameless! To actually even utter this sort of words!”

“Yesh! If Little Junior Brother crippled his own cultivation, wouldn’t he be a fish on the chopping board, free to be sliced up at will?” Second Senior Apprentice Brother Tang Zhi said furiously.

Ye Yuan laughed coldly when he heard that and said, “Are you insulting my intelligence? Such an absurd condition, do you think that I’d agree? Get to work then. But you’ll have to be prepared to receive my wrath!”

Actually, now that it came to this, Zhao Tianyin really became somewhat fearful of Ye Yuan.

Because Ye Yuan was too calm!

How could such a calm person do something without any assurance at all?

Ye Yuan daring to barge into the Central Capital alone indicated that he at least thought that he had the strength to have a showdown with him!

Adding in some conjectures from before, perhaps Ye Yuan really had the strength to threaten Boundless Realms.

Zhao Tianyin obviously knew that Ye Yuan would not agree to this kind of terms. He was only testing the waters just now. The result was that Ye Yuan was still terrifyingly calm!

“Alright then. Since you’re not willing to cripple your cultivation. Then . . . beating yourself to severe injuries . . . this condition shouldn’t be hard, right?” Zhao Tianyin said.

Ye Yuan did not answer right away but fell silent. He was thinking of countermeasures.

But with Zhao Tianyin’s cunningness, how could he give him this opportunity?

He shook the metal chain in his hand immediately. That metal cage being shaken like this swayed tremendously in the air.

Ye Hang husband and wife were knocked around everywhere by the swaying. Very soon, their foreheads had blackish-red bloodstains bumped out.

Even though they, husband and wife couple, were martial artists and their bodies were very powerful, the hardness of this metal cage was comparable to profound artifacts. How could they withstand it?

Seeing this scene, Ye Yuan gritted his teeth and said, “Hold it! I . . . accede to you!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan raised his hand. A palm smacked onto his chest without holding back at all!


Ye Yuan’s blow did not show leniency. A mouthful of blood sprayed out immediately.

Zhao Tianyin was cunning like a fox. He could not fool him at all.

Being knocked like this, Ye Hang actually slowly woke up.

His eyes looked around for a while rather vacantly and just happened to see the scene where Ye Yuan beat himself to severe injuries, gluing his eyes onto Ye Yuan’s body.

Ye Hang’s tears flowed out from his eyes. Using all the strength in his body, he shouted to Ye Yuan, “Yuan-er! Quickly leave! Don’t bother about us! With a son like you, your mother and I are incomparably proud!”