Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 715

Chapter 715 Jun Tianyu

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Gu Hongs words were not the least bit courteous, not giving Ye Yuan any face at all in the slightest.

Saying such words in front of others was not just beating down on people, it was also very disrespectful of people.

Except, Gu Hong, as the Gu Familys head-steward, he had the strength and power to not respect people.

Just a puny little Divine Traversing Realm. He did not regard him with any importance at all.

"This . . ." Yu Ming was put on a spot there, very awkward.

"Younger Brother Yu, dont blame Elder Brother for not giving you face, its seriously that this boy is too unreliable! You didnt think about it thoroughly. Can a Divine Traversing Realm brat treat Eldest Misss illness? It still easy for things to be settled through discussion with me, but if you were to get on Family Heads nerves, you know the consequences!" Gu Hong said without sparing any consideration for his face.

Yu Ming could not help being startled when he heard that. It was just taking on a mission. He also did not think that it would actually be like this.

He looked at Gu Hong and glanced at Ye Yuan again, and noticed that Ye Yuan had an indifferent appearance as if he thought nothing of Gu Hongs attitude.

Could it be that Ye Yuan really had the confidence to succeed?

Yu Ming could not help recalling Ye Yuans appearance when he had just ascended. Seemed like it was this expression as well.

At that time, Yu Ming also thought that Ye Yuan would crumble with one hit. Who knew that Cheng Jiang himself was forced to submit.

If Ye Yuans alchemy skills were really so incredible, he was bound to be able to become a major figure that would cause a sensation in Ancient Opulence City in the future.

It was just that the Gu Familys Eldest Misss illness, Yu Ming was aware about it. So many Alchemy Ancestor powerhouses were all at a loss on what to do. Could Ye Yuan do it?

If he enraged the Gu Familys Family Head, this consequence . . .

To gamble or not?

"Elder Brother, let him try it! This little brother of mine is an Alchemy Path divine physician. Perhaps he can really do it? If theres any problem, this Yu will shoulder it!" Yu Ming said this sentence at the behest of supernatural powers.

Ye Yuan gave Yu Ming a glance rather surprisedly but still did not make a sound.

"Haha,you shoulder it? Can you shoulder it?Oh,Little Yu, I didnt think that you can be very cocky just because of me normally calling you as my younger brother. Once Family Head is enraged, even I cant bear it. On what basis can you shoulder it? A snotty brat who doesnt even have an alchemist badge, still Alchemy Path divine physician, drop it!" Gu Hong beat down without any consideration for feelings.

"You! Elder Brothers words are a bit too insulting!" Yu Ming was angered until his face turned green.

Normally, he did not show a lack of filial piety to Gu Hong. Who knew that this fellow was actually an ingrate. Not only was he of no use in a pinch, the words he said were even so infuriating.

"Heh,this is insulting? Oh, Little Yu, normally, I see that youre quite an astute guy. Why are you pretending to be muddleheaded today? Calling you as my younger brother is on account of you being sensible. Do you really think that . . . youre on equal footing with me?" Gu Hongs tone gradually became cold, shocking Yu Ming.

Although Gu Hong was a servant, he was the Gu Familys Head Steward. His authority was extremely great.

To really deal with a nobody like Yu Ming, that was too easy.

Right at this time, he suddenly felt someone pat his shoulder twice from behind. Turning his head around, it was actually Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan looked at him and said with a faint smile, "Big Brother Yu, lets go. The humiliation that he gave you today, youll return to him tenfold another day!"

Gu Hong had never looked Ye Yuan right in the eye all along. Hearing Ye Yuan talk wild drivel at this time, he burst into laughter and said, "Punk, not scared of the wind spraining your tongue when talking big?! In this Ancient Opulence City, people able to humiliate me, Gu Hong, there really are! However, that person definitely isnt you!"

"Not me. Its him." Ye Yuan used his finger to point at Yu Ming.

Finished talking, Ye Yuan turned right around and left. Yu Mings expression flickered incessantly, gritted his teeth, and left with Ye Yuan.

While Gu Hong looked at Ye Yuans back view with a somber face and said with a cold sneer,"Heh,a punk who came from who knows where. Absurdly arrogant! To dare talk this way to this old man, really tired of living!"

. . . . . .

"Brother Ye, what should we do now?" Yu Ming caught up to Ye Yuan and asked.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Looks like I thought too simply of the matter! Since the Gu Family has this attitude, then lets start from simple missions."

"Uh. . . Which mission is simpler?"

Yu Ming knew that Ye Yuan took on seven to eight missions in one breath. He already knew the contents of these missions.

In his view, it seemed like not a single one was completed!

There were many alchemist missions. But there were quite a number of Alchemy Ancestors in the city. So missions that could be completed were definitely all completed already.

The remainder were basically all missions that these Alchemy Ancestors were unable to complete.

Missions like this, which one was easy?

Ye Yuan pondered for a moment and said, "This one!"

Yu Ming brought Ye Yuan to a residence east of the city anxious and doubtfully. The residence was not large, but it was very exquisite.

In Ancient Opulence City, to be able to own such a residence, their strength absolutely brooked no slighting.

"May I ask if Lord Jun Tianyu is there? Were here for the mission that you issued!"

Yu Ming felt that his throat was somewhat parched. Because this Jun Tianyu was Ancient Opulence Citys number one swordsman, a Heaven Enlightenment Realm powerhouse!

This Jun Tianyu was Ancient Opulence Citys legend. Even City Lord, His Excellency, showed him some courtesy too.

Such a major figure, just stomping his feet could make the Ancient Opulence City tremble.

"The door isnt locked. Enter yourselves," a middle-aged mans voice came over, seeming rather worn out.

When Ye Yuan heard that, he pushed the door directly and entered.

Yu Ming thought about it and followed inside too.

Ye Yuan passed through the main hall and directly entered the rear-manor. Lightly pushing open the door, a man in white garment was currently sitting by the bedside with a haggard face.

Although it was unintentional, the aura on the mans body was incomparably powerful!

This man was clearly Jun Tianyu.

A woman lied on the bed. The woman was gaunt and thin and already on her deathbed.

Seeing Ye Yuan duo enter, the mans brows could not help knitting slightly as he said unhappily, "Divine Traversing Realm? Youre the one who took on the mission?"

Yu Ming was wearing the City Lord Manors attire on him. Evidently, it was impossible to take on the mission. Then there was only this Divine Traversing Realm boy.

"Feeble breathing, divine soul dim; there are signs of her days being numbered. If Senior Jun has time to doubt if this Ye has the ability, better to let me diagnose first," Ye Yuan said coolly.

Jun Tianyus body could not help shuddering slightly when he heard that, and he said, "Boy, dont play games with me. Otherwise, youll die very horribly!"

These words were said with seething killing intent. But by the side, Yu Ming was quaking in his boots.

Dont look at Jun Tianyus refined and elegant appearance. He made a name for himself through massacre.

Even though he already had not displayed his skills in front of people for some years, nobody thought that he was a harmless chap.

Indeed, the missions which Ye Yuan took on, not one was easy to deal with!

Thinking up to here, Yu Ming could not help breaking into a sweat with fright for Ye Yuan secretly. Of course, he also broke into cold sweat for his own life.

Ye Yuan sat by the bedside and started to read that womans pulse. Very soon, Ye Yuans brows started to furrow.

Jun Tianyu was already irritated to begin with. Seeing this scene, he could not help sneering in his heart.

Ye Yuans expression was exactly the same as the people who came in the past. Evidently, at a loss on what to do again.

The flames of fury in his heart currently had nowhere to vent, but there were those who did not fear death coming to deliver themselves to his house!

"I wonder, how many women does Senior Jun have?" Ye Yuan suddenly asked a sentence without rhyme or reason.