Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 703

Chapter 703 Frontal Clash

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Within Zhao Tianyins words, his resentment soared to the heaven but gave people a feeling of pity.

Born in a royal family, one had no free will.

The mortal world was like so, let alone a monarch who was in control of a world.

With Zhao Tianyins character, it was naturally impossible to have any gentle measures.

As his son, it was also considered a tragedy for Zhao Chenggan.

But Ye Yuan did not have any sympathy for him. Zhao Chenggan here was a typical case of wallowing in degeneration, selling his soul for strength; not worth sympathy at all.

"He deserves to be killed, but he shouldnt be killed by you! You want to be this Wind Emperor, but what can you convince the masses with?" Ye Yuan said coolly.

Zhao Tianyin said in a cold voice, "With what? Of course, its with my strength! Im a Boundless Realm powerhouse now, whose strength is even more powerful than Zhao Tianyins! They all . . . Who dares to not yield?!"

As he said, Zhao Chenggan swept a glance over everyone. Places that his gaze reached, those people all lowered their heads one after another.

"Je je je,you saw that? The martial artist world, only by possessing strength, can one obtain respect! Im the Fierce Gale Worlds number one person! Who dares to not submit!" Zhao Chenggan laughed sinisterly.

Ye Yuan gave him a rather pitiful glance and said coolly, "Respect? Youre thinking too much. You dont understand the significance of this word at all. Forget it. Looking at your appearance, rambling about these with you is also useless. Looks like the support behind you all have already forsaken Zhao Tianyin, but switched to choosing you. Since you killed Zhao Tianyin, then it will be up to you to tell me the identity of your master then."

Zhao Chenggan killing Zhao Tianyin with a spear was clearly in order to silence a man in order to keep a secret, afraid that he would divulge the secret.

But sadly, Zhao Tianyin only said a word, blood, and was killed with Zhao Chenggan.

The forces carrying the word blood in the Divine Realm were too many to enumerate. One word was simply unable to determine just which force it was.

"Je je je,do you think that you can be arrogant in front of me by defeating Zhao Tianyin? Let me tell you, even if he was at his prime, me killing him is also as easy is flipping my hands!" Zhao Chenggan said with a cold laugh.

The current Zhao Chenggan was very different from Ye Yuans impression back then. It could be said to be two entirely different people.

Although the Zhao Chenggan back then was overbearing, he had an aura of disdaining all under the heavens. But the present Zhao Chenggan was ghastly like a ghost, giving people a chill without even speaking a word.

No one knew what kind of remolding he experienced these few years.

"Whether or not I have the qualifications to be arrogant in front of you, wouldnt you know after fighting?" Ye Yuan said coolly.

"Heh,I had a full view of your battle with Zhao Tianyin. That palm was indeed incomparably daunting. But that should be your ace in the hole, right? However . . . just based on that one palm, you cant win me!"

Zhao Chenggans voice had yet to fade, and his entire person already vanished from where he was!

"Blood Carnage Fiendshadow Spear!

A terrifying sanguine power spread out, instantly enveloping Ye Yuan inside.

The black qi on the spear body also carried an exceedingly gloomy cold aura, charging towards Ye Yuan.

Of course, the scariest thing was still that heavy spear!

A straightforward spear, without the slightest trace of flashiness. But like Ye Yuans Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm, it made the space unable to withstand and fragment.

It was just that the powerful restoration ability of the space patched up these cracks very quickly.

"So powerful! When did Seventh Prince possess such formidable strength?"

"Seventh Princes cultivation method and martial technique are all vastly different from before; this is akin to casting off his old self and being reborn!"

"Yeah. His attack clearly isnt targeted at me. But I feel discomfort all over my body! However . . . his attack is really very strong! Absolutely not beneath that palm of Ye Yuans!"

"Could it be that . . . such a person will be our king in the future? Then how will our days be after this?!"

On this very day, all of the Fierce Gale Worlds royal familys filthiness was all laid bare in front of the world.

Looking at Zhao Chenggans character now, if he were to become the wind emperor, there probably would not be good days to live in the future either.

Facing this spear comparable to the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm, Ye Yuan did not dare to slight it either, directly utilizing the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood, blocking the sanguine power completely outside his body.

"Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!"

Ye Yuan unleashed a palm without any hesitation!

An azure and a black, two attacks, collided together fiercely, slamming out a massive shockwave directly.


The buildings in the vicinity of Ye Yuan and Zhao Chenggan were directly shocked to dust by the aftershock, collapsing with a loud bang!

Those martial artists were long prepared and already retreated very far away. But there were still quite a number of people being affected.

Those whose strength were slightly weaker were even shocked to death immediately!

The first round, evenly-matched in strength!

"Je je je,didnt expect that my sanguine power actually cant influence you! Ye Yuan, your methods are truly quite a lot! Zhao Chenggan said with a strange laugh.

The essence energy within Ye Yuans body surged. It was very unpleasant under this blow.

It was not that his strength was lacking, but the injuries he sustained previously were too severe. Even if he had consumed essence energy recovery medicinal pills and the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art, it was also not possible to recover to his peak state in a short duration.

And Zhao Chenggan attacking at this time was in his prime condition. He naturally held a very dominant position.

It was also just Ye Yuan. If it were others, they would have no strength at all to battle again at this time.

Facing such a peerlessly formidable blow, who could still have the strength to counterattack?

But Zhao Chenggans strength indeed could not be mentioned in the same breath anymore.

Putting aside other things, just the might of this one spear, was far, far more powerful compared to when he fought with Ye Yuan back then.

If he cultivated normally to the Boundless Realm, there was absolutely no way to attain this kind of strength!

"Heretic and unorthodox path! Just this bit of means and you want to deal with me?"

This spear of Zhao Chenggan, integrating together, was absolutely formidable to the extreme. But losing the threat of the sanguine power, its might would have to be greatly discounted.

The effect of sanguine power on ordinary martial artists was huge. In a battle, it could even determine victory or defeat.

But this move did not work on Ye Yuan, No matter how powerful it was, it was useless too.

"Ha!Truly shameless boasting! If I didnt guess it wrongly, that palm move earlier was already your limit, right? But that spear move just now, I can unleash it limitlessly! I want to see how many times you can use that level of palm force!"

Finished talking, Zhao Chenggan actually lifted his spear once again!

It was still the exact same attack!

Ye Yuans brows furrowed. He had no choice but to use the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm once more.

The power of this spear of Zhao Chenggans was extremely strong. Other martial techniques probably could not receive it at all!

This fellow was forcing him to clash head-on with him!

Relying on his condition being at the peak, he wanted to use the strongest martial technique to clash head-on with him.

Powerful martial techniques were immensely taxing on the body. With Ye Yuans current body condition, he was unable to hold up at all.

This kind of confrontation way was a little too shameless.


Another clash. The area in the vicinity of Ye Yuan and Zhao Chenggan were already fully rubble and rock fragments, becoming a wasteland.

Receiving this blow, Ye Yuan tasted sweetness in his throat, and finally could not bear it and spat blood.

"Haha!Liberating! Again!" Zhao Chenggan said with a big laugh.

As he said, Zhao Chenggan held his spear and went forward again!