Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 702

Chapter 702 New Wind Emperor

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“I . . . I’m . . . I’m unresigned!”

Zhao Tianyin was already on his dying breath. But that desire to live on in his eyes was incomparably intense.

Facing death, even if he was a high and mighty king, he could not achieve composure either.

Ye Yuan had to thank Long Teng for being able to strike back.

The last time he helped to pummel the dragon lord brutally, Long Teng became happy and taught Ye Yuan a dragon race cultivation method again. The name was Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art!

This was a cultivation method which exerted the dragon race’s physical body to the extreme!

Ye Yuan cultivating this cultivation method could stimulate the dragon blood power in his body, making his physical body possess a powerful recovery ability!

The present Ye Yuan still only had an initial glimpse of the door.

Wait until he trained this cultivation method to the extreme, and it could virtually make his fleshy body reach the degree of undying and eternal!

Of course, Long Teng told Ye Yuan that unless one was able to reach the Deity Realm, otherwise, it was simply impossible to train to that sort of level.

This was the limitation of a bloodline. A divine beast’s bloodline was two completely different concepts from ordinary dragon race bloodline.

Even so, this move was also extremely formidable.

When Ye Yuan was suffering the Pyroblast Talismans’ explosions, he mustered up all the dragon blood power in his entire body, going all out to restore his body’s wounds!

Although the Pyroblast Talismans were powerful, they were only Tier 5 talismans in the end. The injuries dealt to Ye Yuan from the explosive power, he finished recovering very quickly.

“Unresigned huh? Then those people killed by you, which one of them were willing?” Ye Yuan said with a cold smile.

Although Zhao Tianyin’s injuries were extremely severe, he was conscious.

At this time, the corners of his eyes actually had tears flowing down. No idea if he was regretting deeply or mourning for himself either.

But his tears did not obtain a single trace of pity.

Ye Yuan was still revolving the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art at this time, restoring the injuries on his body continuously.

“I can give you a chance. Say out the person instigating behind you, and I can consider giving you a way out!” Ye Yuan suddenly changed his tune and said.

In comparison to Zhao Tianyin, Ye Yuan was actually more wary of the person, or force behind him.

Not that Ye Yuan was kind and soft-hearted. It was just that toward people like Zhao Tianyin, if Ye Yuan did not give him something sweet, he absolutely would not be willing to say it out.

Ye Yuan naturally very much wanted to kill Zhao Tianyin too. But he was even more interested in the force behind Zhao Tianyin.

But Ye Yuan obviously would not do something like letting the tiger return to the mountains. Him not killing Zhao Tianyin did not mean not turning him into a cripple!

Indeed, when Zhao Tianyin heard Ye Yuan’s words, his gaze involuntarily turned intent. Clearly, he did not expect that Ye Yuan actually knew so much. But his expression became complicated very quickly. Evidently, he was struggling incessantly in his heart.

“You’ve done so much for them. But aren’t you just a dog in their eyes? You, a First Level Boundless Realm, being stagnant for such a long time. With their strength, they could have let you ascend to the Divine Realm long ago. But in the end?” Ye Yuan said.

The moment Zhao Tianyin heard, his body involuntarily started to tremble slightly.

Evidently, Ye Yuan’s words touched the most painful place in his heart.

Ye Yuan seeing that he was loosening up, carried on and said, “Hence, stop having some unrealistic dreams already. Maybe in their eyes, you’re even less than a dog! Or, do you really think that you’re irreplaceable? As long as they are willing, they can swap other people to be this Wind Emperor anytime!”

When Ye Yuan was saying this, he clearly felt Zhao Tianyin’s body becoming stiff.

“F-Fine . . .” Zhao Tianyin barely squeezed out a word.

Ye Yuan’s heart stirred, and he asked, “You say. I’ll listen.”

“Blood . . .”

Zhao Tianyin only said one word and a horrifying aura came from a distance!

Ye Yuan had a sudden premonition. Only to see a black stream of light arriving in front of him in a blink of an eye!

This horrifying aura absolutely belonged to Boundless Realm!

Ye Yuan was astonished in his heart but did not have time to think too much, hurriedly dodging aside.

The black stream of light had a force akin to 30 thousand catties. Its speed was unbelievably fast.

Ye Yuan wanted to go and save Zhao Tianyin, but it was essentially too late already.


The black flowing light stabbed into Zhao Tianyin’s body without deviating, instantly wrecking all chances of survival.

And only at this time did the people realise that that black stream of light was actually a black-colored heavy spear!

Black qi revolved around the black spear. Just by looking, it made people feel a chill deep in their hearts.

Zhao Tianyin clenched his jaws tightly, both eyes protruding out, staring dead at that black figure in the air. Till death, he did not believe that this person would make a move to eradicate him.

Ye Yuan’s gaze also locked onto that silhouette, his expression darkening slightly.

That person was swathed in black qi all around his body and could not make out his features at all. But Ye Yuan had a sensation of deja vu.

The feeling that this person gave him was exceedingly dangerous, even more dangerous than Zhao Tianyin!

He never would have expected that the Fierce Gale World was actually still hiding another Boundless Realm powerhouse!

Under everyone’s gazes, the person slowly landed from the air, landing beside Zhao Tianyin.


He pulled the heavy spear straight out of Zhao Tianyin’s body. Fresh blood sprayed right out. Zhao Tianyin’s head slanted, already deader than dead.

It was just that his eyes were still wide-open at this time. Clearly, he died with injustice unredressed.

“Ye Yuan, you didn’t expect this, right? We meet again!” That person swung the long spear and said coldly.

Black silhouette, long spear!

Ye Yuan finally connected this image in front of him with a person!

“Zhao Chenggan!”

“Heh heh, to think that you still remember me! Didn’t expect it right, that I could still stand in front of you one day and wash away my former disgrace!”

This person being surrounded by black qi was actually Seventh Prince, Zhao Chenggan!

“His Highness, the Seventh Prince! It’s actually His Highness, the Seventh Prince! He . . . Didn’t he had his dantian crippled by Ye Yuan? This . . . What’s going on here?”

“Seventh Prince’s temperament changed drastically. He must have experienced something that we have no way of imagining! But looking at his aura now, he actually became a Boundless Realm powerhouse already! How is this possible?”

“Seventh Prince actually killed his own father with his own hands! This father and son pair, they are seriously . . .”

“All shut up for me! Starting from today onwards, I’m the new Wind Emperor! Zhao Tianyin’s era has already completely become the past!” Zhao Chenggan suddenly roared, saying to everyone in the capital.

Those martial artists were originally discussing animatedly. But at this time, they did not even dare to breathe loudly.

Zhao Chenggan’s imposing momentum was too powerful. They simply could not muster up the courage to resist.

“Huhu, you killed your own father in front of so many subjects. Could it be that you’re hoping they would submit to a person like you?”

Ye Yuan’s swept a glance over. Seeing that most people had an indignant expression but did not dare to speak up, he could not help laughing mockingly.

But Zhao Chenggan did not become angry. He still said coldly, “Could it be that in this world, only he is permitted to murder his children, while I’m not allowed to murder my father? Are you aware of how the royal descendants spent so many years? Starting from the moment we were born, we would engage in a cruel competition between us brothers! In the end, only the most outstanding person will be able to live on! Third Elder Brother was like so, I’m like that too! Third Elder Brother was forsaken by him without any hesitation just because he offended Star Abyss! The last time, being crippled by you, I’d already thought that I was certain to die. Who knew that God opened his eyes and made me have another fortuitous encounter! Hahaha! Let me ask you, should a father like that not be killed?”