Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 706

Chapter 706 Giving A Plum In Return For A Peach

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In the Central Capital’s royal family, a ghostly black shadow stood in the depths of the dark void.

Thick sanguine qi pervaded all around him, giving people a kind of extremely bizarre sensation.

Even though the sanguine power in Zhao Chenggan’s body was thick, compared to this, it paled in comparison.

Those sanguine qi all flowed out from one small flask after another, converging onto that black shadow’s hand.

Looking over closely, that black shadow’s hand was actually holding a clear bead. And that bead, because large quantities of sanguine power came together, it gradually became a dark red color.

After a long while, that bead became a blood bead.

While those sanguine power inside each one of those small bottles were already absorbed clean!

Those small bottles were precisely that kind which Ye Yuan saw outside of Crimsonlight City.

It was just that the small flasks around the dark shadow had a full 10 thousand of them. It could be seen how much sanguine power was stored inside!

“Je je . . . The Bloodsoul Bead is finally refined successfully! In order to refine this one Bloodsoul Bead, it was really troublesome!” The black shadow looked at the blood-colored bead in his hand and said with a strange laugh.

“That Zhao Tianyin father and son, truly two fools. To not even able to manage this small matter well! But that brat indeed has some skill. At a young age, he could actually comprehend a supreme true intent to such a boundary. Most likely, it also belongs to the apex in the Divine Realm, right? It’s a shame that those few old fellows are keeping an eye too closely. I could only have a clone come down. Otherwise, I’ll definitely erase that brat first! But with Master’s strength, even if this brat was any more heaven-defying, it’s impossible to be his match either. Just let him live a few more years then. Wait until Master’s grand matter has succeeded, then coming to eliminate this brat wouldn’t be late either!”

The black shadow clearly knew everything that happened in the Central Capital like the palm of his own hand. It was just that limited to certain circumstances, he was unable to take action, and let Zhao Tianyin father and son take action.

Except, he never thought that Ye Yuan’s strength was actually so formidable. The might of that final sword, even he admired it very much as well.

That was completely the overwhelming of concepts; it was unrelated to cultivation realm!

Those able to achieve this could be counted on one’s fingers in the Divine Realm too.

The most important thing was that Ye Yuan was still an aboriginal. To be able to achieve this point was even more praiseworthy of his amazing skill!

“Forget it. Bringing the Bloodsoul Bead back to report completion of the task is the urgent matter on hand. That boy’s affairs, just put it aside to think about it in the future.”

Finished talking, that black shadow’s figure moved, merging into the darkness immediately.

. . . . . .

Inside Qixia Mountain’s great hall, Star Abyss was sweating profusely.

“Senior must be joking. If not for Senior’s guidance, Star Abyss’s achievements in this lifetime would probably end here too,” Star Abyss said in trepidation.

When Ye Yuan was staying at Qixia Mountain, he had indeed given Star Abyss pointers a few times.

Even though the number of times was not many, Star Abyss had gleaned considerable benefits.

For Star Abyss to be able to reach middle-stage sovereign level under such an environment like the Fierce Gale World, he himself was this world’s pinnacle figure.

With his comprehension ability plus Ye Yuan’s pointers which came from a strategically advantageous position, breaking through was obviously also something which happened naturally without extra effort.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Your talent isn’t bad. But it still a little inferior compared to Li Daohang’s. But with me around, what difficulty is there in you surpassing Li Daohang in the future?”

Star Abyss sweated heavily and hurriedly said, “Master he is highly gifted. How can Junior dare have extravagant hopes of surpassing his elderly self?”

Ye Yuan said disdainfully, “Bullshit! Highly gifted?! His talent is also just ordinary when placed in the Divine Realm! Only putting a pretense in front of you all. Forget it, don’t talk about him anymore. That day, I promised you to help you refine the Soul Meld Pill. Are the spirit medicines prepared?”

Star Abyss’s entire body trembled when he heard that and said agitatedly, “The spirit medicines were prepared long ago. When is Senior . . . going to start work to refine the pill?”

The Soul Meld Pill was a transcendent divine medicine to Star Abyss. Whether or not he could break through to the Alchemy Ancestor Realm would be up to the Soul Meld Pill.

It was just that if Ye Yuan did not take the initiative to mention it, Star Abyss did not dare to ask either.

The current Ye Yuan was no longer that brat at his mercy back then. He already grew into a genuine powerhouse.

Now, Ye Yuan taking the initiate to mention it, Star Abyss was naturally beside himself with excitement.

Ye Yuan said nonchalantly when he heard that, “Any time works. Right now then. Just command people to deliver the spirit medicines over will do.”

Star Abyss was stunned, “Uh . . . right here?”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “En, just right here. You just care about sending the spirit medicines over will do. Don’t need to bother about other things.”

“. . . . . .”

Star Abyss was helpless and could only order people to deliver the spirit medicines prepared beforehand over.

Ye Yuan did not avoid either, refining finish the Soul Meld Pill in front of Star Abyss. From start to end, it did not expend much time either.

The pill refinement finishing, Star Abyss by the side was long enthralled from watching already.

Back then when Ye Yuan helped the Xiao Family battle in alchemy, what he refined was still only Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills.

It was impressive, but compared to Tier 5 medicinal pills, the difference was like heaven and earth.

However, Ye Yuan refined a high-level Tier 5 medicinal pill in front of him right now. This was truly a marvelous work of art.

“This . . . Is this the strength of an Alchemy Emperor?” Star Abyss muttered to himself under his breath.

But Ye Yuan laughed when he heard that and said, “Stop guessing on your own. The boundary of Alchemy Emperor is simply not what the current you are able to imagine. The refinement just now was merely just the tip of the iceberg of an Alchemy Emperor’s strength.”

Star Abyss came back to his senses. His face could not help looking embarrassed.

His boundary from Alchemy Emperor had a difference of quite a few major boundaries. These words of Ye Yuan was already giving consideration of his face.

The strength of Alchemy Emperor Realm, he had no way of imagining at all.

But when he saw the Soul Meld Pill that Ye Yuan handed over, he lost composure once again!

“T-Transcendent grade!” Star Abyss’s hand trembled, and he nearly dropped the medicinal pill on the floor.

A transcendent-grade Soul Meld Pill was absolutely able to ensure him breaking through to the Alchemy Ancestor Realm!

This casual refinement of Ye Yuan’s practically guaranteed his advancement to Alchemy Ancestor!

This kind of strength was simply inconceivable!

“En. The spirit medicines that you prepared were still comparatively abundant, so I refined another two more. In the future, after you ascend to the Divine Realm, pass those two transcendent-grade Soul Meld Pills to Shi Haoran they all.” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Star Abyss was still a bit more cautious when doing things. Even though he knew that Ye Yuan’s strength was unfathomable, refining pills always had the issue of percentage of error.

Hence, when he got people to prepare, he prepared two more sets of spirit medicines.

It was just that Star Abyss never expected that Ye Yuan actually cooked it all in one pot directly. Furthermore, he refined out three transcendent-grade Soul Meld Pills.

“Many thanks to Senior for bestowing the pills!” Star Abyss said with his heart full of gratitude.

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “On that day, if not for you guys, master and disciples, protecting my safety, I might have been killed by Zhao Tianyin long ago. Just a few medicinal pills. It isn’t considered much to me. Just take it as repaying you all the grace of caring. Moreover, you’re Li Daohang’s disciple. You’re also considered my progeny disciple.”

Star Abyss nodded his head and already threw himself down at Ye Yuan’s feet in admiration.

He was an apex-like figure in the Fierce Gale World. But in front of Ye Yuan, he was not even fit to carry his shoes!

“Now that the Zhao Family father and son are removed, I wonder what plans Senior has in the future?” Star Abyss asked.

Ye Yuan said, “I’ll stay for a few days in the capital and guide you guys, master and disciples, for training. After a few days, I’ll return to the Endless World and prepare to ascend to the Divine Realm!”