Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 714

Chapter 714 Gu Family Mission

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“Simple? Boy, you’re too naive! These few missions that you chose, there were already quite a number of high-rank Alchemy Ancestors who received them before in the city. But they all failed! Do you, a snotty brat who just ascended, really think that you’re remarkable?” Steward Lu said huffily.

This boy’s eyes were high above his head. Later when he suffered a huge loss, wanting to regret would be too late!

If he could not complete the missions within ten days, with Ye Yuan’s current zero merit points state, he would have to be wiped out!

“Uh . . . Alchemy Ancestors is it?”

Alchemy ancestors were nothing in Ye Yuan’s eyes!

Ye Yuan had an appearance like he had nothing to say. Steward Lu saw that this boy had clearly resolved his heart.

He suddenly put away his expression and said with a smile, “Heh, this old man only reminded you on account of the spirit medicine. Since you’re seeking death yourself, then that’s also up to you.”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Thank you very much, Senior.”

Steward Lu’s expression darkened, and he snorted coldly.

Yu Ming did not speak all along by the side but took this scene fully into his eyes.

Originally, he thought that Ye Yuan was a Martial Path genius. Did not expect that he was actually still an alchemist!

Looking at Ye Yuan’s brimming with confidence appearance, he at least had Alchemy Sovereign Realm strength too.

Just how did this boy cultivate?

Yu Ming’s personality was more of having his bread buttered on both sides. He was very popular in this Ancient Opulence City and made quite a number of good friends.

Even this Steward Lu regarded him with special attention too.

It was just that even though Ye Yuan was formidable, he was still an ascender.

According to Yu Ming’s thinking previously, Ye Yuan at least had to dig a few years of ores in the caves too.

Whether a worm or a dragon, it would be discernible after a period of time.

Who knew that Ye Yuan did not deign to dig ores at all and actually wanted to take on alchemist missions right away!

Yu Ming knew that not only did alchemist missions have low risk, but the rewards were also high. Compared to those missions that risked one’s life for martial artists, alchemist missions practically did not have any risks.

At most, it was just having some merit points deducted by City Lord Manor.

Alchemists with ability all did not lack this bit of merit points.

But Ye Yuan was different. He was a complete and utter newbie who did not have any merit points at all. Moreover, Ye Yuan was at the very most just an Alchemy Sovereign. How would he complete Tier 6 and above missions?

If Ye Yuan was really seeking his own ruin, then forget it too. But if Ye Yuan really had this capability, then he would really have to make friends properly.

“Little Brother Ye, you’ve just arrived and don’t know much about the situation in the city either. How about . . . this Yu be your guide?” Yu Ming came forward of his own accord to proffer.

But Yu Ming’s words made Steward Lu reveal a surprised look.

Yu Ming’s character, he was naturally aware. He was actually willing to be this punk’s guide. Could it be that this boy really had some skills?

However, he thought through the link in this very quickly. Yu Ming definitely saw that this boy was insanely wild, so he wanted to stake on him.

Hence, he darted Ye Yuan a disdainful glance.

Let them toss about with it then. Either way, what should be said, was already all said.

Regarding Yu Ming’s volunteering of his services, Ye Yuan naturally would not refuse. He was really oblivious to the situation in this Ancient Opulence City. Having a local snake as a guide was still pretty decent.

“Then I’ll have to trouble Big Brother Yu.” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

“Haha, us brothers feel like old friends at the first meeting. What does this little bit of thing count as? Cheng Jiang, you return to the ascension pool first. I’ll accompany Little Brother Ye to walk one round,” Yu Ming instructed.

Along the way, Cheng Jiang was very dubious regarding Yu Ming’s actions.

Moreover, he did not believe that Ye Yuan was able to complete these alchemist missions at all.

What a joke. Could an alchemist who did not even have a badge be trusted?

But between him and Yu Ming, it was always Yu Ming leading. Seeing Yu Ming instructed him, he took the initiative to leave as well.

As for Huang Tao and Su Cheng, they were naturally very curious too. But they did not have the time to idle away here. They could only resign themselves to fate and report to the mines.

. . . . . .

Gu Family, one of Ancient Opulence City’s three great aristocratic families.

Among the missions Ye Yuan took on, there was one issued by the Gu Family.

This mission’s merit points was the highest among all of the missions; it was a full 500 merit points!

If it were digging ores, one would have to dig for a full 100 days!

Merit points were extremely precious in Ancient Opulence City. Even one merit point was also not that easy to obtain.

Along the way, Ye Yuan listened to Yu Ming’s explanation, and he also had some sort of benchmark in his heart.

One should not think that mining ores were simple labor. Wanting to get five merit points every day, that was virtually something impossible.

Unless one’s luck was heaven-defying and dug up very high quality earth essence crystals, only then could one obtain five points.

Under majority of the circumstances, there were only two to three merit points.

To martial artists who had just ascended, mining ores were practically the only method to obtain merit points.

500 merit points, even to a local snake like Yu Ming, it was a huge sum of wealth too.

Due to the Divine Realm’s essence energy being thick, the quality of essence crystals was much higher compared to the Lower Realms’ high-grade essence crystals.

One piece of earth essence crystal was equivalent to a thousand pieces of high-grade essence crystals!

Ordinary essence crystals were mere trash in the Divine Realm.

“Mm? Isn’t this Younger Brother Yu? Why are you free today to come and find Elder Brother, me, to drink wine?”

Ye Yuan and Yu Ming had just arrived outside the Gu Family’s entrance when a manager-looking middle-aged man walked out and started greeting Yu Ming immediately.

“Heh, where is Big Brother Gu Hong going?” Yu Ming greeted with a smile, looking very close to the other party.

“Sigh, Younger Brother, if you came to find Elder Brother to drink wine, it would have to change to another day! Family Head made me go to Steward Lu there to cancel that mission issued there previously. Recently, there are always some ragtag alchemists, overestimating their own ability and taking on the Gu Family’s missions. In the end, they all did not live up to their name, infuriating Family Head badly!” Gu Hong said powerlessly.

When Yu Ming heard, his expression could not help becoming awkward, as if Gu Hong was talking about him.

Gu Hong was a sharp person as well. As soon as he saw Yu Ming’s expression, he could not help inquiring curiously, “What? Looking at your appearance, could it be that you’re here for this mission? Heh, since when did Younger Brother, your capability grows, to actually become an alchemist?”

But as he was talking, Gu Hong’s countenance changed.

Yu Ming knew that he could not conceal it and could only say, “Not that this Little Brother took it on, but this Little Brother Ye received it. But I feel that Little Brother Ye has some capability. Why not . . . let him give a try?”

Actually, Yu Ming did not have any confidence in his heart too. After all, Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm was placed there.

He also did not expect that the Gu Family’s current attitude towards the people who took on these missions was actually like this.

If he knew it long ago, he would not have intentionally gotten involved in a messy situation.

The Gu Family was one of Ancient Opulence City’s three great aristocratic families; it was an existence whose strength was second only to City Lord Manor.

If he offended the Gu Family, they could pinch a nobody like him to death with one hand.

One should not look at him addressing this Gu Hong as brothers. Gu Hong’s status was god knows how many times higher than him.

To be able to climb up Gu Hong this line, Yu Ming expended a very high price too.

But if Yu Ming offended the Gu Family, Gu Hong would definitely deal with him without any courtesy.

A large family clan’s face tolerated no profaning!

Originally thinking that Gu Hong would give him some meager consideration for his face, who knew that the moment he heard, his expression immediately fell. “Younger Brother Yu, you’re making it hard for me here! This mission of our family, aren’t you still clear? Several high-rank Alchemy Ancestors in the city were all at their wit’s end. Even if those who took on the mission were rookies, they were at least Alchemy Ancestor powerhouses too. This brat doesn’t even have a badge. Here to fish in muddied waters at a glance, right?”