Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 721

Chapter 721 Winds Of Fortune Change

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“Hehe, Younger Brother Yu, I wonder if Master Ye is at home?” Gu Hong thickened his skin and asked.

Gu Hong was a servant to begin with. This skill of shamelessness was much more powerful than a bottom-level martial artist like Yu Ming.

Like previously, he was afraid of Gu Changshun’s blame and did not give Yu Ming face at all, finishing off Ye Yuan with a single blow.

Now, he had no choice but to come to his door begging. He even thickened his face and addressed Yu Ming with great familiarity too.

Yu Ming sneered when he saw the situation and said, “Isn’t this Lord Gu? Don’t address a lowly person like me as your brother so as to avoid lowering your status!”

Yu Ming had a stomach full of resentment towards Gu Hong. Not seizing this chance to regain face properly, how would he be liberated in his heart?

But Gu Hong did not care about the sarcasm in Yu Ming’s words at all. He still had an ingratiating look as he said, “Look at what you’re saying! I, Gu Hong, am merely a servant of the Gu Family, and I am also an impoverished person in this Ancient Opulence City. Why must Younger Brother Yu make things difficult for Elder Brother, me? I know that Younger Brother Yu is still unhappy about the incident that day. But Elder Brother also has difficulties, right? Today, Elder Brother came firstly to find Master Ye to take action. Another thing is to specially come and apologize to Younger Brother Yu!”

One had to acknowledge that this Gu Hong indeed had skills. The words said were flawless, lightly skating over that day’s incident.

If it were just a young and inexperienced boy, he would probably shed tears of gratitude immediately, addressing Gu Hong as his brother.

It was just that no matter how poorly Yu Ming got along, he was a wily old fox too.

For Gu Hong to want to pull the wool over his eyes so easily, how could it be something that easy?

“Heh, Steward Gu, don’t give me that! Whatever you have, quickly say! If there’s nothing, get lost straight away for me! Master Ye is very busy and doesn’t have time to waste on a servant like you,” Yu Ming said indifferently

Yu Ming felt liberated in his heart!

This had only been a few days, and all the face that chould be found were all regained!

Didn’t you make Your Father get lost on that day? Now, you scram as far as you can get for Your Father!

Didn’t you say that Your Father wasn’t on the same level as you on that day? Hehe, now, you’re the servant!

Several days passed, Yu Ming’s relationship with Ye Yuan already had titanic changes.

Even though Ye Yuan kept calling him as his elder brother, Yu Ming had the self-awareness that he was on a completely different level with Ye Yuan.

Just take a look, what kind of people did Master Ye have dealings with?

Jun Tianyu, Luo Fang, Sun Maosheng, which one of them was not a major figure in Ancient Opulence City where the entire city would tremble when they stomped their feet?

But even so, Ye Yuan still gave Yu Ming a feeling akin to a breath of spring breeze.

Yu Ming saw clearly that what changed was only his own mentality. Ye Yuan’s attitude towards him was no different from the start!

So in Yu Ming’s eyes, Gu Hong was really just a servant, while his identity was much higher than Gu Hong’s.

Gu Hong was clearly coming with his back to the wall this time and was already prepared to give play to his shamelessness to the max!

“My purpose of coming, is Younger Brother Yu still unclear? This Gu wish to request an audience with Master Ye and invite him to take a look at Eldest Miss’s illness! Whatever terms there are, Master Ye can feel free to say.”

As he was talking, Gu Hong dug out a storage ring and handed it to Yu Ming, saying with a fawning look. “This is a small token from Elder Brother. Younger Brother Yu, please accept! After the matter is done, Elder Brother will still have a little something! I know that Younger Brother is a favorite of Master Ye. As long as Younger Brother, you, make an exception, this matter, we can settle it through discussion, no?”

Gu Hong felt pain in his heart!

He spent an arm and a leg this time in order to patch his relationship up with Yu Ming.

In that storage ring, there were one thousand low-grade earth essence crystals!

And these one thousand low-grade earth essence crystals was already one-fifth of his savings.

One had to know that low-grade earth essence crystals and merit points could be exchanged one-for-one.

Which was also to say that Gu Hong gave Yu Ming a thousand merit points all at once!

This was absolutely a huge sum!

Yu Ming used divine sense to inspect the storage ring and also palpitated with excitement in his heart.

This old fellow was really hemorrhaging this time!

But Yu Ming made a difficult expression on his face and said, “This . . . Steward Gu, not that I’m not willing to help you, it’s seriously that Master Ye is really very busy . . .”

Gu Hong gnashed his teeth until it made grinding sounds and actually fished out another storage ring, saying, “Younger Brother Yu, I naturally know that Master Ye is very busy. It’s just that our family’s Eldest Miss’s illness, you’re aware about it too. Saving a life is better than building a seven-storied pagoda. Old Gu, I, only have this bit of savings too!”

Gu Ming had a destitute look, secretly delighting Yu Ming inwardly.

He received the storage ring and had a look. Inside indeed had quite a few good stuff. The value was probably around 500 merit points or so too.

“Fine then. On account of Steward Gu having such sincerity, I’ll go and have a word with Master Ye. As for whether or not he consents, I dare not guarantee!” Yu Ming said with difficulty.

“Doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter! I know that Younger Brother Yu is a favorite of Master. Master will definitely give you this face!” Gu Hong flattered Yu Ming vigorously.

Yu Ming was naturally enjoying it too. In the past, he behaved like a grandson in front of Gu Hong. Now, the winds of fortune changed. It was Gu Hong’s turn to act like a grandson in front of him.

This sense of accomplishment was absolutely refreshing!

Yu Ming put away the two storage rings, turned around, and entered the manor.

The moment his figure vanished, Gu Hong’s face darkened.

“Humph! Blind reckless fool! To actually dare climb on top of my head! Dare to take your Grandpa Gu’s stuff, really tired of living! After the dust has settled this time, Grandpa Gu will not only make you spit out these things, I’ll even let you disappear from Ancient Opulence City entirely!” Gu Hong gnashed his teeth in hatred.

. . . . . .

“Hahaha! Satisfying! Really too satisfying! Brother Ye, Elder Brother, I, have always tucked my tail between my legs and behaved obediently in this Ancient Opulence City. Whoever I meet, I would bow and scrape. Today, benefiting from the association with Brother Ye, I can finally raise my head up high! Here, these are the things Gu Hong gave me to show ‘filial piety.’ This time, he hemorrhaged greatly!”

Once he entered the house, Yu Ming’s entire person felt like he was floating.

But Ye Yuan waved his hand and said with a smile, “Those things are given to you by Gu Hong and also what he owes you. You just keep it for yourself. He wants to take my life. How can this bit of stuff let him clear the hurdle? What’s at the back is the real show!”

Yu Ming was rather embarrassed as he said, “This . . . Elder Brother, I, still know my own limitations a little. Gu Hong giving me these were all on account of Brother Ye’s face. How can I take it for myself?”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Let you take it, so just take it. What’s with all the nonsense? If you treat me as a brother, then put it away properly for me!”

Hearing Ye Yuan say so, Yu Ming hurriedly said, “Alright, alright, alright, I’ll keep it then! However . . . I’ve seen through this Gu Hong thoroughly this time. This guy is two-faced, really not any good thing. The last time, he even sent that Song Pan to kill you! This time, he has no choice but to come and lower his head to us. But I feel that he will definitely harbor resentment in his heart.”

Ye Yuan said with a laugh, “Gu Hong is only an unimportant person. He’s not worth my effort to go deal with him at all. If he stays quiet, he can still live. If he courts death himself, then I can’t be blamed.”