Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 709

Chapter 709 Sword Qi Surging To The Clouds

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The tribulation of ascension was an entirely different concept from the heavenly tribulation of breaking through cultivation realms!

In terms of power, the power of ascension tribulation was a level higher!

Qi Hai kept on not daring to take this step was because he did not dare to face the tribulation of ascension.

Since time immemorial, there were numerous similar cases of martial artists falling in the ascension tribulations.

Of course, with Ye Yuan’s strength, transcending this tribulation of ascension was not something hard.

But if he brought three people along, then it was completely different!

Once the three of them were at the center where Ye Yuan was transcending the tribulation, the heavenly tribulation would think that these people had the intention of ascending to the Divine Realm!

At that time, the might of the heavenly tribulation would be over a dozen times more powerful than under normal circumstances!

This degree of heavenly tribulation, even with White Light’s strength, just thinking about it made his scalp somewhat tingle too.

“Huhu, there is naturally me to withstand the heavenly tribulation. You just need to take care of yourself!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

White Light was speechless for a while when he heard that. But since Ye Yuan insisted on it, he would also go along even if he had to offer up his life!

The friendship between White Light and Ye Yuan had long surpassed life and death already.

“Young Master, why not . . . I don’t transcend the tribulation? Just let Lu-er cultivate in the Endless World. I believe that before long, I’ll be able to ascend too!” Lu-er was rather worried and also quite unwilling to part as she said.

To make her and Ye Yuan separate, she was naturally full of unwillingness.

But her existence greatly increased Ye Yuan’s danger.

Lu-er’s thinking was very simple. It was fine if she died under the heavenly tribulation. But if it implicated Ye Yuan because of this, then she would not forgive herself even if she died.

Furthermore, Lu-er was not boasting. She only used half a year, and she already broke through to the Sea Transformation Realm.

Ever since after she could cultivate, Lu-er’s cultivation speed could be described using terrifying. Even Ye Yuan’s cultivation speed paled in comparison to her too.

At the rate of her cultivation speed, it did not need more than a few year’s time to reach peak Divine Traversing Realm either.

“Yeah, Master. How about . . . you ascend by yourself first,” Xiao Ruyan also urged.

Ren Dong wanted to speak too, but Ye Yuan pulled a long face and said, “Following your opinions or listening to mine? You guys just have to follow me. When the time comes, I naturally have ways to transcend the heavenly tribulation!”

The moment Ye Yuan flared up, the three people all did not dare to make a sound.

Actually, they were all worried for Ye Yuan. To really make them leave Ye Yuan, they could not bear to part in their hearts either.

The five people’s deliberation was settled. It was naturally up to Ye Yuan’s call.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan’s location to transcend the tribulation was ultimately chosen at an enormous basin ten thousand miles away from the new Tranquil Cloud Sect.

On this day, countless Endless World martial artists gathered around the basin. They were all here to attend the event.

Transcending tribulation and ascending. This was a scene hard to come across in a thousand years in the Endless World.

Many martial artists might not be able to see such a spectacle once in their entire lives.

How could they miss such a grand occasion?

Of course, the ones who were concerned with transcending the tribulation were those late-stage Divine Traversing Realm martial artists.

There were still some people among them with hopes of transcending their tribulation in the future. Coming forward to observe the rites, they could watch the might of the heavenly tribulation at close quarters.

At least, they would also have a benchmark in their hearts.

Hence, Ye Yuan transcending the tribulation this time virtually attracted all the powerhouses in the Endless World over!

The transcending of tribulation had yet to begin, and the surroundings were already densely packed with countless martial artists.

Ye Yuan knew the other martial artists’ reverence and desire toward heavenly tribulation. He was not someone unreasonable and did not curb such a situation.

“Father, Mother, Yuan-er’s tribulation crossing is near at hand. After today, we’ll be separated by two worlds. Meeting again would hardly be easy. These medicinal pills are prepared for Younger Sister by me. Mother, take one every day during the last three months before giving birth. Not only can it ensure Young Sister to be safe and sound, but it’s also highly beneficial to her future cultivation,” said Ye Yuan who passed a bottle of medicinal pills to Ye Hang’s hand.

Ye Hang and Ren Hongling were at the prime of their lives. In the past, because they needed to take care of Ye Yuan whole-heartedly, so they did not have time to spare for other things.

Some time ago, under Ye Yuan’s egging on, Ren Hongling finally became pregnant. Like this, his parents would also have someone to keep them company after Ye Yuan ascended.

Ye Yuan had long felt Ren Hongling’s pulse before. This pregnancy was a girl. That was why Ye Yuan addressed the yet to be born baby as his younger sister.

Ye Hang received the medicinal pills but still said worriedly, “Yuan-er, you bringing Lu-er they all to transcend the tribulation will be very dangerous. How about you reconsider a bit?”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Rest assured, Father. Yuan-er knows what to do!”

Ye Hang bemoaned when he heard that, “You’re already an unrivaled powerhouse now. Father naturally won’t control you strictly. It’s just that after you ascend to the Divine Realm, you still have to be more careful in all matters. Presumably, that Divine Realm’s powerhouses are as many as clouds. Some things shouldn’t be done without qualms and as you wish.”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Many thanks for Father’s reminder. Yuan-er is going!”

Ye Hang’s heart could not help quivering when he heard that. His eyes were already wet since who knows when.

Recalling the encounters these few years, Ye Hang still somewhat felt like he was dreaming.

But this remarkable youth before his eyes was undoubtedly his son!

His son was the entire Endless World’s legend!

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan’s group of people floated down, arriving at the center of the basin.

“Ruyan, Little Dong, Lu-er, in a while, the three of you have to stand within the 30 feet around me. Make sure not to move by yourself. Do you understand?” Ye Yuan instructed solemnly.

The three people nodded their heads when they heard that, “Yes!”

Ye Yuan turned to White Light again and said smilingly, “White Light, scared?”

White Light was already done with preparations long ago. Hearing Ye Yuan asking, he immediately said, “Scared my *ss! If the heaven wants to exterminate me, then I’ll destroy the heaven! Just a lousy heavenly tribulation. I don’t believe that I, this divine beast progeny, can’t even pass through this hurdle!”

Ye Yuan laughed loudly when he heard that and said, “Good! Today, us brothers will stir up this heaven!”

Finished talking, a streak of sword qi rose from ground level, and surged straight to the clouds!

Even if those martial artists were hundreds of thousands of feet away, they still felt that the sword qi was oppressive!


The heaven seemed to feel that it was being provoked. In an instant, the winds changed, and dark clouds covered the skies above the basic densely.

“I . . . I’m almost suffocating! Is this really the ascension heavenly tribulation? Why do I feel like it’s going to be the apocalypse?”

“This heavenly tribulation practically formed instantly. Even though it hasn’t descended yet, it’s absolutely powerful until it makes people feel smothered!”

“Too scary! Such a level of heavenly tribulation, even half-step Boundless Realms would face certain death too, right? Lord Ye Yuan. . . How on earth is he going to transcend the tribulation?”

The powerful pressure in the sky made these martial artists have a feeling of an apocalyptic calamity.

They had never seen before that heavenly tribulations could actually be daunting to such an extent!


An incomparably thick white lightning descended without any signs, giving everybody a fright!

This heavenly tribulation was too abnormal. It did not give Ye Yuan they all any time to prepare at all!

Yet, right at this time, Ye Yuan’s sword finger pointed out. A streak of sword qi even more powerful than before opposed the momentum and surged up, colliding together with the heavenly tribulation directly!

Heavenly tribulation, annihilated!

This finger of Ye Yuan’s was as if dripping a drop of water into a pot of boiling oil; exploding all at once!

Over a dozen bolts of lightning fell down savagely and unreasonably, without giving people the slightest opportunity to catch their breaths at all!

When Ye Yuan saw the situation, he raised his head to the sky and howled, “Came right on time!”

For a moment, sword qi crisscrossed, slicing the entire space into pieces of shards!

Those dozen over bolts of lightning, not a single one was actually able to pass through Ye Yuan’s sword qi!

Those martial artists watching the rites were all besotted from watching already.

Such a deeply shocking scene, it would probably be hard for them to see it again in this lifetime!

That level of lightning, forget about a dozen over bolts, even if one bolt came down, it was also plenty enough to instantly kill everyone present.

But in front of Ye Yuan, they appeared so small and weak!

Another few dozen bolts of lightning rained down at the same time. However, Ye Yuan’s sword qi became even wilder!

“Hahaha! Big Brother, you’re really too strong! Awesome!” White Light burst into laughter when he saw this scene.

Also, no idea how long had passed and uncertain how many heavenly tribulations had rained down too. The tribulation clouds in the sky seemed to have finally been worn out.

Because it discovered that no matter what, it could not break through Ye Yuan’s sword qi.

Finally, the heavenly tribulation gradually dispersed.

Right then, a pale-yellow light pillar descended from the sky, directly enveloping Ye Yuan’s group of five inside.

After that, they saw Ye Yuan’s group of five slowly rise up, enter straight into the clouds, and gradually vanished from sight!

“Take care, Yuan-er!”

Seeing this scene, Ye Hang and Ren Hongling shouted with tears covering their faces.