Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 704

Chapter 704 Rending The Sky

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One spear followed another. Zhao Chenggan’s vigor was seemingly inexhaustible!

If Ye Yuan was at his peak condition, there was naturally no harm in fighting it out with him. But this sort of situation right now already made him pile injury on top of injuries.

“Haha, Ye Yuan, why are you getting weaker and weaker? I regarded you as an adversary of a lifetime. Your performance disappoints me greatly!’ Zhao Chenggan said haughtily.

Clashing five to six times in a row, Ye Yuan’s body was already reaching its limits.

It was true that the dragon race’s physical body was powerful. But no matter how powerful, it had to have a limit as well.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm was not considered high. It was too far away from the degree of undying and imperishable.

The two people fought from land to the air. Each impact would make the entire capital tremble.

These two people, their offensive power were seriously too formidable!

“Master, the situation is not good! If this continues, Little Junior Brother is going to lose!” Shi Haoran still called Ye Yuan little junior brother out of habit.

Star Abyss’s injuries had yet to heal at this time. He could only heave a sigh and say, “This degree of fighting, is simply not what we are able to get involved in! Now that it came to this, we can only hope that Ye Yuan can have a miraculous move to win.”

Shi Haoran could not help choking up when he heard that.

Yeah. Boundless Realm level great battle, he did not have the qualifications of joining in at all.

If he got close, the aftershocks of the two people’s battle were able to instantly kill him.

Shi Haoran looked at his little junior brother falling back repeatedly in the air, looking forward for a miracle to happen in his heart anxiously.


Another clash. Ye Yuan was directly knocked back 10 thousand feet away, fresh blood spurting out crazily.

“Tsk tsk, Ye Yuan, aren’t you known as an unparalleled genius hard to come across in 10 thousand years? Why do you only have this bit of strength? I became this manner today all for the sake of having a showdown with you once more! Can’t you bring out a little of some special skill and let me witness the power and prestige of an unparalleled genius?” Zhao Chenggan said with a smug look.

Ye Yuan wiped the fresh blood at the corners of his mouth and suddenly said with a smile, “Zhao Chenggan, you’re equally as worthless as your old man! Even if you’ve fallen into depravity and forcefully increased your strength, you’re a craven rat too!”

The moment Zhao Chenggan heard this, his entire person suddenly flew into a violent rage and said, “Don’t put me in the same category as that fellow! In front of me, he isn’t even fit to carry my shoes!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Is that so? You prate on and one about how I’m your adversary of a lifetime. But you don’t even have the courage to have a frontal battle! Isn’t it that . . . you still have some fear towards me in your heart? Looks like that battle last time still left an indelible shadow in your heart.”

Ye Yuan clearly made Zhao Chenggan lose his composure.

“You shut your mouth for me! I’m a high and mighty Boundless Realm powerhouse! Whence the fear in my heart? Are you trying to use words to mess up my state of mind, and seek an opportunity to exploit? Haha, dream on!”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said with a sigh, “Merely a vanquished foe. Why do I need to upset your state of mind? Being at the Boundless Realm let you find this sort of illusionary sense of satisfaction. Really ignorant! A person like you is simply unable to understand what’s called genuine might! However, it looks like your mental demon is planted deeply and you’re simply unable to transcend the tribulation of ascension already.”

“I asked you shut your mouth, didn’t you hear?! After I kill you, I’ll be able to transcend the tribulation of ascension all the same! Just the likes of you also wish to stop my path of ascension?” Zhao Chenggan suddenly became berserk.

Ye Yuan’s mind stirred. Xuanying Sword appeared in his hand.

All of a sudden, there was a turn of events!

Ye Yuan held the Xuanying Sword, looking at Zhao Chenggan from a distance and said, “Zhao Chenggan, before you die, I’ll give you a lesson! Being a dog, you will forever be unable to obtain powerful strength! Today, I’ll let you have a look at what’s called a genuine powerhouse!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan waved the longsword. A stirring and majestic aura spread out.

Storms suddenly started raging in the originally calm and peaceful capital.

Above the firmament, no idea where the dark clouds came from either, it actually blotted out the sky and obscured the sun!

The sword intent on Ye Yuan’s body surged towards the skies!

His entire being seemed to have become the embodiment of heaven and earth. And within this stretch of heaven and earth, there were intangible sword intent wandering about everywhere!

“W-What a powerful aura! This . . . Is this sword intent? How can an individual’s sword intent possibly be powerful to such an extent?”

“This degree of sword intent probably far surpassed true intent already, right? Why do I have the feeling that what Zhao Chenggan is facing is the entire world of sword intent?”

“Truly too terrifying! Is this a genuine powerhouse? A sovereign descending upon the world, but not tyrannical. Eclipsing this present age, but not riding roughshod over others! This Ye Yuan actually made me have an impulse to prostrate in worship!”

“Yeah. This is a true king; this is totally different from the feeling Zhao Chenggan gives people!”

Ye Yuan’s sword move had yet to be released, but it already made the world change color because of it!

The Fierce Gale World martial artists were actually brought into submission by him!

Ye Yuan’s might made people give birth to the feeling of being unrivaled!

No matter how powerful a person was, there was also no way to be more powerful than a world. But Ye Yuan right now became the incarnation of the entire world!

When Zhao Chenggan saw this scene, his countenance could not help changing abruptly.

He never could have dreamed that Ye Yuan actually still had strength left over to execute such a horrifying martial technique.

Even though this move was not released yet, without needing to think, one would also know that this was bound to be an earth-shattering blow!

Zhao Chenggan gnashed his teeth until it made grinding sounds. In a cold voice, he said, “He who strikes first prevails; he who strikes late fails! The greatest drawback of this move is that the time to unleash it takes too long!”

Figuring out this link, Zhao Chenggan no longer hesitated. Sanguine power immediately erupted!

“Bloodflame billowing to the skies, Spear of Absolute Tyrannism!”

At this instant, Zhao Chenggan seemingly became the incarnation of a fiendgod.

That bloody qi which surged to the skies all gathered onto the tip of the spear!

He knew that sanguine power was completely useless to Ye Yuan. Hence, he directly used it to amplify his martial technique!

And this move, it was also the most powerful attack that he was able to unleash right now!

If it were in normal times, this move of his would absolutely be earthshaking.

But at this time, in front of Ye Yuan, it was like a clown showing off.

Zhao Chenggan’s aura was simply unable to shake Ye Yuan the least bit!

But Zhao Chenggan did not care at all. He wanted to kill Ye Yuan before Ye Yuan unleashed this move.

A spear unleashing, carried an aura which advanced with an indomitable spirit. The area it passed through, space fragmented inch by inch!

“Go to hell!”

Zhao Chenggan seemed to have fused into one body with the heavy spear. The might of this one spear could not be underestimated.

He seemingly teleported, arriving directly in the place over a hundred feet in front of Ye Yuan.

Yet . . . this distance was also his limit!

“ARGHHH . . . !”

Zhao Chenggan’s roared at the top of his voice, concentrating all the essence energy and sanguine power in his body all onto the tip of the spear.

However, his spear tip was actually no longer able to advance forward even an inch anymore.

The hundred feet radius around Ye Yuan actually had like a barrier activated. No matter how transcendent your means were, you were also unable to breach this barrier!

Right then, Ye Yuan slowly opened both eyes. Looking pitifully at the Zhao Chenggan who was giving it his all, he said indifferently, “One sword breaking heaven and earth, one thought shaking the firmament! Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword, Rending . . . the . . . Sky!”

One sword out, the entire world fell silent!