Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 712

Chapter 712 Merit Points

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In comparison to the Lower Realms, the Divine Realm’s space was more stable. The Heavenly Dao it contained was also more stacked and comprehensive.

Martial artists comprehending Heavenly Dao and concepts were a little easier relative to doing so in the Lower Realms.

Plus, the essence energy thickness was exceedingly high. Therefore, martial artists’ overall strength was more than a level stronger than the Lower Realms.

Especially to martial artists who had just ascended, the Divine Realm’s martial artists at the same rank would basically crush them.

But this sort of disparity would slowly become small along with the passing of time.

So much so that the Lower Realms’ ascenders had even greater potential compared to the Divine Realm’s native martial artists.

To be able to achieve the conditions for ascension under the Lower Realms’ limitation, their talent in itself was absolutely a heaven defying-like existence.

After they arrived at the Divine Realm, once they get accustomed to it, regardless whether it was cultivation realm or concepts, a blowout-style eruption would occur.

It was just that, this sort of situation was in the minority. This is because after they arrived at the Divine Realm, they would not have the qualifications to go and cultivate at all.

To the vast majority of ascenders, the reality that they had to consider was still survival!

“Little Brother Ye’s talent surpasses others. However . . . since you’re an ascender, what should be said, Big Brother Yu still have to make it clear for you.” Yu Ming said.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Big Brother Yu just go ahead and say.”

Ye Yuan naturally knew that whichever force the lower realm belonged to, they would have to serve that force after ascending.

“The two of us brothers are serving Ancient Opulence City. Ancient Opulence City belongs to the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land. According to the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s rules, ascenders must serve the holy land for 50 years after ascending up from the lower realms. Or save up sufficient merit points and you can obtain freedom. Since Little Brother Ye ascended to my Ancient Opulence City, you’ll naturally have to serve my Ancient Opulence City. Of course, if Little Brother Ye’s performance in Ancient Opulence City is outstanding and strike the holy land’s fancy, it will be another opportunity. At that time, even Elder Brother, I, will have to look to Little Brother for support!”

When Yu Ming was talking, he observed Ye Yuan’s expression from time to time.

According to his thinking, with Ye Yuan’s pride, he would definitely blow his top when he heard this news.

But who knew that Ye Yuan’s face only revealed a ruminating expression, and he did not seem to be surprised about this situation.

Ye Yuan finished listening and said to Yu Ming with clasped hands, “It’s Little Brother’s first day here. In the future, I still need Big Brother Yu to give more help.”

Yu Ming hurriedly said that he dare not. “Big Brother, I, have also stayed for a few years in this Ancient Opulence City. Even though I’m not considered very formidable, I still have some connections in the city. If there are areas where I can come in handy for Little Brother Ye, feel free to open your mouth.”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Then I’ll have to trouble Big Brother Yu.”

. . . . . .

Yu Ming led Ye Yuan’s group of four to a vast great hall in the city. A manager-looking elder received them.

“Steward Lu, these few have just ascended. We’ll have to trouble you to arrange identity tokens for them,” Yu Ming said.

Steward Lu swept a glance over Ye Yuan and co. A hint of disdain was revealed in his eyes. But he looked at Yu Ming again and said, “Heh, four ascenders came at once. You, this boy, must have hauled considerable good stuff again this time, right?”

But Yu Ming was not embarrassed. Pulling Steward Lu to one side, he secretly shoved him something.

“How can I forget Steward Lu when there’s good stuff? Hehe, this thing, you keep well,” Yu Ming said smilingly.

That Steward Lu had sharp-eyes. With one look, he discerned the good and bad of the stuff, and he was fully satisfied with this matter. Patting Yu Ming’s shoulder, he said, “It’s still you, this boy, who are sensible! If there are any good errands in the future, I won’t forget about you.”

But Yu Ming smiled and said, “Since that’s the case, then I’ll have to thank Steward Lu very much.”

The two people exchanged glances and smiled. Everything was conveyed without words.

This sort of thing like presenting Buddha with borrowed flowers, Yu Ming was never stingy.

Steward Lu had close relations with City Lord Manor, and his authority was exceptionally great. Yu Ming naturally had to build good relations with him.

Each time he sent ascenders here to collect identity tokens, he would always gift some small things to Steward Lu. Otherwise, the job of guarding the ascension pool also would not fall onto their heads.

Don’t look at Cheng Jiang grumbling back then. This job of guarding the ascension pool was really a cushy job. It was just a little dreary.

Not only were they able to extort ascenders a little, they even did not have risks to their lives, and also had large amounts of time to cultivate.

Such a job was not what everyone could get.

Steward Lu returned, directly throwing four identity tokens to Ye Yuan’s group of four and said rather impatiently, “Take the tokens and drip blood to let it acknowledge a master. This token, you guys safeguard it yourselves. If you lose it, it will be equivalent to losing your little lives. Take the tokens. You guys can go to the north of the city yourselves and report. There will be people arranging for you guys to mine ores.”

Talking until here, Steward Lu immediately shut his mouth and did not speak, as if finding it tiring to even say a word more.

But that Old Huang could not take it lying down when he heard. He shouted at the top of his voice, “Mine ores? Are you kidding?”

Steward Lu was the same as Yu Ming they all and was long used to this sort of attitude from the ascenders. He just said coolly, “I’m doing this for your own good. It’s fine if you don’t go too. Don’t blame me for not warning you, as long as the merit points inside your identity token persist in the state of ‘zero’ for ten days, there will naturally be people coming to erase you! My Ancient Opulence City doesn’t rear idle people.”

Old Huang’s expression changed when he heard that. Clearly, he did not think that there was still such a thing.

He was a first-rate powerhouse in the Lower Realms, revered by all.

But arriving at the Divine Realm, he actually needed to do mining for ores, this sort of thing!

Old Huang thought it over and over again and was also unable to accept it.

Except, he also knew that he could not even beat two soldiers, let alone others.

Not mining for ores, there was only the path of awaiting death.

Steward Lu sneered coldly when he saw Old Huang’s expression and said, “Good that you can weigh the consequences! Don’t think of escaping. You’ll wish you were dead. If you don’t believe, you can very well give it a try.”

“May I ask Steward Lu, how many merit points are we able to obtain by going to dig a day’s ores? And how many merit points do we need if we wish to obtain freedom?” The youth who was silent the entire time suddenly opened his mouth to ask.

Along the way, Old Huang and the youth also chatted a couple of sentences with Ye Yuan. Everyone was already familiar with each other.

This youth’s name was Su Cheng, age merely 50. Old Huang’s full name was Huang Tao but was already 200 years old.

To be able to cultivate to the Boundless Realm using 50 years in the Lower Realms, this Su Cheng was also absolutely a gifted talent.

It was just that such a genius still could not escape the fate of mining ores.

Steward Lu shot Su Cheng a ruminating glance and said with a smile, “According to your productivity when mining ores, it varies from one to five merit points every day. To want to obtain freedom, the merit points required is . . . 100 thousand!”

Su Cheng and Huang Tao could not help drawing a cold breath when they heard that.

Digging a day’s ores could only obtain five merit points at most!

Even if they calculated according to five merit points, for them to want to save up 100 thousand merit points, 50 years was not enough at all!

It could not be to the extent where they had to dig 50 years of ores, right?

Su Cheng had an impulse to cleave Steward Lu in half. He only used 50 over year’s time to cultivate to ascension in the Lower Realms.

The moment he arrived at the Divine Realm, he had to dig 50 years of ores immediately. Who did he provoke?

But he could not fathom this Steward Lu’s cultivation at all. At least, he could confirm that the other party was way more powerful than him.

If he made a move, it was equivalent to seeking death.