Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 713

Chapter 713 Ye Yuans Points Swiping Plan

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There weren’t so many principles to be said under the heaven.

The martial artist world was cruel to begin with. This point was not abated in the Divine Realm but strengthened.

The lower realms’ martial artists did not belong to any force at all, and their strengths were comparatively on the weaker-side too. They were naturally easy targets to be exploited.

To ascenders who did not know the inside story, they were filled with yearning towards the Divine Realm, thinking that this place was a beautiful world, a martial artist’s paradise.

But only after they ascended did they discover that this was completely not the case.

Even the Divine Realm’s native martial artists were also exploited by high-level martial artists.

To want to carve out a road, how could it be easy?

Martial artists able to cultivate to the peak in the Divine Realm needed greater willpower and even more outstanding talent.

Otherwise, they could only fade into the crowd.

“This . . . Could it be that apart from mining ores, there aren’t other ways of obtaining merit points?” Huang Tao could not refrain from asking.

“Heh, there are, of course, there are. But do you think that you have the ability to get it?” Steward Lu said with a contemptuous look.

On this day today, Huang Tao was already beaten down countless times. But he still could not resist asking, “Steward Lu, pray tell!”

Steward Lu waved his hand and said, “Little Yu, these things, you tell them. This old man introduces these things all day long. So bothersome to death!”

Yu Ming acknowledged and said to Huang Tao, “Your statuses now are just the Ancient Opulence City’s temporary residents. Only after you guys saved up a thousand merit points, will you have the qualifications to become the Ancient Opulence City’s official residents. At that time, you all can get to be like us: becoming Ancient Opulence City’s guards. Of course, you guys can still find other occupations. These occupations all have merit points as remuneration. They are naturally much better off than mining ores. If you guys wish to obtain merit points right now, then you can only take on missions. But I’m telling you, the mortality rate of missions is extremely high. Even we don’t dare to easily take on missions. If it’s you guys . . .”

The meaning of his words was that you all were too weak!

“Heh heh, Little Yu, why are you speaking so implicitly? Martial artists like you guys who just ascended, I’ve never seen those who take on missions come back before!” Steward Lu added a sentence by the side untimely.

When everyone heard, their hearts tightened.

Wasn’t this mortality rate a little too high?

Huang Tao’s temper deflated with this. Missions with 100% mortality, did he dare to receive?

Better mine ores obediently!

“Steward Lu, I wonder if there are missions that alchemists can take on?” the Ye Yuan who did not speak all along suddenly opened his mouth to ask.

Towards the Ancient Opulence City’s way of management, Ye Yuan was not surprised.

For a force to want to develop, they inevitably had to exploit the interests of the bottom-level martial artists, letting the strong become stronger from there!

But Ye Yuan also knew that statuses of alchemists in the Divine Realm were generally all very high. Since that was the case, why doesn’t he appear with an alchemist’s identity?

Steward Lu gave Ye Yuan a look rather surprisedly and said, “You’re an alchemist?”

“That’s right!”

Steward Lu shook his head slightly and said, “It’s no use! You’re only Divine Traversing Realm and can’t refine Tier 6 medicinal pills too. Missions under Tier 6 all don’t have merit points!”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “No worries. Even if I can’t refine out Tier 6 medicinal pills, I still have the ability to save people. Can I trouble Steward Lu to help me check a bit? This humble gift, just take it as an introductory gift that I’m giving Steward Lu.”

Ye Yuan casually took out a Tier 6 spirit medicine, passing it in front of Steward Lu.

Steward Lu received the spirit medicine and said in surprise, “Even though Tier 6 spirit medicines aren’t considered much in the Divine Realm, they are rare stuff in the Lower Realms!”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Junior also ran into one stalk by chance. Thinking that I can’t use it on myself for the time being either, might as well gift it to Senior as a favor.”

This spirit medicine was not an Endless World’s item but extorted by Ye Yuan in the God Prohibited Demon Region.

Actually, he still had many spirit medicines on hand. But he obviously could not take them out. The logic of an innocent man getting into trouble because of his wealth, he still understood that.

In truth, Ye Yuan was able to refine Tier 6 medicinal pills now. But after entering the Divine Realm, Ye Yuan did not wish to overly expose himself.

Before his wings were plumped up, overly exposing himself would only draw a fatal disaster.

Although the Divine Realm’s territory was vast, the Medicine King Hall was one of the Eight Great Super Holy Lands. Its power was immense. How powerful the strength of a super holy land was, ordinary martial artists were simply unable to comprehend.

If any rumors leaked into Ji Canglan’s ears, then the losses outweigh the gains.

Even in the Divine Realm, those able to jump realms and refine medicinal pills were exceedingly rare too.

If he established his reputation up and aroused the attention of observant and conscientious people, that would not be good.

Ji Canglan was too familiar with him. If he let him see the medicinal pills he refined himself, he would definitely recognize it with a single glance!

One could say that after arriving at the Divine Realm, danger was all around!

This Steward Lu was not polite either, keeping the spirit medicine immediately.

“Heh, you, this boy, have discerning eyes. Forget it, I know that you’re not reconciled to mining ores. Alchemists’ missions, there naturally are. But if you can’t complete them, don’t blame this old man!” Steward Lu said.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Thank you very much, Steward Lu.”

Regardless where one walked to, wounded people and sick people were ever present.

The ability of alchemists which was the most deeply rooted in people’s hearts was refining pills. But refining pills could not fully-encompass an alchemist’s everything.

As long as one was proficient in medicinal theory, low-level alchemists could similarly treat high-level martial artists.

If Ye Yuan, an exalted Alchemy Emperor, was reduced to digging ores, then he could really go hit his head and die.

Steward Lu took out a jade tablet and threw it to Ye Yuan, saying, “Boy, these are alchemist missions. The minimum is Tier 6. You have to look well. Don’t blame for me not warning you, reaching beyond your grasp in the Divine Realm may lose you your life!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Thank you very much for Steward Lu’s reminder. Junior got it!”

As he said, Ye Yuan received the jade tablet and inserted his divine sense inside. A large bunch of missions imprinted inside Ye Yuan’s brain.

Just as Steward Lu said, the vast majority of alchemist missions were all seeking pills. However, there were always some difficult and peculiar diseases which were not easy to treat and needed to seek out alchemists.

Ye Yuan swept over the missions, then returned the jade tablet to Steward Lu and said, “I’ve made a mark on the missions I want to take on. I’ll have to trouble Steward Lu to help me take on the missions.”

When Steward Lu heard Ye Yuan’s word, he could not help being rather suspicious.

The meaning in Ye Yuan’s words seemed like he took on more than one mission?

When he sunk his divine sense inside the jade tablet, his hands involuntarily trembled and he nearly threw the jade tablet out.

“You . . . Are you courting death?! Taking on so many missions in one go!” Steward Lu looked at Ye Yuan like he saw a ghost.

“Uh . . . is there anything inappropriate?” Ye Yuan said doubtfully.

“Y-Y-You . . . really are infuriating this old man to death! If not on account of the spirit medicine, this old man wouldn’t even be bothered to care about you! Each time you take on a mission, City Lord Manor has to deduct 20% of the merit points. You took on so many missions in one go, but if you can’t complete them, you will be directly obliterated by City Lord Manor!” Steward Lu had a manner like he expected better from him.

Only then did Ye Yuan came to a sudden realization. But he smiled and said, “Many thanks for Steward Lu’s warning. However . . . these few missions are very simple. There’s no harm.”