Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Lin Tianchengs Plan

Two days later, in a medicine garden behind the mountain, a young lady dressed in green was currently weeding.

There were many dirt stains on the young lady's face, and her hair was also disordered. Sweat beads dripped down her forehead, and her clothing also was somewhat in tatters. She looked very pitiful.

However, this young lady's face gave out a stubborn expression, as she continued to grit her teeth and persevere.

This young lady was precisely Lu-er who was forced to come here by Zhang Heng. She had basically been slogging in the medicine garden for the past two days without stopping.

The formerly dainty and exquisite Lu-er was gone, and what replaced it was a haggard face full of exhaustion.

Weeding was not a very tiring job for martial artists. Even if they did not rest or sleep for several days, they would not end up like this.

However, weeding in the medicine garden was not such a relaxing job. The weeds in the spiritual fields were very deeply rooted because of nourishment from the thick heaven and earth essence energy.

One had to utilize essence energy to remove them.

Like this, weeding became hard labor.

There was no one willing to do this job in the academy. Hence, they would let those newbies who just entered the academy do this sort of things.

In reality, the majority of those doing these chores were commoners. The aristocrats just have to bribe a little, and they would be easily exempted.

Zhang Heng used Lu-er avoiding her tasks as an excuse to arrange a much heavier workload for her compared to the others.

Lu-er had virtually zero rest during these two days, but she only finished less than half of her workload.

Due to her continuously expending her essence energy these two days, Lu-er's stamina was already depleted. That was why she appeared so fatigued.

Two youths were currently sipping tea and chatting in the small pavilion overlooking the medicine garden. They looked very pleased.

"Senior Apprentice Brother Lin, this Junior Apprentice Brother can't bear to torment such a dainty and cute beauty like this!" Zhang Heng shook his head and sighed. However, there was no trace of unwillingness on his facial expression.

The youth sitting opposite him was precisely Lin Tiancheng. And finding trouble for Lu-er was something he single-handed engineered.

In the Dan Wu Academy, there were very few Heaven Rank students, and their status was extremely aloof. Generally speaking, the academy would not arrange for them to do anything specific. They just had to cultivate diligently.

All of the chores in the academy were mostly handled by the Earth rank students.

Just like Zhao Chunyang, he was sent out by the General Affairs Department to stand guard over the Scripture Library. Hence, the authority of the department was actually quite significant. There were plenty of ways to mess with people.

What Ye Yuan did not know was that the head student of the General Affairs Department was Lin Tiancheng.

Apart from an instructor who did not involve himself too much, Lin Tiancheng's authority was the highest.

Ever since he was humiliated by Ye Yuan at the Illusionary Spirit Tower, and with Liu Ruoshui inciting things by the side, Lin Tiancheng started to resent Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan was currently like the noon sun in the academy, so naturally, he did not dare to seek Ye Yuan out. But it was not hard to find trouble with Lu-er.

Two days ago, he heard that Ye Yuan happened to enter a closed-door seclusion, so he found a reason to send Zhang Heng over to find trouble with Lu-er and instructed her to remove weeds in the medicine garden.

Lin Tiancheng sipped his tea and smiled as he said, "Don't pretend to be a bodhisattva with me as if I don't know you. I let you take charge of this medicine garden, and God knows how many girls you have harmed. Would you pity this young lass?"

Hearing this, Zhang Heng laughed and said, "This is all thanks to Senior Apprentice Brother Lin's care! That's why when Senior Apprentice Brother Lin came to look for me, I didn't say a word and just did it."

Lin Tiancheng nodded approvingly and said, "At least you are sensible, punk! I'm very pleased with the way this matter was dealt with. You can do whatever you want with that chick, no need to give me any face!"

When Zhang Heng heard this, a trace of wickedness flickered across his eyes, and he asked, "Really?"

"Of course it's real! I really want to see what kind of expression Ye Yuan would have after he exits seclusion only to see that his maidservant was violated!" Lin Tiancheng's eyes filled with hatred when he mentioned Ye Yuan.

That day at the Illusionary Spirit Tower, Ye Yuan made him completely lose face.

Afterward, many students secretly spread about what happened that day, which greatly diminished his prestige among the Earth Rank students. This was the reason why he wanted to take revenge so badly!

Zhang Heng was thrilled. "Since that's the case, then I, Junior Apprentice Brother, won't stand on ceremony. Senior Apprentice Brother Lin really gave this Little Brother a huge gift! Even though this girl is young, in terms of appearance, she is outstanding! It's just . . . I'm afraid that Ye Yuan would come to find me after exiting seclusion."

Lin Tiancheng looked at Zhang Heng calmly and said with a cold smile, "No matter how powerful that Ye Yuan is, he's only at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm. You are at any rate a Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm. Are you still scared of him? If he confronts you, then just let him come. When that happens, give him a brutal beating. You can help me vent this frustration at the same time! By the time he grows up, you would have graduated already. Why be scared of him?"

Zhang Heng gave heavy praises when he heard it. "Haha. It's still Senior Apprentice Brother Lin who have great foresight. You've already considered everything! I'm somewhat looking forward to Ye Yuan's furious and exasperated expression now."

Finishing, Lin Tiancheng and Zhang Heng exchanged glances and started laughing in unison.

Lin Tiancheng was naturally unaware of Ye Yuan's performance in the Illusionary Spirit Tower. He thought that he overconfidently challenged the Earth Rank Advancement test and ended up being instantly killed.

He also thought that Ye Yuan had just barely made it past the Black Rank Advancement test. Hence, the way he saw it, Ye Yuan at most had the strength of an Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm.

Zhang Heng might be older, but he was already a veteran Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm who similarly had the ability to jump ranks and battle. So it was obvious he could not lose to Ye Yuan.

. . . . . .

This seclusion of Ye Yuan lasted four days.

Presently, the essence energy in Ye Yuan's dantian was surging as he impacted the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm bottleneck repeatedly.

Ye Yuan had already broken through to the Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm three days ago. After consolidating his cultivation realm a little, Ye Yuan continued eating transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pills to impact the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm!

To him, there was not much difference between the Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm and the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm. It was just how many transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pills he needed to consume.

Ye Yuan consumed transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pills non-stop and repeatedly tempered the essence energy using the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art.

Finally, after consuming several hundred transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pills, Ye Yuan broke through to the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm in one stroke!

Ye Yuan felt like his entire body was bursting with strength after breaking through two cultivation realms consecutively. A feeling of discomfort had arisen unless he used his strength!

Revolving his essence energy, Ye Yuan struck out a palm. The air in the training room was compressed to its limits by the power of his palm and gave off a 'puff puff' explosive sound.


A large hole was dented into the wall of the training room.

This big hole was way larger than the first time he used the Stacking Waves Layered Palm. It was an attack on an entirely different level.

The walls of the training room were special. It could perfectly withstand a peak level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist's full blow.

It could be seen just how terrifying Ye Yuan's attack power was to be able to smash such a large hole in the wall.

"Ooo. If I enter the Illusionary Spirit Tower again and use the Eighth Layer Wave, I should be able to kill three black-robed martial artists, right? Hehe. After I breakthrough to the Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm, I will go to the Illusionary Spirit Tower to try it out," Ye Yuan looked at the big hole in the wall and muttered to himself.

"It should have already been four or five days? I wonder what happened outside. If I still don't go out, Lu-er will be worried. Time to exit seclusion!"