Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 717

Chapter 717 Favor

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“Quickly say, what do you need to prepare?” Jun Tianyu said agitatedly.

Ye Yuan casually took out a blank jade slip and engraved some names inside. Handing it to Jun Tianyu, he said, “These Tier 6 medicinal herbs are all necessary items. Additionally, I still require a kind of core medicine named Cleansing Water Flower. It might not be too easy to find.”

“Cleansing Water Flower? It’s really a coincidence! The last time I invited Master Yi Dan over, he used a medicinal pill refined using Cleansing Water Flower. But sadly, it didn’t have any effect on Yiru at all. I’ll go and find him and ask if he still has Cleansing Water Flowers there or not! This brother, I’ll have to trouble you to make a trip to Golden Cauldron Tower and help me buy these medicinal herbs back. Rest assured, the merit points spent, I’ll return to you double.”

Jun Tianyu’s latter half of the sentence was said to Yu Ming.

Yu Ming hurriedly said, “Dare not, dare not. To serve Lord Jun, it’s this lowly one’s honor!”

Before today, Yu Ming never would have dreamed that a major figure like Jun Tianyu would actually address him with great familiarity!

To an unimportant person like him, this was an immense honor.

Compared to this, what did running an errand count as?

Yu Ming received the jade slip from Ye Yuan’s hands and took his leave right away.

“Master Ye, I’ll go make a trip. My wife will have to trouble you to take care,” Jun Tianyu said.

Ye Yuan said, “Senior Jun just go ahead. Just nice, I’ll make use of this bit of time to carry out a set of acupuncture therapy for Madam Jun. She’s too weak and needs to recover some vitality.”

Jun Tianyu was overjoyed when he heard that and said, “Then I’ll have to trouble master!”

Finished talking, Jun Tianyu’s figure flashed, vanishing from sight directly.

Ye Yuan sighed emotionally and said, “This Jun Tianyu’s sword intent runs unobstructed. He has probably touched the threshold of supreme true intent already. In the future, he’s bound to be another shocking figure.”

Ye Yuan himself cultivated in the sword too. He was extremely sensitive to sword intent. The height of Jun Tianyu’s concepts, it was likely rare for him to have opponents in this Ancient Opulence City!

. . . . . .

Gu Family, Gu Hong had already rescinded the mission long ago and returned to the family clan.

At this time, a Gu Family’s guest retainer was standing in front of him as he said respectfully, “Steward Gu, already investigated clearly. That brat Yu Ming brought over is called Ye Yuan, a lower realm martial artist who just ascended today. He wasn’t willing to go to the north of the city to dig ores, so he drew seven to eight alchemist missions at Steward Lu’s place.”

Gu Hong could not help being stunned when he heard and asked somewhat disbelievingly, “What did you say? Just ascended today? You’re sure that there isn’t a mistake?”

That guest retainer nodded and said, “I won’t be wrong. Each ascender has records at the ascension pool. This subordinate got people to go and examine the name list of the ascenders today. Among them had Ye Yuan’s name.”

Gu Hong could not help laughing when he heard that and said, “I was thinking which tom, dick, and harry it was. After a long time, I found out it’s just someone who ascended today! This blowing of the trumpet nearly blew a hole in this sky!”

The guest retainer also laughed when he heard and said, “This boy indeed doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth! Our Ancient Opulence City’s ascenders, other than those mining for ores, there has never been people who survived past ten days before. This punk dared to take on Tier 6 missions right when he arrived. This is simply courting death.”

Gu Hong shook his head and laughed as he said, “Huhu, I also don’t know what kind of magic potion he got that punk Yu Ming to drink. To actually even want to let that boy come and treat Eldest Miss’s illness! Fortunately, this old man was smart. Otherwise, Family Head would have to fly into a rage! Forget it, forget it, let that punk go and mess around. When he gets eradicated by the City Lord Manor, see how Yu Ming that punk comes in front of me and fall on his knees begging!”

The guest retainer was just about to leave but was stopped by Gu Hong again.“Oh, right, that punk met with a rebuff here at my place. Where did he go after?”

The guest retainer replied, “The two of them went to Lord Jun Tianyu’s place. Afterward, Yu Ming went to the Golden Cauldron Tower.”

Gu Hong was stunned again and laughed in spite of himself as he said, “That punk is really an ignorant person having no fear, to actually dare go to Lord Jun there. Initially still thinking of making a move to deal with him. Looking at it now, don’t need us to make a move and Lord Jun will take his life!”

. . . . . .

In just two hours, Jun Tianyu brought the Cleansing Water Flower back.

The moment he entered the house, his entire person was like struck by a thunderbolt.

His wife, Liu Yiru was currently reclined on the bed. The originally pale face actually had an additional trace of rosiness.

She was already unconscious for over a month. Jun Tianyu did not think that he was only gone for this short while and his wife had the strength to sit up.

“Tian . . . Tianyu!”

Even though she sat up, Liu Yiru was still very weak. But at this time, she struggled, wanting to get up.

“Don’t move!” Jun Tianyu came right to the bedside with a flash and supported Liu Yiru.

“You . . . How are you feeling?” Jun Tianyu said rather anxiously, worried that he would lose her.

“S-Still alright,” Liu Yiru forced a smile and said.

But Ye Yuan at one side shook his head and sighed when he saw the situation and said, “Alright, don’t forcefully keep it up anymore. She just regained consciousness. Her body is still very weak. Don’t talk too much with her. The days to come are still long, no rush for this short while.”

Jun Tianyu’s old face reddened and he hurriedly laid Liu Yiru down. Then he said to Ye Yuan gratefully, “Many thanks, Master!”

“Huhu, it’s still too earlier to thank me. Wait until Madam Jun recovers then thanking me isn’t late. Oh, right, is the Cleansing Water Flower brought back?” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Jun Tianyu hurriedly took out the Cleansing Water Flower from his storage ring and passed it to Ye Yuan, saying, “Luckily, Master Yi Dan still had two stalks remaining there. No idea if it’s enough or not.”

Ye Yuan received the Cleansing Water Flower and said, “The quality is a little poor. But it’s barely enough to use.”

Before long, Yu Ming brought a large pile of Tier 6 spirit medicines and returned to Jun Tianyu’s manor. Ye Yuan did not talk rubbish either. Deploying the Cleansing Water Flower, he started to simmer a decoction of medicinal soup.

A short while later, Ye Yuan carried a bowl of medicinal soup, came before Jun Tianyu, and said, “This medicinal soup’s name is called Soul Cleansing Soup. It’s most useful towards dispelling some curses directed at the divine soul. But even this one bowl isn’t enough and is unable to eliminate thoroughly. I’ve already portioned all of the medicinal herbs. Remember to let Madam Jun drink three times daily. After five days, she’ll definitely recover fully!”

Jun Tianyu hurriedly carried the Soul Cleansing Soup and fed Liu Yiru to drink before saying agitatedly, “Master Ye is truly an immortal! This Jun really doesn’t know how to thank. I wonder if Master Ye has any needs. As long as this Jun can accomplish it, just say what’s on your mind!”

Ye Yuan said, “Senior Jun don’t have to be so courteous. You issued the mission, I received the mission. After completing, there will naturally be a reward! After Madam Jun is completely recovered, you and I will be square.”

This was also Ye Yuan’s unswerving rule: only taking agreed upon consultation fees and never taking the slightest bit more.

It was just that to Jun Tianyu, what did a mere few hundred merit points count as?

“Master Ye’s words are not proper! To this Jun, even if I use all of my assets to exchange for Yiru’s life, I won’t furrow my brows at all too! A measly 500 merit points is seriously unable to express my feelings of gratitude!” Jun Tianyu said.

“Heh, Senior Jun is someone who values sentiments greatly. But my rule is that I never overcharge consultation fees too! If Senior Jun feels somewhat indebted, just take it as owing this Ye a favor then. When this Ye needs it, I’ll naturally come to find Senior Jun,” Ye Yuan said coolly.