Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 71

Chapter 71: A Scheme!

It was true that Ye Yuan was hiding from everyone. However, he was really in a closed-door seclusion.

Since his Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm cultivation had already been consolidated, he could not wait to increase his strength.

Ye Yuan's essence energy was thoroughly exhausted in refining the Tier 2 medicinal pill. It was indeed an incredible burden on his body.

Presently, Ye Yuan was recovering his exhausted essence energy in order to adjust himself to his peak condition. Following that, he planned to take transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pills to breakthrough to the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm in one stroke.

Of course, the amount of time required to break through to the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm could not be compared with back then from the First Level Essence Qi Realm to the Third Level Essence Qi Realm.

The second stage of the Essence Qi Realm.

Every time one's cultivation realm rose, the essence energy required also increased by a large quantity.

Although Ye Yuan had sufficient transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pills, he still needed time to digest them.

In addition, what he trained in was the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art, so the essence energy expended was several times of the average person.

However, Ye Yuan was not in a rush. He had plenty of time.

He will be in closed-door seclusion for a few days first to let those people get busy and leave him alone.

Jiang Yunhe was certainly very busy. After failing to meet Ye Yuan, he left the Dan Wu Academy.

In reality, Jiang Yunhe had always been busy. He actually spent very little time in the academy. Nobody knew what he went out to do.

He happened to be back at the academy these few days and found out that such a dazzling new star rose within a month.

However, Ye Yuan required time to grow no matter how talented he was. After all, he was only at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm.

As long as Ye Yuan was in the Dan Wu Academy, Jiang Yunhe need not worry about this genius running away.

Since Ye Yuan chose the Dan Wu Academy, it was impossible for Wu Daofeng to come to the Dan Wu Academy personally to headhunt people.

After making it through the initial shock and having thought through this part, Jiang Yunhe naturally had to get busy with his own matters. There was no way he would wait here specifically for Ye Yuan to exit seclusion.

Yet at this time, Lu-er welcomed an unexpected guest. Someone who claimed to be a student from the academy's General Affairs Department was looking for her.

"This Junior Apprentice Sister is Lu-er?" The student's attitude was very haughty.

Lu-er was a little perplexed, but she still responded, "Yes. May I ask who this Senior Apprentice Brother is?"

"I'm a student manager from the General Affairs Departments; the name's Zhang Heng."

"So it's Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang Heng. I wonder if you are looking for Lu-er for something?"

Although Lu-er was innocent, she was not dumb. This Zhang Heng would not find her for no reason, and looking at his attitude it did not seem to be friendly.

As expected, Zhang Heng opened his mouth and said, "Of course I'm finding you for something! Since you already passed the Entry Advancement test and became the academy's Yellow Rank student, why didn't you report to the General Affairs Department?"

Lu-er was at a loss. She never knew there was such a rule. One still had to report to the General Affairs Department after becoming the academy's student?

"Please overlook it, Senior Apprentice Brother. Lu-er has just been admitted, and there are still many things that I don't know. It's just, why must I report to the department after becoming a Yellow Rank student?" Lu-er asked neither haughtily nor humbly.

Zheng Heng gave a cold smile and said, "Such a large Dan Wu Academy is accommodating for so many students. Are we just going to sit idle and eat? Since we became the academy's students, we naturally have to help out in the academy. Hence, all Yellow Rank students who passed the Entry Advancement test have to do one month of miscellaneous tasks. This is the academy's rule. You became the academy's student, but instead of learning the academy's rules properly, you even want other people to help you complete your miscellaneous jobs. Simply shameless!"

This Zhang Heng did not lie. There was really such a rule in the Dan Wu Academy. But it was a little too much to speak to a girl like this.

Furthermore, Lu-er did not neglect work on purpose. She really did not know anything. She had only arrived at the academy for several days, so even if she was absent from work, it was not a big deal.

Zhang Heng was obviously here to find fault.

Lu-er did not feel anything about doing a month of chores. Except, Ye Yuan was currently in a closed-door seclusion. If he exited seclusion and could not find her, he would definitely be worried.

"Can Senior Apprentice Brother allow me to wait for a few days? My young master is currently in a closed-door seclusion, and if he can't find me when he exits, he will definitely get worried. After my young master leaves seclusion, I will definitely report to the general affairs," Lu-er requested cautiously.

Who would have thought that Zhang Heng would rage after hearing that. "What a joke! Who do you think your young master is? Is he bigger than the academy's rules? You've already delayed for several days. How many more days do you want to delay? Every new student will be recorded in the books, and they would have the initiative to do their job. Are you the only exception?"

Hearing Zhang Heng verbally insulted her Young Master, Lu-er was so angry that tears were pooling in her eyes. But she knew that Young Master still had Wan Yuan, an opponent in the academy, and so she did not want to cause trouble for him. Hence, she held back her tears and said, "Lu-er requests Senior Apprentice Brother to allow a few days' grace. I will definitely report there. At that time, even if you arrange two months of chores for me, I won't mind."

However, Zhang Heng did not seem to have any intention of being tender towards women. He smiled coldly and said, "Anyway, I've already informed you. It's your call whether you go or not. But I will say the nasty things first. If I don't see you report at the general affairs today, then don't blame me for reporting this matter to the instructor. In accordance with the academy's rules, you can just wait to be expelled!"

Hearing the word 'expelled,' Lu-er shuddered.

Young Master was currently like the noon sun, if she were expelled, then would it not make Young Master a laughing stock?

That was definitely not a result that Lu-er wanted to see!

Without question, this word struck Lu-er's weak point.

Seeing Lu-er's restless look, a ruminating look could be seen in Zhang Heng's eyes.

Hur hur. What has it got to do with me after your Young Master comes out? It's because I know that he's in a closed-door seclusion; that's why I came to look for you and cause trouble! Zhang Heng was laughing coldly in his heart.

Zhang Heng pretended to have lost his patience, turned around, and was about to leave.

Lookingat the situation, Lu-er did not dare to delay. She quickly called out, "Wait, Senior Apprentice Brother. I . . . I will go with you to the general affairs. It's just . . . can you let me leave a note for my young master?"

One had to acknowledge that Lu-er was overly innocent. She even thought that this Zhang Heng was an upright and outspoken person, which was why he came to find her. Who would have known that he was scheming and came to find trouble!

If Lu-er secretly left a token or note, then Ye Yuan would know what happened.

But now that she told Zhang Heng she wanted to leave a note, how could Zhang Heng allow her to do that?

Zhang Heng said impatiently, "If you are leaving, then just go. Why are there so many things? I'm leaving. Handle it by yourself!"

Finishing, he really turned around and left.

Lu-er hesitated for a moment and returned to the house to leave a note before going.

Of course, Lu-er was not aware that Ye Yuan would not see her note.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan was completely unaware of everything happening in the outside world. He was currently at the critical juncture of assaulting the Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm.

He threw transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pills into his mouth like they were sweets, and continuously refined the medicinal strength with the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art.

The essence energy within his dantian became increasingly abundant, and he got closer and closer to the Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm.

Finally, Ye Yuan burst through the barrier in one shot, and he broke through to the Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm!

"Huuu . . . At this rate, these Essence Qi Pills aren't even enough! This stupid cultivation law is too voracious. This is still the Essence Qi Realm, and the consumption is already multiple times greater than the average person's. Won't it be hell at the Spirit Condensation Realm? Old Dad might be rich, but even he can't sustain this torment!"

Ye Yuan watched the transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pills being massively depleted. He could not resist criticizing the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art.