Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 716

Chapter 716 Soul Miring Nightmare Curse

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The moment these words came out, the temperature in the house instantly fell several degrees.

Yu Ming was taken aback and hurriedly pulled Ye Yuan and said softly, “My Little Ancestor, don’t speak nonsense! Lord Jun was enraged to the extreme for a woman back then, killing until Ancient Opulence City was turned upside down, directly annihilating a large family clan! And that woman is precisely this one before your eyes!”

The sweat beads on Yu Ming were already dripping. Ye Yuan was simply touching the sore spot!

Jun Tianyu had two things he was most famed for in Ancient Opulence City. The first was that he killed people without batting an eye. And the second was his infatuation.

The meaning of Ye Yuan’s words earlier was saying that Jun Tianyu was fickle in love!

Wasn’t it deadly?

“Young man, are you here to intentionally make fun of this venerable? If that’s really the case, then your goal is achieved!” Jun Tianyu said icily.

Jun Tianyu was Ancient Opulence City’s illustrious Heaven Enlightenment Realm powerhouse. Killing these two in front of him was also something with a wave of his hand.

But Ye Yuan was seemingly oblivious as he said, “Don’t have huh . . . Then that’s odd. Which woman has such a huge enmity with you, to actually want to make you die with deep regrets even by throwing away her own life.”

Jun Tianyu’s eyebrows raised up, and he asked, ” En? What’s the meaning of your words?”

Ye Yuan said, “Madam Jun is inflicted with the Soul Miring Nightmare Curse. The caster curses the person they love to grow old and die alone with never entering samsara as the price! This sort of curse is exceedingly vicious. Furthermore, it’s a typical example of harming others without benefits. Under normal circumstances, those who cast this skill are all women who can’t obtain the person they love, giving birth to hatred as a result of love. Only then would they not stint to betray their own divine soul as the price and also had to make the other party not obtain true love.”

Jun Tianyu was shocked in his heart when he heard that. That imposing momentum earlier immediately vanished away into nothing.

“This . . . Do you have a basis on saying this?” Jun Tianyu asked.

“When Madam Jun’s illness just started, did she have nightmares every single day? Normally, she has no appetite for food, is listless, and seemingly unable to raise her spirits towards anything?” Ye Yuan asked.

With this, Jun Tianyu’s expression suddenly changed and he nodded his head and said, “That’s right, it’s precisely so! At first, Yiru didn’t pay attention to this. Who knew that the situation became increasingly serious. In the end, it got completely out of hand!”

“That’s right then! After this skill is cast, it will not show effect immediately but will incubate for around five to seven years. But once it erupts, it will be like floodwaters and fierce beasts, going out of control! Within a year, the person inflicted with the curse will be tormented by the divine soul to death! If my conjectures are correct, a significant event should have happened to Senior Jun six to seven years ago,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Jun Tianyu had yet to speak when Yu Ming jumped up all at once. “Ah! Seven years ago, wasn’t it the day Senior Jun went on a killing spree, exterminating the Tao Family?”

Jun Tianyu’s expression changed drastically, and he fell back several steps in a row. He muttered under his breath, “This . . . This. . . No way, right? Could it be her?”

Jun Tianyu had an appearance like he was battered out of his sense. Clearly, Ye Yuan hit all of it on the mark!

It was just that Ye Yuan was somewhat doubtful. Looking at Jun Tianyu’s appearance, he did not look like those people who went around womanizing. Why would someone use this kind of method to deal with him?

“Looks like that legend is true!” Yu Ming also murmured.

Ye Yuan had a puzzled look and asked, “What legend?”

Yu Ming looked deeply at Ye Yuan, thinking to himself that this fellow was simply divine. Clearly, a martial artist who just ascended and he actually uttered over half of the sequence of events like he saw it with his own eyes by diagnosing a pulse.

But seeing Ye Yuan inquired, Yu Ming still said, “Ancient Opulence City originally didn’t have three great aristocratic families but four great aristocratic families. Lord Jun’s relationship with the Tao Family of the four great aristocratic families wasn’t bad. I heard that the Tao Family’s Eldest Miss was deeply in love with him. It’s just that no idea why, but Lord Jun’s relationship with the Tao Family deteriorated. The Tao Family even captured Lord Jun’s beloved wife away. Lord Jun husband and wife were very much in love, and he actually carried a sword and slaughtered his way to the Tao Family, overwhelmingly cutting down the Tao Family’s three Heaven Enlightenment Realm powerhouses! Ever since then, the Tao Family utterly declined, and the four great aristocratic families became three great aristocratic families. I heard that the Tao Family’s Eldest Miss died suddenly half a month later. Looking at it now . . .”

At this time, how could Yu Ming still doubt Ye Yuan’s ability?

This mission, Jun Tianyu had already advertised it for nearly half a year’s time. There were no less than five Alchemy Ancestor powerhouses who took on the mission successively, but they all returned in defeat.

The moment Ye Yuan made a move, he diagnosed the ins and outs of the matter clearly.

Such skill simply made those so-called Alchemy Ancestor powerhouses perspire from shame!

Rather, Ye Yuan also sighed unceasingly after listening to this story.

Even though Yu Ming did not know the details in it, some conjectures, the public probably knew long ago. It was just that due to Jun Tianyu’s domineeringness, Yu Ming did not dare to say explicitly.

Very clearly, Jun Tianyu discarded the Tao Family’s Eldest Miss after playing with her. In the end, it even made a major family clan decline. It was also no wonder that she wanted to use such a vicious curse.

Right at this time, a long sigh sounded out.

Jun Tianyu sighed and said, “The matter isn’t like what you all think! I only have familial affection towards Tao Queqiang and never had improper thoughts before! Nine years ago, she confessed to me. I rejected her on the spot. I was afraid that she would overthink, so I left to travel. It was also during that journey that I got acquainted with Yiru. From the first time I laid eyes on her, I fell completely in love with her and swore to spend all my life with her. After we got married, we became tired of a wandering life and returned to Ancient Opulence City to settle down. Who could have thought . . .”

Hearing this story, Ye Yuan immediately understood in his heart.

Turns out that it was an unrequited love, finally developing into a tragedy of mutual love and killing.

Presumably, it was that Tao Family who went overboard. Otherwise, they would also not have thoroughly infuriated Jun Tianyu this killing god.

It was just that the Tao Family’s Eldest Miss was truly a bit too willful and resolute. Jun Tianyu not taking a fancy to her had its reasons too.

“Master, I beg you to save Yiru! As long as you can save her, I can agree to any conditions! I originally thought that I can give Yiru happiness. Who knew that what I gave her was all pain!” Jun Tianyu had tears in his eyes, grabbing hold of Ye Yuan’s arm as he said agitatedly.

Unknowingly, Jun Tianyu even used ‘Master,’ this form of address.

By the side, Yu Ming was dazed from watching long ago!

He did not expect that the Jun Tianyu who killed people without batting an eye actually had such a soft and weak side too.

He also did not think that Ye Yuan’s Medicinal Dao was actually so superb, to actually be able to let the killing god-like Jun Tianyu beg with tears in his eyes.

At this moment, Yu Ming finally knew where the confidence of Ye Yuan saying that sentence to Gu Hong previously lie!

Thinking up to here, he unwittingly started to somewhat faintly look forward to it.

Looks like this wager was really gambled correct!

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Senior Jun husband and wife are deeply in love. How can this Ye bear to watch you guys be separated by life and death?”

Jun Tianyu trembled and said, “Master really has a way? Whatever instructions there are, Master feels free to say. Even if it’s a mountain of swords and a sea of fire, this Jun will also force my way in!”

“Huhu, Senior Jun is too serious. But this Soul Miring Nightmare Curse is indeed a little troublesome. I really do need to trouble Senior Jun to prepare some things,” Ye Yuan said with a smile.