Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 700

Chapter 700 The Words filial Piety

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Ye Yuan receiving a palm of his own, his innards were like rivers and seas being overturned.

Hearing Ye Hang’s yell, Ye Yuan forced a smile and said, “Rest assured, Father. Your child will definitely bring you guys back safely!”

“Haha! You can’t even fend for yourself anymore, and you’re still talking big here! I want to see just how you bring them out today!” Zhao Tianyin chortled with laughter delightedly.

Ye Yuan’s expression turned cold, and he said icily, “I already did it in accordance with what you said. Could it be that you’re going to go back on your words?”

But Zhao Tianyin shook his head and said with a laugh, “Do you take me for a fool? Even though that palm wasn’t light, it was still within the scope that you can endure. This bit of injury doesn’t have much impact on you.”

Ye Yuan’s current physical body was incomparably powerful. This palm looked very powerful, but Ye Yuan’s injuries were indeed still within a controllable limit.

But that palm earlier was absolutely not light. He did not think that Zhao Tianyin this fellow was actually still unsatisfied!

“Then what do you want before you’re happy?!” Ye Yuan said coldly.

“Hit until I’m happy!” Zhao Tianyin said coolly.

“Yuan-er, don’t listen to him! If you beat yourself to severe injuries, wouldn’t you be at his mercy?” Ye Hang said with a quivering voice.

Ye Yuan gave Zhao Tianyin a glance icily and took a look at his father in the cage again. Clenching his teeth, another palm smacked onto his own chest.

This palm was even heavier compared to that palm earlier. Ye Yuan spewed out a mouthful of blood again.

But Zhao Tianyin shook his head and said, “Still not enough!”

Ye Yuan did not say a word, smashing another palm onto his chest.

This palm, he sent himself flying out directly!

Ye Yuan forcefully propped himself to stand up, but could not even stand steadily anymore.

When Ye Hang saw his son being injured until like this for him, veins popped out all over his body.

He shouted to Ye Yuan at the top of his voice, “Yuan-er, don’t hit anymore! Father has let you down. You must kill this fiend!”

Finished talking, Ye Hang raised his hand and was about to smack towards the top of his skull!

Seeing this scene, a hint of a cruel smile flashed across the corners of Zhao Tianyin’s mouth.

Right at this time, Ye Yuan suddenly howled, “If you dare to commit suicide, your child will die right here for you to see!”

That palm of Ye Hang’s already reached in front of his head. But hearing this sentence, it was forcefully stopped!

Seeing Ye Hang stop, Ye Yuan yelled out, “Father, don’t you trust your child?”

Ye Hang’s tears poured out like tidewater. He was incredibly remorseful towards Ye Yuan in his heart as he wept and said, “Yuan-er, Father trusts you!”

Ye Yuan looked at Father with a firm gaze, nodded his head, and said, “Father just watch! If I don’t kill this beast today, your child is lesser than human!”

“Hahaha! What a touching scene! However . . . you’re already like this now. What do you have to come and kill me? Looks like your wounds are still not severe enough. Continue hitting! Hit until you can’t speak!” Zhao Tianyin laughed loudly and said.

Ye Yuan glared at Zhao Tianyin viciously. Lifting his hand, it was another palm!

One palm followed another. Even if Ye Yuan’s fleshy body was powerful, it also sustained extremely severe injuries at this time!

His clothes were already soaked by his own fresh blood, looking gruesomely terrible.

“Little Junior Brother, don’t hit anymore! If you carry on hitting, you’ll die!” Shi Haoran seriously could not carry on watching, and could not refrain from coming forward and yelled loudly to Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan turned his head around and gave Shi Haoran a grateful smile. But that smile somewhat had the taste of a hero in his sunset years.

Ye Yuan’s miserable condition also made the countenance of those Fierce Gale World martial artists below changed.

Even if they were the hostile side, they also gave rise to sympathy for Ye Yuan at this time.

Ye Yuan’s filial piety moved every single one present.

Regardless of which world they were born in, the meaning of the words ‘filial piety’ were all the same.

Ye Yuan clearly knew that this was extremely detrimental to him, but he did this to himself without hesitation.

Martial artists cultivating the Dao were extremely self-centered, which was also relatively selfish. Ye Yuan doing this to this sort of degree for his parents, how many people among them were able to do it?

How could Ye Yuan’s filial piety not visibly move them?

Zhao Tianyin’s methods were overly beneath contempt. Making use of Ye Yuan’s filial piety and doing this kind of actions, but did not dare to confront head-on.

Was this person really their king?

For countless years, the people of the Fierce Gale World had doubts towards their own faith for the first time.

However, no matter how miserably Ye Yuan hit himself, he would always crawl to his feet stubbornly.

This time, he dragged his weary body and asked Zhao Tianyin, “S-Satisfied?”

Zhao Tianyin lifted his head to the sky and laughed as he said, “Hahaha . . . haha . . . Ye Yuan, I admit that you’re an upstanding man! However, the path of Martial Dao is destined to be lonely. A person like you is doomed to not live long! Hahaha . . . on account of you having such sincerity, I’ll return them to you!”

Zhao Tianyin shook the iron chain in his hand. That metal cage flew straight in Ye Yuan’s direction!

Ye Yuan resisted the intense pain all over his body, gritting his teeth as he reached his hand out to receive that metal cage.

Right then, a hint of a hideous grin flashed across the corners of Zhao Tianyin’s mouth. Muttering incantations from his mouth, he cried out, “Detonate!”

This sound reverberated throughout the sky, stunning everybody!

Those martial artists had never thought before that a person could be shameless to such a degree!

While at this time, Ye Yuan’s arms had just touched that Profound Iron Cage. He grabbed hold of Ye Hang and Ren Hongling’s arms. Boundless essence energy gushed forth, instantly enveloping the two of them tightly!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Over a hundred Tier 5 Pyroblast Talismans exploded at the same time. The power was unimaginable!

With Ye Hang husband and wife’s strength, if they got caught even just by a bit of the explosion, they would also be blown to dust!

Ye Yuan maneuvered out all of his essence energy to protect his parents, while he himself used his physical body to forcefully withstand these hundreds of Pyroblast Talismans’ explosion!

Ye Yuan was directly blasted flying out ten thousand feet away.

However, his hands grabbed hold of the metal cage tightly, his entire person being blown flying out together along with the metal cage.

The instant he landed, Ye Yuan’s mind stirred, putting the metal cage away into the Vast Heaven Pagoda, while he himself fell heavily onto the ground.

This time, Ye Yuan did not crawl to his feet again!

“Hahaha! Foolish boy! In this world, is there anything more important than your own life? For others, you’d actually rather go die yourself. Couldn’t be more foolish! But precisely because of your foolishness that it also saved me the trouble! Now . . . I’ll send you on your way!” Zhao Tianyin flew to not far away from Ye Yuan and roared with laughter.

His palm raised up and was just about to smack towards Ye Yuan’s body when Star Abyss finally could not hold back from making a move!

“Zhao Tianyin! You’re simply shameless to the max! Don’t think about touching Ye Yuan!”

Zhao Tianyin gave him a glance coldly and casually swung a palm out, sending Star Abyss flying out immediately!

“Humph! A puny little Alchemy Sovereign being insolent in front of this Monarch time and again. Do you really take it as I don’t dare to do anything to you? Our Fierce Gale World, this sort of remote land, presumably even if I kill you, the Alchemist Association wouldn’t look into it either!” Towards Star Abyss, Zhao Tianyin finally could not tolerate him any longer.

“Master!” Shi Haoran they all caught Star Abyss.

Just one blow made Star Abyss suffer heavy injuries!

But Zhao Tianyin placed the target on Ye Yuan again very quickly, saying with a hideous grin, “Weren’t you very cocky just now? Didn’t you say that you were going to kill me? Now, I want to see just who is killing who!”

Zhao Tianyin waved a hand and condensed out a sword of essence energy, stabbing towards Ye Yuan!