Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Denied Entrance

"What?! You're saying that Ye Yuan passed the Alchemy Master test with his Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm strength?"

Jiang Yunhe had not lost his composure like this for a long time. But the news brought by Feng Ruoqing overwhelmed him.

"Yes. Not only did he pass the low-rank Alchemy Master test, he even refined a transcendent-grade Tier 2 Strengthening Pill during the test. Upon testing, a First Level Spirit Condensation Realm after consuming the pill would possess the strength to threaten a Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm." Feng Ruoqing seemed like she would not give up until she shocked people to death with her words.

"Transcendent-grade . . . Tier 2 . . . medicinal pill? F-First Level Spirit Condensation Realm threatening a Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm?"

Jiang Yunhe's brain short-circuited. What Feng Ruoqing said had completely surpassed his understanding.

Feng Ruoqing wanted to laugh watching Jiang Yunhe lose composure in such a manner. She had been here at the Dan Wu Academy for several years but had never seen Jiang Yunhe in this state.

"Could it be that Ye Yuan was born with a powerful soul strength that already reached the Alchemy Master realm?" after some time, Jiang Yunhe finally asked.

But Feng Ruoqing shook her head and said, "That's not it. His soul strength isn't that strong. It's only slightly stronger than the average person. He could refine a Tier 2 medicinal pill because he used the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique."

"Sssss! Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique . . . Even if it's the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique, isn't this a little too exaggerated?"

"Mmm. Truth be told, Ye Yuan's Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique has already reached the legendary stage!"

Even now when Feng Ruoqing said this, she felt that it was inconceivable.

Legendary stage, that by itself was a legend.

It was virtually impossible to reach that stage.

Even those old people who lost all their teeth in the Alchemist Association did not manage to train any alchemy technique to the legendary stage, let alone the even more challenging Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique.

Jiang Yunhe who was already shocked until he was charred on the outside and tender on the inside, was shocked once more.

He stared at Feng Ruoqing for some time before confirming that she did not lie. "Just what lucky encounter did this Ye Yuan had? Isn't this too unbelievable?"

Feng Ruoqing seemed to be well-prepared. "He obviously won't reveal this sort of thing. But my guess is there should be an extremely powerful alchemist behind Ye Yuan! And it's impossible for that person to be his father. The way I see it, this alchemist is definitely not limited to the Alchemy King realm!"

Jiang Yunhe paced about to digest the news that Feng Ruoqing brought back.

It seemed that Feng Ruoqing's guess should be the closest to the truth. Otherwise, it could not explain how Ye Yuan possessed such monstrous alchemic talent at such a young age.

After a long time, Jiang Yunhe said, "Such a figure is too terrifying. It's best to not provoke. It's just that I don't understand. Since Ye Yuan has such an incredible master, why would he come to the Dan Wu Academy?"

Feng Ruoqing shook her head and said, "I also thought about this question. Most likely, it's to train his disciple?"

"Mmm. There is this possibility! Damn, you said Wang Jinfu and Sun Jianming, those two geezers, also knows about this. They definitely won't let Ye Yuan go! Come, let's quickly find Ye Yuan!"

As he was saying this, Jiang Yunhe wanted to rush out.

Feng Ruoqing smiled and said, "Relax, Dean. After returning to the academy, I'd already visited the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion. Ye Yuan has already returned to the academy during the night. Lord Chairman Wu Daofeng brought the two deputy chairmen in vain. Grandmaster Ye Hang is also coincidentally in a closed-door seclusion, so the three of them returned empty-handed. Finally, they could only request the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion's shopkeeper, Feng San, to deliver the badge to the academy."

Jiang Yunhe let out a huge sigh of relief. Laughing out loud, he then said, "Haha. To think Old Man Wu would actually be denied entrance. I think his face back then would have been very interesting. Ye Yuan must have definitely predicted this situation, that's why he rushed back through the night. It looks like his feelings for the academy is very deep! Since Ye Yuan's back at the academy, quickly bring him to see me. No, I'll personally go visit him!"

Jiang Yunhe brought Feng Ruoqing to Ye Yuan's residence and did not alarm other people.

Personally visiting a student with his status would definitely cause a huge uproar in the academy.

Except, Jiang Yunhe did not manage to meet with Ye Yuan. Ye Yuan entered the training room after returning to the academy.

But Jiang Yunhe saw Lu-er and Feng San at Ye Yuan's residence. However, they did not recognize Jiang Yunhe. Lu-er was very familiar with Feng Ruoqing though.

"Teacher Feng is here to look for Young Master?"

"Yeah. Didn't he come back yesterday night? Where is he?"

"Young Master said that he felt he was going to break through, so he entered a closed-door seclusion right away after returning. Shopkeeper Feng San didn't get to see him either."

Jiang Yunhe was stunned. What breakthrough? This rascal was clearly hiding from everyone!

It had only been a few days since he broke through to the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm, how could it be possible for another breakthrough so soon?

Even though Ye Yuan's breakthroughs previously were indeed fast, but for every increment in cultivation realm in the Essence Qi Realm, the difficulty would also become greater.

How could it be so easy to break through from the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm to the Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm?

Furthermore, even if he broke through, his cultivation realm rose too quickly would inevitably affect future cultivation growth. This way of doing things was just not worth it.

There was such a powerful teacher behind Ye Yuan, how could he possibly make such a low-level mistake?

Hence, Ye Yuan must definitely be hiding from everyone!

This brat caused such a huge upheaval, yet he hid himself and avoided meeting anyone. How irresponsible!

Jiang Yunhe felt very depressed. He came to visit a junior with his status and was actually denied entrance!

Just now, he was still laughing at Wu Daofeng. He did not think that karma would strike instantly, and it was his turn so soon.

But one had to acknowledge that a closed-door seclusion was an excellent excuse.

When martial artists were cultivating, it was taboo for them to be interrupted during closed-seclusion.

Even if Jiang Yunhe was the dean, he also could not casually interrupt Ye Yuan's closed-door seclusion.

Feng Ruoqing did not expect this result either and so she said helplessly, "Then . . . forgive our disturbance, Miss Lu-er. If Ye Yuan exits seclusion, could Miss Lu-er please tell him to look for the Lord Dean at the back of the mountain, Cloud Wave Court?"

Lu-er blinked her eyes and nodded, saying, "Don't worry, Teacher Feng. Lu-er will remember."

Lu-er was nave and did not understand Feng Ruoqing's meaning. However, Feng San was proficient in the ways of the world. His entire body quivered when he heard this, and his eyes sneaked a peek at Jiang Yunhe.

Initially, he only faintly felt how powerful this person was, but at this moment, he was able to guess Jiang Yunhe's identity!

Feng San did not expect the dignified Dan Wu Academy's dean would come to look for Ye Yuan personally!

Recalling this morning where Lord Wu Daofeng also visited personally to deliver the badge, Feng San was incomparably shocked.

Ever since he received the badge in the morning, Feng San knew that Wu Daofeng did not come to look for Ye Hang. They came to look for Ye Yuan!

Having been the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion's shopkeeper for so many years, nobody was clearer than him about what a Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm Alchemy Master meant!

The two most powerful, most influential big-shots went so far as to personally visit his Young Master!

"Huuuuuu . . . "

Watching Jiang Yunhe and Feng Ruoqing in the distance, Feng San let out a long breath.

Young Master Ye Yuan really could not compare with the past. He had already gone from a silkpants to becoming a top genius in the entire State of Qin.

Even major figures like Jiang Yunhe and Wu Daofeng were fighting to win over his young master!

"Oh Lu-er, our family's Young Master Ye Yuan has finally become capable!" Feng San sighed emotionally.

But Lu-er pouted her lips, and she said with a smile, "Young Master has already been amazing. It's just that you all misunderstood him in the past."

Feng San looked at Lu-er speechlessly . . .