Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 705

Chapter 705 A Heart Which Leans Towards The Dao

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No fancy usage of essence energy, no flashy actions!

What it was, was just a simple and unadorned sword!

What there was, was only sword intent condensed to the limit!

The heavy spear in Zhao Chenggan’s hand was a mid-grade profound artifact level weapon. It could be said to be indestructible.

However, the instant Ye Yuan unleashed his sword, it actually split into two-halves directly from the spearhead!


The place where Zhao Chenggan was at already did not have his figure.

The place he stood at, space at that area had a massive spatial crack slashed out!

This spatial crack was a full thousand feet long!

What created this spatial crack was naturally that sword of Ye Yuan’s.

And Zhao Chenggan’s entire person was already buried in oblivion by Ye Yuan’s sword intent!

This enormous spatial crack seemingly had an opening tore open by someone in the air. Inside was filled with violent spatial turbulent flow.

Zhao Chenggan’s long spear was devoured by the turbulent spatial flow directly.

It was as if that violent spatial turbulent flow wanted to swallow all of the surroundings, sucking the surrounding things towards the limitless darkness.

Ye Yuan was merely a hundred over feet away from that spatial crack. But no matter how powerful that spatial turbulent flow’s suction force was, he was completely unmoved like a pine tree!

The recovery ability of the space was very formidable. Very soon, that thousand feet long massive gouge was recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye.

After several dozen breaths, the spatial crack was completely finished restoring.

Everything returned to tranquility!

And in this world, there was no longer Zhao Chenggan this person.

The entire capital seemed to be an empty city at this time. Starting from just now, there had not been the slightest bit of sound.

The shock that this one sword gave them was incomparably intense.

So much so that after everything vanished into thin air, all of them still had not come back to their senses.

This one sword gave them endless recollection of the aftertaste.

This kind of sword intent which surpassed a small world was not what everyone had the opportunity to see!

After this, who knows how many martial artists in the Fierce Gale World attained the dao because of this, their strength advancing greatly.

“W-Wind Emperor, Your Majesty!”

No idea how long passed, finally, there was someone who came back to his senses. And his first reaction was to bow down towards Ye Yuan.

With one person leading, there were others concurring.

They all bowed down one after another and actually wanted to let Ye Yuan be their Wind Emperor!

Ye Yuan put away the sword and stood there, overlooking all life. He did not do it deliberately, but he had the demeanor of a king.

“I won’t become your wind emperor. You all don’t need a wind emperor either! Martial artists believing in others, will never ever become a powerhouse. A martial artist’s faith can only be their own heart: A heart which leans towards the Dao!”

“Tear down the Central Capital . . . This capital is your Fierce Gale World martial artists’ cage. Break it and you guys will discover another world!”

“The Fierce Gale World’s living conditions indeed cannot compare to the Endless World’s. However, those raging gale winds are actually a superb venue for cultivation!”

“As long as one’s heart which leans towards the Dao is firm, one day, you’ll surely be able to shatter the void and ascend to the Divine Realm!”

Ye Yuan’s faint voice echoed throughout the entire capital’s air, enlightening the benighted.

Ye Yuan’s statement was an entirely new concept to the Fierce Gale World martial artists.

No idea since when, they were already used to being ruled by the Wind Emperor.

The old Wind Emperor died, there naturally needed to be a new Wind Emperor to succeed the throne.

Zhao Chenggan became a Boundless Realm powerhouse. Even though he did not enjoy popular support, if there weren’t Ye Yuan’s existence, they would still hail him as king and carry on living.

Ye Yuan killed the Zhao Tianyin, father and son. He was the Fierce Gale World’s strongest person. Therefore, it stood to reason that he should become the next Wind Emperor.

Today’s battle, Ye Yuan’s character was plain for everybody to see.

There was no one better than such a person becoming the Wind Emperor.

But now, Ye Yuan pointed out a brand new road for them.

In truth, ever since after being ruled by the Wind Emperor, extremely few people in the Fierce Gale World were able to ascend.

These several thousand years, only Li Daohang this one person appeared. It was still breaking down the barrier and ascending with the power of Alchemy Dao.

With the Wind Emperor, this massive mountain spanning across in front, what they thought in their hearts were more of submitting themselves to the rule, and not ascension.

“Alright, that’s all I have. Everyone, take care!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan immediately vanished in front of everybody.

. . . . . .

In Qixia Mountain’s great hall, Ye Yuan sat at the highest seat of honor, while Star Abyss brought the group of disciples and sat at the lower seats.

“Little Junior Brother, you . . .”

Senior Apprentice Brother Tang Zhi was also used to calling him as his little junior brother and was unable to correct it for a moment too. The moment the words came out of his mouth, he immediately felt that it was not right and hurriedly shut his mouth and did not speak.

The pressure which the current Ye Yuan gave them was seriously too great.

But Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that and said, “Senior brothers, don’t need to be so reserved! You guys were Ye Yuan’s senior brothers in the past. In the future, you’ll likewise be my senior brothers! Senior brothers, just address me as your little junior brother, and that will do.”

“Ha, like I said, Little Junior Brother isn’t that kind of person! But you all just wouldn’t listen! Oh, right, Little Junior Brother, that final sword of yours was truly too terrifying! I still have a lingering fear in my heart when recalling it now. That one sword, should have far surpassed true intent, right?”

Tang Zhi had an alarmed appearance. Clearly, he was really frightened by it.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said smilingly, “Above true intent is supreme true intent! That sword was precisely unleashed with supreme true intent.”

For such a long time, although Ye Yuan had been using the Scorching True Intent and Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm all along, he had not put down his comprehension towards sword intent for even a moment.

His Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword was already approaching major accomplishment. Therefore, comprehension was increasingly slower.

Even so, Ye Yuan still comprehended his strongest form to this date after breaking through to the Divine Traversing Realm: Rending the Sky!

It was just that the time needed to execute this move was too long. Plus, Zhao Tianyin threatened with Ye Hang husband and wife. So he did not have the chance to exhibit this move at all.

Actually, before Ye Yuan came, he did not think that he would use this move either.

This was his true final trump card martial technique at present. Unless there were no other alternatives, he absolutely would not use it.

But nobody could have thought that the current Zhao Chenggan would actually be so powerful.

Just based on that final spear of his, even if Ye Yuan used the spirit rank Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm, it was also impossible to be his match.

Rather, supreme true intent this term, it was still everyone’s first time hearing it. They could not help inquiring about it from Ye Yuan very curiously.

Towards this group of senior brothers, Ye Yuan was also on very intimate terms with. He naturally did not hold much back from them either.

When they understood how hard it was to comprehend supreme true intents, their gazes when looking at Ye Yuan become extremely odd.

Ye Yuan was long used to these sort of eyes. He just smiled faintly and did not mind it.

When Ye Yuan finished dealing with the group of senior brothers, Star Abyss made them withdraw. There were only two of them left in the great hall.

Some words were hard to say in front of their faces.

“Star Abyss, looks like your cultivation recently had results and already broke through to late-stage Alchemy Sovereign,” Ye Yuan said with Star Abyss with a smile.

Star Abyss sweated profusely. He only broke through a minor boundary, but Ye Yuan already crossed several major cultivation realms. He even finished off the Boundless Realm Zhao Chenggan with one sword.

All of this still made him have a feeling that he was dreaming.