Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 707

Chapter 707 Unexpected Refusal

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“M-My lord, you aren’t joking, right? The Grand Yan True Sect exhausted their entire sect’s power before barely managing to seal the realm passageway!”

Ning Yixian could not help turning pale with fright when he heard Ye Yuan’s words.

Half a month ago, Ye Yuan surprisingly came back to the Endless World.

After that, everyone all knew the Boundless Realm powerhouse in the Fierce Gale World already succumbed under Ye Yuan’s sword.

For some time, the entire Wu Fang City fell into jubilation!

These few years, they had lived too stiflingly. Especially after Wu Fang City was breached, they could be said to be living in dire suffering.

Including Ning Yixian they all, these peerless powerhouses nearly suffered an annihilation level of calamity.

Even with Ye Yuan overturning the raging tides alone and recapturing the Endless World, that Boundless Realm powerhouse who had never shown his face also brought tremendous psychological pressure on them.

However, Ye Yuan relied on his Divine Traversing Realm cultivation and cut down that Boundless Realm powerhouse.

He forcefully destroyed this great mountain with his strength alone!

How valiant of an achievement was this?!

Ye Yuan did not give much explanation. What he killed was not just one Boundless Realm powerhouse. There was even a Zhao Chenggan who was even stronger than Zhao Tianyin!

But this did not hamper the Endless World martial artists’ idolization towards Ye Yuan!

This sort of thing did not require much propaganda. It spread throughout the entire Endless World very quickly.

For some time, Ye Yuan’s status in the Endless World was akin to a divinity!

Ning Yixian and the others, their attitude towards Ye Yuan underwent a transformation once more.

Ever since Ye Yuan rescued them, they harbored feelings of reverence towards Ye Yuan.

But now, they admired Ye Yuan from the bottom of their hearts, even worshiped!

However, Ning Yixian did not expect that after a time interval of half a month, Ye Yuan actually called him over suddenly, saying that he wanted to seal the realm passageway. This gave him a fright.

Not that he did not trust Ye Yuan’s ability. But the price that the Grand Yan True Sect expended in order to seal the realm passageway was seriously too great!

If it were him, he was probably also unable to do this sort of sacrificing one’s interests for the sake of others thing.

The Grand Yan True Sect’s sect master was absolutely a noble king of great talent and bold vision.

Did Ye Yuan also have to expend such a huge price to seal the realm passageway? Did he require peak Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses to be sacrificed too? These were all things that Ning Yixian was concerned about.

But Ye Yuan did not pay attention to Ning Yixian’s panic. He nodded his head and said, “You send out a notice to the entire Endless World. All Fierce Gale World martial artists must return to their homeland within a month! Otherwise, they will never ever be able to return! Additionally, the Six Extreme Seals Grand Array’s expenditure is massive. These few days, you have to gather sufficient quantities of high-grade essence crystals for me.”

Ye Yuan said these words with a commanding tone. He was naturally aware of Ning Yixian’s concerns, but he would not explain much either.

Seeing Ye Yuan say it solemnly, Ning Yixian did not dare to ask any question. He acknowledged Ye Yuan’s words and withdrew.

. . . . . .

A month later, Ye Yuan exited seclusion and brought a mighty army of experts to the Grand Yan True Sect’s ruins, the Eternal Splendor Palace.

“You guys make the preparations outside. I’ll be right back.”

Ye Yuan gave a command simply, then headed straight for the Eternal Splendor Palace’s third level.

This array formation to enter the third level was too profound. Even though the Fierce Gale World occupied this passageway for such a long time, they were unable to crack the method to enter the third level at all.

A light flashing, Ye Yuan appeared in the Grand Yan Space once more.

“Old Wei!”

Seeing Wei Xiao once again, Ye Yuan still gave him a bow.

This old man guarded the Grand Yan Space bitterly for thousands of years; he was worthy of Ye Yuan respecting him.

Except, seeing Wei Xiao this time, his body became even more transparent, seemingly about to dissipate gradually already.

When Wei Xiao saw that someone actually arrived in the Grand Yan Space again, he could not help revealing an amazed look.

But seeing that familiar face, Wei Xiao’s expression became fascinating.

“You . . . You actually came to the Grand Yan Space again. Is it possible . . .” Wei Xiao said in surprise.

Through the exchange with Ye Yuan last time, Wei Xiao knew that this Eternal Splendor Palace was already seized by the Fierce Gale World.

But Ye Yuan appearing here now, the matter clearly took a turn for the better. It was also no wonder that he was so excited.

Ye Yuan nodded with a smile as he said, “Old Wei guessed correctly. The Fierce Gale World has already been driven back by us. Our Endless World has occupied this realm passageway anew.”

“Hahaha, that’s great! Heaven rewards the faithful! We finally still won!”

Hearing the news Ye Yuan brought, Wei Xiao was in high spirits.

As he said, tears actually coursed down Wei Xiao’s face. With a thud, he knelt down towards the consecration of the Grand Yan True Sect’s sect master in the hall. “Sect Master, did you hear that? The heaven didn’t fail our Endless World in the end! To think that these youngsters in the later generations actually had such strength, defeating a high-order small world!”

As he said, Wei Xiao seemed to have discovered something amiss. Turning his head around suddenly, he asked Ye Yuan, “Brat, you aren’t lying to me, right? The Fierce Gale World has a Boundless Realm powerhouse. How can you all possibly win?”

Ye Yuan smiled as he briefly recounted the events of these two years, leaving Wei Xiao unbelievably shocked.

“You’re saying that you came to seal the realm passageway?” Wei Xiao exclaimed in shock.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “That’s right! The Fierce Gale World is a high-order small world in the end. If I don’t seal the realm passageway, it’s hard to guarantee that another Zhao Tianyin won’t appear in the Fierce Gale World again.”

“But . . . But you’re alone. How can you possibly achieve it?” Wei Xiao clearly still did not quite believe the words Ye Yuan said.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Rest assured, Old Wei. Ye Yuan has already grasped the Grand Yan True Lord true inheritance fully since coming out from inside the stone books. Just a measly little Six Extreme Seals Grand Array. It still can’t stump Junior.”

Wei Xiao was speechless when he heard “A measly little Six Extreme Seals Grand Array.”

If it was measly little, would they need to sacrifice the entire sect’s strength back then?

But Ye Yuan’s words still had some trustworthiness. After all, he also used an inconceivable speed to comprehend the Array Formations Three Volumes back then.

Moreover, although Ye Yuan said it reservedly, he could also discern that the reason why the Endless World was able to repel the Fierce Gale World’s invasion was definitely because Ye Yuan exerted immense effort in it.

At least, Ye Yuan current strength likely would not be weaker than Sect Master’s back then.

Ye Yuan smiled faintly when he saw Wei Xiao’s appearance of still not daring to believe and said, “Old Wei, I’ve already ordered people to gather some materials and can refine a body for you. Although it’s not able to let you recover to your peak condition, seeing the light of day once more is still achievable. If Old Wei doesn’t believe Ye Yuan’s words, you can very well go out yourself to take a look.”

Wei Xiao’s entire body involuntarily shuddered when he heard these words. His face revealed a look of wild elation.

He guarded here bitterly for several thousand years and naturally had a deep longing for the outside world.

Now that he heard that there was actually an opportunity to go out, how could he not be agitated?

Yet, after the agitation, Wei Xiao calmed down very quickly.

He looked at Ye Yuan, shook his head, and said, “Boy, I know that you have good intentions. But . . . I still won’t be going out! Now that the Fierce Gale World has retreated and you also want to seal the realm passageway, my mission . . . is also considered completed. Actually, I was already a dead man long ago. Now that my wish has been fulfilled, I can also go and meet Sect Master they all wearing a smile!”