Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 701

Chapter 701 This Punch

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Dirt sprayed around, debris flying everywhere. The place where Ye Yuan was at had a huge pit blasted out directly by violent essence energy, kicking up enormous amounts of dust.

Star Abyss and the others, they all turned their heads aside painfully, unable to bear looking at the appearance of Ye Yuan being blasted into residue.

Under this blow of Zhao Tianyin’s, Ye Yuan absolutely did not have the possibility of surviving.

This blow going down, the entire world seemingly restored its tranquility. There were only those flying sand and rolling pebbles still surging in the air.

Many martial artists’ faces all revealed looks of unable to bear it.

Ye Yuan’s actions touched that softest heart-chord in the hearts of every martial artists present.

No matter how stone-hearted martial artists were, their hearts were made out of flesh too.

“Hahaha . . . Foolish boy! A weak and irresolute guy like you actually dares to come and kill me! Really foolish to the max!” Zhao Tianyin let out a burst of roaring laughter.

He was currently being pleased with himself and did not notice that there were quite a few martial artists shooting contemptuous gazes at him.

“What a shame. Such a formidable young genius actually fell just like this!

“Yeah. Having such strength at a tender age, truly remarkable! More importantly, he’s bold and forthright. Once he grows up in the future, he would absolutely be a mighty world-shaking figure!”

“Not even daring to have a direct confrontation with such an opponent who’s worthy of respect, sigh . . .”

In the capital, there were quite a number of people commenting at length softly.

Zhao Tianyin was still that most exalted king. But a change silently occurred regarding his status in the hearts of his subject.

Just as everyone all relaxed their efforts, an extremely wild energy undulation suddenly came from inside that enormous dust-cloud!

Zhao Tianyin’s expression changed drastically. A feeling of immense danger instantly enveloped his entire body!

“Eight Desolate Skyfiend Palm!”

In a flurry, Zhao Tianyin directly mustered up a Boundless Realm’s horrifying essence energy, blasting it over towards inside the dust cloud!

Right at this time, a massive azure dragon tore open the dust cloud directly. Bringing a dragon roar that resounded to the skies, it rumbled directly towards Zhao Tianyin!

This Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm was far more than a hundred times more powerful than when annihilating Shangguan Wenrui back then.

The Fierce Gale World was a high-order small world. The degree of stableness of the space was much stronger compared to the Endless World.

And this blow of Ye Yuan’s actually compressed space until cracks appeared!

When Ye Yuan was at the Soul Sea Realm, he was already infinitely close to Boundless Realm when using the spirit rank Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm.

Now that he broke through a major boundary, the power of this move was naturally a level higher!

The might of this palm already surpassed the limits that space could bear!

The places it passed through, space was fragmented inch by inch!

Zhao Tianyin’s attack had yet to be fully executed, and he was already struck by the azure dragon solidly already!


Zhao Tianyin directly spouted out a mouthful of blood in the air, his body flying out like a kite with a broken string.

A figure dashed out of the dust like lightning and actually caught up to Zhao Tianyin with even swifter speed!


The force of the one palm had not dissipated fully yet. That silhouette followed up with another punch!

“This punch is a hit for all life under the heaven!”

Thick killing intent leaked out from Ye Yuan’s words, reverberating throughout the entire capital.

Who else could this figure be but Ye Yuan?

Ye Yuan’s current physical body was incomparably formidable. This punch was also unleashed using the fist force of the Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage. The lethality was extremely strong, but would not be fatal too.

The punch reaching flesh, Zhao Tianyin spewed out a large mouthful of fresh blood again with a cough, his body flying out backward once more!

Ye Yuan’s figure moved once more, instantly arriving at Zhao Tianyin in the air, and punched right in his abdomen with a rumble!


Zhao Tianyin spat a mouthful of blood out. He was hit until his eyeballs protruded out.

“This punch is a hit for myself! Receive well!”

Zhao Tianyin suffering this punch, his body dropped down with extreme speed.

However, Ye Yuan’s speed was even faster than his, arriving under him like teleporting. A hook punch hit Zhao Tianyin’s lumbar spine directly, hitting him up to the sky again!

“This punch is for my father!”

“This punch is for my mother!”

“This punch is for Star Abyss!”

“This punch is for Shi Haoran!”

. . . . . .

The current Ye Yuan was like a rampaging wild beast. Each punch was filled with violent strength.

Furthermore, each punch he struck out, Ye Yuan could say out a name.

In the end, Ye Yuan practically said all the names of people that he could think of once. Even he himself could not remember clearly how many fists he punched either.

The pent-up rage previously obtained a release in these punches after punches.

Everyone started dumbfoundedly at this time, uncertain why the situation would reverse so quickly.

Ye Yuan clearly did not have the strength to retaliate previously already. In a blink of an eye, he actually came back to life with full health?

But Ye Yuan beating the king in their hearts until like this, not knowing why, they actually felt quite thrilled in their hearts!

Maybe they were too disappointed with Zhao Tianyin today, right?

“I have nothing more to say either!”

Finally, Ye Yuan seriously could not think of who he should hit for, so he smashed a punch onto Zhao Tianyin’s chest directly, hitting him down from the air.

Zhao Tianyin’s body was like a cannonball, smashing heavily onto the ground, blasting out a huge pit in the ground!

Some martial artists saw from far away that a peerless powerhouse of his generation was actually beaten until he did not have human form anymore.

However, Zhao Tianyin was a Boundless Realm powerhouse in the end. Being beaten until like this by Ye Yuan, he actually still had one breath hanging in there.

Ye Yuan landed slowly from the air, landing beside Zhao Tianyin.

The cause of the bulk of Ye Yuan’s wrath was due to his parents. Zhao Tianyin treating Ye Hang husband and wife like that previously, it made him unable to endure it.

This round of beating, Ye Yuan did not pull his punches the slightest bit, unleashing all the strength in his body, and also venting a greater part of the rage in his heart.

Earlier, Ye Yuan’s actions were extremely swift. Everyone did not see clearly Ye Yuan’s condition at all.

Only with Ye Yuan standing still at this time did everyone discover that he did not come back to life with full health.

Zhao Tianyin’s shamelessness from before still caused Ye Yuan tremendous damage.

Ye Yuan was currently covered in wounds all over, his essence energy expended to the limit, looking very frail.

It was very hard for everyone to imagine just how he achieved that sort of high-intensity attacks earlier!

“W-Why . . . is it . . . like this?” Zhao Tianyin hung onto one last breath. Until now, he still did not dare to believe everything that happened prior to this.

Ye Yuan’s wounds were absolutely not fake. That simply could not deceive his eyes at all.

Moreover, the final explosion, Ye Yuan used all of his essence energy to protect Ye Hang husband and wife, and he himself forcefully suffered the explosive power of hundreds of Tier 5 Pyroblast Talismans.

If it were others, they would already be deader than dead long ago!

Yet, Ye Yuan actually still had the strength to retaliate under such severe injuries!

Could it be that this fellow . . . was a freak?

Ye Yuan smiled coldly and said, “Do you think that I have the need to tell you? A person like you is only fit to be a muddled ghost! A person like you, exploiting your subjects’ loyalty to you, and you made them become other people’s nutrients. Deplorable! A person like you, plunging the people into an abyss of suffering for your own selfish desires. Selfish! A person like you, stopping at nothing for the sake of victory. Despicable! Therefore, you’re not fit at all to know why you would fail!”