Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 719

Chapter 719 The Overbearing Jun Tianyu

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“Heh, don’t need to probe. Do you think that I would be so naive?”

Song Pan did not admit it verbally, but he was startled in his heart. He did not expect that Ye Yuan actually did not hesitate, hitting the mark right away!

Except that to Ye Yuan, it did not require guessing at all.

Just how long has it been since he ascended? The only one with motives to harm him could only be Gu Hong.

Ye Yuan said with a laugh, “Not admitting, is it? Doesn’t matter, you’ll admit it in a while!”

“Still being stubborn when facing death! Go to hell!”

Song Pan gritted his teeth and was about to make a move to kill Ye Yuan.

Song Pan as a general, his strength already reached late-stage Boundless Realm. Killing these three people in front of him was just a matter of lifting a hand.

But right at this time, a peerlessly powerful sword intent instantly enveloped him. That virtually destructive pressure actually made his entire person unable to move a muscle!

The move had yet to be unleashed, and his entire person froze there, his face contorted!

A figure gradually became real from an illusion. It was none other than precisely Jun Tianyu!

When Song Pan saw the Jun Tianyu brimming with killing intent, his knees went soft, and he almost knelt down right away.

“L-Lord Jun, w-why are you here?”

Song Pan’s forehead was sweating profusely. This murderous god-like figure before his eyes, how could he afford to offend?

Even when Lord Head Commander saw him, he had to be very courteous too!

Jun Tianyu said coldly, “Master Ye is my benefactor. Why do you think I came?”

“Ah? He . . . he . . .”

Song Pan jumped in fright. How could this boy in front of him possibly be Jun Tianyu’s benefactor?

“Humph! Are you going to end yourself? Or do you want me to send you on your way?” Jun Tianyu said straightforwardly.

“Lord . . . Lord Jun, please appease your anger. I . . . I didn’t know that this Little Brother is Lord Jun’s benefactor!”

Song Pan was crying regret in his heart. Why did he provoke until this killing god without rhyme or reason?

But Jun Tianyu said coolly, “Don’t need to explain anymore. You already had killing intent just now. It’s enough to sentence you to death.”

“Lord Jun, this . . . this is the city guards’ main camp! On account of Commander Luo Fang’s face, spare this lowly one, Your Excellency!”

Jun Tianyu’s words made Song Pan white as a sheet, kneeling down directly.

But Jun Tianyu’s brows furrowed and he said, “Long-winded!”

Finishing, Jun Tianyu pointed a finger out. A sharp and fierce sword intent pierced right through Song Pan’s heart and did not give him any opportunity to retaliate at all.

Song Pan still did not dare to believe on his deathbed that Jun Tianyu really killed him just like this.

His two eyes gradually became lifeless, collapsing in a pool of blood.

“Master Ye, are you alright?” Jun Tianyu could not even be bothered to glance at Song Pan but said to Ye Yuan concernedly.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “I’m fine. Senior Jun came very promptly. All thanks to your token. It’s just that Senior Jun killing him just like this wouldn’t have any problems, right?”

When the two people bade farewell, Jun Tianyu gave Ye Yuan a keepsake. As long as Ye Yuan crushed the token, Jun Tianyu would rush over very quickly.

It was just that Ye Yuan also did not expect to actually use it so quickly.

Jun Tianyu said with a smile, “This Jun killing a person, who dares to say anything? Since I’m here, I’ll accompany you to go and meet Luo Fang.”

“Alright. I’ll have to trouble Senior Jun then,” Ye Yuan cupped his fists and said.

Jun Tianyu waved his hand and said, “What’s Master Ye being courteous with me for? Don’t keep calling Senior Jun. If Master Ye doesn’t mind, just call me elder brother will do.”

Ye Yuan said with a laugh, “Haha, okay, Big Brother Jun! En, Big Brother Jun don’t keep calling Master Ye either. Directly call me Ye Yuan or younger brother will do.”

Jun Tianyu laughed loudly and said, “Haha, Younger Brother Ye!”

Right at this time, a powerful aura came over from the Commander Manor’s direction. In a blink of an eye, it arrived in front.

“Who is it? To actually dare act wildly in my city guards’ main camp? Yii? Jun Tianyu, it’s you?”

“Luo Fang, your subordinate wants to kill my brother. I’ve already helped you clean up your household,” Jun Tianyu said overbearingly.

Luo Fang’s face darkened, and he said, “Jun Tianyu, aren’t you a little too arrogant? Even if I want to clean up my household, when is it your turn to make a move?”

Jun Tianyu said coolly, “Killed him means I killed him. What do you want?”

“You! Jun Tianyu, if you don’t give me an account today, the two of us aren’t done!”

Luo Fang looked at Song Pan’s corpse, enraged until he was blowing smoke from all seven orifices.

Jun Tianyu was seriously not giving any face, killing his own subordinate in his own territory. If this spreads out, how would he, this head commander, command the troops?

Jun Tianyu said coolly, “If it were normally, I wouldn’t be inclined to bother with you. But today, I’ll make an exception and give you an account. He’s called Ye Yuan, my wife’s savior. Very soon, he’ll be your benefactor too. Just now, this subordinate of yours wanted to kill Ye Yuan. Do you think my reason to kill him . . . is enough or not?”

Luo Fang’s expression changed, and he said, “What?! Your wife’s illness . . . is healed?”

As the city guards’ head commander, Luo Fang was naturally aware of Liu Yiru’s illness.

In this recent one year, Jun Tianyu had been searching for famous doctors for her every day, even going to other cities to find powerful alchemists. But there were no results.

Now, Liu Yiru’s sickness was actually treated by a boy still wet behind his ears!

Everyone in Ancient Opulence City all knew that Jun Tianyu loved his wife dearly. If this was a reason, then it really was justifiable.

Jun Tianyu smiled and said, “Does Commander Luo feel that I would joke around with this sort of thing? Ye Yuan was planning on treating your chronic illness by coming to the main camp today. Who knew that this subordinate of yours actually wanted to kill him. What’s wrong with me helping you clean up your household?”

Luo Fang’s expression changed slightly, and he could not resist shooting a glance at Song Pan’s corpse once more. But this time, there was no sympathy at all.

Deserved to die!

It was just that he was still half-believingly and half-doubtful about Jun Tianyu’s words and asked, “This . . . He, a measly little Divine Traversing Realm, really have this kind of capability?”

Jun Tianyu could not help laughing as he said, “Your expression right now is exactly the same as when I met him for the first time! Whether or not he has the ability, what I say doesn’t count. Just try, and you’ll know!”

“This . . . Fine then. Please!”

. . . . . .

“What? You say that Song Pan was killed by Jun Tianyu?” Gu Hong was alarmed until his voice and countenance changed when he heard this news.

“Yes. Song Pan had yet to take action, and Jun Tianyu actually rushed there already! Looks like he gave that punk some message token,” the retainer said.

Gu Hong felt that his head was about to explode. Just what kind of monster was this Ye Yuan? To actually be able to make Jun Tianyu, this kind of character, willingly come forward for him?

“How can a brat who just ascended have such heaven-defying means? Jun Tianyu’s wife was practically sentenced to death already. He could actually bring her back to life?”

Gu Hong was depressed to the extreme in his heart. This outcome clearly exceeded his expectations too much.

“Not just Jun Tianyu’s wife. The Sun Family’s mission, Commander Luo Fang’s mission, he completed all of them! Intel just came from over there, not only did Commander Luo Fang not blame Ye Yuan, he sent him and Jun Tianyu outside the main camp with a big smile instead. The three people addressed each other with great familiarity like they were blood brothers.”

“. . . . . .”

Gu Hong was speechless.