Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 710

Chapter 710 Merely A First Level Boundless Realm

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The vast Divine Realm, boundless and limitless.

Even if one was a Divine King boundary powerhouse, they were unable to glean a complete picture of the Divine Realm too.

The composition of space here was exceedingly stable, and essence energy was exceptionally abundant. It was a paradise for martial artists to cultivate!

The Divine Realm’s territory was exceedingly vast. Just the regions that humans lived in was divided up to a thousand regions of all sizes.

And among them, the boundary of the smallest territory was also larger than 100 thousand Endless Worlds!

Therefore, in the Divine Realm, the vast majority of martial artists could only stay in one region for all their lives.

The Divine Realm was too huge. Hence, all sorts of forces were also messy and convoluted.

But in the Divine Realm, there were universally acknowledged Eight Great Super Holy Lands!

The areas which the Eight Great Super Holy Lands had jurisdiction over spanned across several major regions.

And those with the qualifications to become a super holy land, at the minimum, needed to possess over ten Divine King Realm powerhouses as well!

Divine King Realm was not a cultivation realm, but it was a form of address.

After the Boundless Realm, the Upper Three Realms were namely, Heaven Enlightenment Realm, Phaseless Realm, and Dao Profound Realm.

The so-called Divine King Realm was referring to Ninth Level Dao Profound Realm powerhouses in particular!

Only by reaching such a boundary, could one truly become a pinnacle existence in the Divine Realm!

And martial artists who reached the Dao Profound Realm had the qualifications to establish a holy land in the Divine Realm, lording over a region.

Except, the Divine Realm’s territory was overly vast. Even the Eight Great Super Holy Lands could not possibly extend their hands to every corner of the Divine Realm too.

The Eight Great Holy Lands pretty much occupied close to half of the Divine Realm’s territory. There was still the other half of the territory which had various forces all mixed up intricately, with tangled fighting ceaselessly.

Between holy land and holy land, between forces and forces, wars would frequently erupt too.

At this time, in Ancient Opulence City, subordinate to the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land in the White Valiant Region, two middle-aged men in neat suits of armor were currently conversing.

“Heh, today is really strange. The ascension pool normally doesn’t have much activities in a month. Today, there are actually three batches ascending all at once.”

“Isn’t it good that there are many? Us brothers taking on this hard and unprofitable job, guarding this ascension pool daily, we don’t get any bit of benefits throughout the year. If there aren’t a few ascenders, us brothers will have to live on air.”

“Haha, what big brother said is right. Many are good, many are good! It’s just that these bunch who just ascended are all a bunch of paupers, They don’t have any good stuff on them at all.”

“Sigh, no matter how small a mosquito is, it’s meat too. Better than not having. Us brothers will only have this bit of accomplishments in our lives by relying on that bit of salary.”

In front of them was a pool one hundred feet in circumference.

Beside the pool was a platform. Over there stood an elderly man and a young one, two people.

The two people’s expressions were both not very good. Clearly, they were already fleeced and extorted by those two middle-aged soldier-looking people.

Right then, the light inside the ascension pool gradually became bright.

Not long after, the light faded away. Two figures appeared in front of everybody.

“Haha, this place is the Divine Realm? Indeed impressive! The essence energy here is too rich! Me cultivating here, the speed is at least five times of the Endless World’s!” the moment a dignified and strong-looking youth appeared, he said those words with an excited look.

This dignified and strong-looking youth was naturally White Light who ascended from the Endless World.

And the other person was naturally Ye Yuan.

White Light’s figure had just steadied himself, and he already felt that the rich essence energy was practically going to drill into his body. Virtually every pore on his body opened up.

This sort of sensation made him indescribable comfortable.

“Yii? Big Brother?”

White Light looked all around in a moment of delight. Seeing that Ye Yuan did not react, he could not resist turning his head around.

With this look, White Light could not help jumping in fright.

Ye Yuan already exited the ascension pool since goodness knows when and started meditating at one side.

Those two middle-aged people exchanged a glance. They were rather shocked in their hearts.

Looking at this, this youth who just ascended was actually going to break through on the spot?

“Heh, this boy, quite interesting! Cheng Jiang, us brothers have already guarded the ascension pool for quite a number of years already, right? This is still the first time seeing a Lower Realms martial artist who just ascended actually breakthrough cultivation realms directly!” said the soldier whose age was slightly older.

“Yeah, this is really a rare event! This boy is just First Level Divine Traversing. He probably ascended from some low-order small world, right? But breaking through right after ascending, what’s the deal?” Cheng Jiang had a baffled expression on his face.

Actually, they could not be blamed for being astonished either. It was truly that Ye Yuan was overly freakish.

Other martial artists ascending to the Divine Realm, they had basically all just broken through a major bottleneck. It was impossible to choose to break through right after arriving at the Divine Realm.

But Ye Yuan was different from others. His cultivation realm had not reached the limits of the Endless World at all. It was still a long way off.

Ye Yuan ascending was him taking the initiative to release energy exceeding the Endless World’s limits, triggering the heavenly tribulation from there.

Speaking of which, this sort of method, only a freak like Ye Yuan dared to do so.

Other people doing this was no different from courting death.

Having the ability to trigger the heavenly tribulation, one had to have the ability to transcend the heavenly tribulation too!

In this recent half a year’s time, Ye Yuan did not take the initiative to go and cultivate. But his heart realm rose a lot unknowingly. His cultivation realm also arrived at peak First Level Divine Traversing unconsciously.

Breaking through at this time now was being impacted by the Divine Realm’s thick essence energy; it was akin to water spilling over by itself when it was full.

The breakthrough process did not persist for a long time. The Divine Realm’s abundant essence energy let him clear the Second Level Divine Traversing’s bottleneck very quickly.

Ye Yuan slowly opened both eyes. Only then did he size up the Divine Realm anew.

At this present moment, Ye Yuan was also rather agitated in his heart.

After reincarnated, Ye Yuan went from a measly little Essence Qi Realm, cultivating all the way till he ascended to the Divine Realm. He experienced countless hardships and dangers through this.

Different from the previous life’s ease and comfort, his path of rising up in this life was filled with slaughter and upheaval.

There were even quite a few times where he fell into a desperate situation, but he made it through all of them.

Now that he ascended to the Divine Realm, his path of vengeance had also been taking step by step very solidly!

This familiar essence energy undulation, this familiar composition of space, it was still that Divine Realm.

It was just that Ye Yuan arriving at the Divine Realm again now, his mental state was greatly different.

“Boy, stop looking! Treating us brothers as air?” Cheng Jiang saw that Ye Yuan finished breaking though, but said crossly.

Ye Yuan’s thoughts were interrupted by Cheng Jiang, but he said with a smile, “I wonder what advice this Brother has?”

“Brother? Heh heh, boy, you have to call Your Excellency! A boy who just ascended. Really unaware of the immensity of heaven and earth!” Cheng Jiang said with a cold sneer.

“Your Excellency? Your esteemed self is merely a First Level Boundless Realm martial artist. Can you live up to ‘Your Excellency’ these two words?” Ye Yuan could not help laughing as he said.

“Merely a First Level Boundless Realm? Hehe, what high-sounding sentiments! Punks who ascended up are indeed more ignorant of the immensity of heaven and earth one after another! You go and ask those two over there whether they are willing to obediently call me Your Excellency or not!” Cheng Jiang seemed to have long gotten used to Ye Yuan’s conduct, saying with a cold smile.

The moment that one elderly, one youth, two people heard these words, their expressions because ugly.

They were already lectured prior to this. Moreover, the treasures on their body also had quite a bit plundered away.

Hearing Cheng Jiang asked him, the youth had no choice but to nod his head. He said, “This Brother, better put away the wild arrogance from the Lower Realms! This place . . . it isn’t appropriate!”