Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 718

Chapter 718 Hiring Murderer To Kill People

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"What?! You said that that Ye Yuan and Yu Ming came out from Lord Juns place safely?" Gu Hong nearly jumped up when he heard this news.

"Yes. Lord Juns might is immensely formidable. Subordinate dare not draw near. But this subordinate has inquired. Somebody saw Lord Jun personally send Ye Yuan to the entrance!"

From the guest retainers tone, one could also perceive that he was extremely shocked by this news as well.

This time, Gu Hong finally could not be calm. He paced around in the room, seemingly very anxious.

"Where did they go afterward?" Gu Hong suddenly stopped and asked.

The guest retainer said, "They went to the Sun Family! Ive already sent people to keep an eye on the Sun Family. Once there are any movements, well immediately receive news."

Gu Hongs expression flickered incessantly. Clearly, this news was too unexpected for him, catching him somewhat off-guard.

"Could it be that this punk called Ye Yuan is really capable? But hes only Divine Traversing Realm. How is this possible?" Gu Hong frowned and said.

"Steward Gu, what should we do for our next step?"

Gu Hong thought about it and said, "Go keep an eye on the Sun Family. When they come out, immediately fish for information! That Sun Familys illness is also a troublesome one. If he really has the ability to treat, then you . . .en?"

Gu Hong did a palm-slicing-downwards gesture, his gaze revealing a murderous gleam. He was actually going to kill them to silence their mouths.

. . . . . .

The Sun Family was also a large family clan in the Ancient Opulence City. But it was a level weaker compared to the Gu Family.

In front of the Su Familys gates, a middle-aged man in fine-clothing sent Ye Yuan, White Light, and Yu Ming trio to the entrance.

"Benefactor, better stay behind and have a simple meal. Let this Sun express my feelings of gratitude!" the middle-aged man in fine-clothing said with a thankful face.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "There will be time for that. Better for it to be next time. This Ye took on quite a few missions and still has to go and do them one family by one family."

"This . . . Alright then. Then this Sun wont keep Benefactor behind! Even though my Sun Family isnt the three great aristocratic families, I still have some power in this Ancient Opulence City. If Benefactor has any needs, feel free to speak your mind freely!" said the Sun Familys Family head said.

"In this case, then thank you very much, Sun Family Head."

Finished talking, Ye Yuan bid farewell and left.

By the side, Yu Ming had waves surging endlessly in his heart long ago already. It was just that in front of the Sun Familys family head, it was unbecoming to show it.

He hung around in this Ancient Opulence City for so many years and had always been very cautious, fearful of offending bigwigs.

When had he ever been like today? Even Lord Jun and Sun Familys Family Head, Sun Maosheng, were most respectful towards him, addressing him with great familiarity?

Following by Ye Yuans side made him have a feeling of being in high and vigorous spirits, walking with his head held high!

This sort of feeling was seriously too awesome!

"Heh,Brother Ye is simply godlike! Whatever kind of complicated or rare illnesses, reaching Brother Yes hands, they were all resolved without extra trouble! These families missions are all famous in the entire Ancient Opulence City. But not a single person was able to resolve them. But once Brother Ye took action, everything was resolved!" The moment they left the Sun Family, Yu Ming said with an excited look.

"This is called impressive? This is merely just so-so! What you saw is but the tip of the iceberg!" White Light said very disdainfully.

Yu Ming did not know that White Light knew Ye Yuan had the ability to cross realms and refine medicinal pills.

These illnesses actually did not need to be so troublesome. One medicinal pill could fix it. It was just that Ye Yuan did not wish to expose too many things, that was why he used such troublesome methods.

Being rebutted by White Light, not only was Yu Ming not unhappy, he nodded his head repeatedly instead and said, "Yes, yes, yes, Brother Yes methods are absolutely master-level. Old Yu, I, have no way of imagining at all!"

Unknowingly, a change also happened to Yu Mings form of address towards Ye Yuan. Evidently, his attitude towards Ye Yuan had a transformation happening too.

Originally, he was emotionally invested on Ye Yuan, with a long-term view.

But in one day, he discovered to his surprise that he did not need to wait until long-term at all!

"Alright, stop talking aimlessly. The next one . . . go to the city guards main camp then." Ye Yuan said.

"Ah?C-City guards main camp?" The moment Yu Ming heard, even his speech became stammers.

"Look at you! Following my big brother, what are you afraid of? Could it be that they will eat you?" White Light said crossly.

"Uh. . . You got a point there, but . . ."

"What are you being long-winded for? Are you going or not?"

"Going! Why wont I go?" Yu Ming made up his mind and said.

Yu Ming belonged to the city guards and was even considered a small officer. Except, he got along better in the city, that was why he could go and guard the ascension pool.

But entering the main camp, all he would see would be his superiors. How could the fear accumulated for many years be that easy to get rid of?

The three people came to the city guards main camp. Immediately, there was a soldier stopping the trio.

"Halt! What are you here for?"

Yu Ming hastily went forward to explain. Then handed over Ye Yuans identity token before that soldier let them passed.

The mission Ye Yuan received, it was all displayed in the identity token. The solder would know the moment he looked and naturally would not be mistaken.

That soldier was just about to lead the three people inside. But after just a few steps, they bumped into a middle-aged army officer.

"Why are you bringing strangers into the main camp?"

That soldier hurriedly saluted and explained the situation.

After middle-aged army officer heard, he said,"Oh,like that huh. Just nice, Im going to Lord Head Commander there to report completion on a task. You go back first then. Ill bring them over."

That soldier was somewhat hesitant. "This . . ."

"Relax. With me around, nobody will make things difficult for you," that middle-aged army officer said.

"Yes, General Song Pan!"

After the soldier left, Song Pan led the three people and walked towards the depths of the main camp.

As he walked, Song Pan asked Ye Yuan curiously, "Really have some guts. A puny little Divine Traversing Realm actually dares to take on Lord Head Commanders missions! His old problem has been there over a decade already. To this day, no one was able to treat it. Where did your confidence come from?"

Ye Yuan said, "Nobody treated it, was naturally them being incapable. Since I dare to come, I naturally have assurance."

"Haha,Lord Head Commanders mission, I know a little bit. Seems like each one came brimming with confidence, but in the end, they were all chased out by Lord Head Commander with a flurry of sticks. Im afraid that your small body cant take the beating!" Song Pan said with a mocking laugh.

Ye Yuan looked at him but did not say anything. This guy was clearly finding trouble.

Right then, Yu Ming suddenly opened his mouth and said, "General Song, its not right. This doesnt seem to be the road leading to Commander Manor, right?"

This city guards main camp, Yu Ming rarely came. But he was still aware of the general positions.

Seeing as the road got increasingly remote, the people getting lesser and lesser, with Yu Mings astuteness, how could he still not detect something amiss?

But this place was already very out of the way. The surroundings already did not have a soul.

Song Pan suddenly turned around and said with a cold smile, "Boy, dont blame this Song for being ruthless! Want to blame, blame that you offended a person that you shouldnt have! Ill send you on your way right now. When you go over there, remember to be more low-profile. When you dont have strength, best not to be too arrogant!"

At this time, Song Pan already revealed killing intent.

Yu Mings expression changed, and he said, "General Song, whats the meaning of this?"

"Huhu, dont you understand yet? This is someone hiring a murderer to kill people! Let me make a guess.Uh. . . Is it Gu Hong?" Ye Yuan snickered and said without any nervousness.