Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 722

Chapter 722 An Ear

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Gu Hong entered Ye Yuan’s manor rather fidgety.

Honestly speaking, he still had a bit of confidence in his heart towards Yu Ming. But facing Ye Yuan, he had no confidence at all.

Even though there was only a short confrontation once, Gu Hong’s impression of Ye Yuan was very deep.

Because Ye Yuan said for Yu Ming to return the humiliation to him. Today, it really returned to him!

At that time, he thought that Ye Yuan was giving himself a way out. But only now did Gu Hong know that he really had that strength and confidence!

On that day, Ye Yuan did not argue from start to end, because he simply disdained to argue.

Compared to arguing, Ye Yuan was smacking faces with actions!

Entering the main hall, Ye Yuan sat on the seat of honor. By the side, Jun Tianyu and Liu Yiru were seated.

Although he had long heard about it, Gu Hong was still unbelievably shocked in his heart.

In the mere few days Ye Yuan ascended, he was actually already on equal footing with the Jun Tianyu who made people tremble with fear on hearing!

“This lowly one, Gu Hong, pays respect to Lord Jun, Master Ye!” In front of Jun Tianyu, Gu Hong lowered his posture very low.

Either way, coming here today, he was long prepared to be shameless already.

But this first sentence of his poked a hole in the basket already.

Only to see Jun Tianyu snort coldly and say, “Are the Gu Family’s servants all so ignorant in etiquette? This is Younger Brother Ye’s manor. You don’t pay respect to him first, but you pay respect to me for? Even if it’s not here, Younger Brother Ye is my wife’s savior. You doing so, isn’t it making me out to be faithless? En?”

This cold snort directly made Gu Hong’s knees turn soft, kneeling down.

“Lord Jun, forgive my mistake! This lowly one . . . lowly one has no intention of offending you!” Gu Hong even had the heart to die.

Jun Tianyu’s accumulated awe in Ancient Opulence City was immensely great. So the first thing Gu Hong thought of was to pay respect to Lord Jun.

Who knew that he poked the hornet’s nest all of a sudden!

You’re an exalted Heaven Enlightenment Realm powerhouse. How can you be ranked behind a Divine Traversing Realm boy?

“Humph! If this wasn’t Younger Brother Ye’s manor, you’d already be a dead man now! This is Younger Brother Ye’s place, how to punish is naturally up to him, the owner, to decide!” Jun Tianyu said with a cold snort.

When Gu Hong heard, all the hair on his body stood on its ends.

This one in front of him never needed any reason to kill people before. As long as he felt that you deserved to die, you would really be dead!

This point, there were already countless people who used their lives to prove it before; not necessary to go into details.

“Master Ye, this lowly one deserves death! This lowly one deserves death! I beseech Master Ye to spare my life!”

Gu Hong kowtowed frantically, nearly knocking out a large hole in the ground. He did not dare to use essence energy to protect his body at all. Very soon, a large bruise was knocked out on his head.

“Brother Jun, Younger Brother has just moved into this manor. Can’t very well kill people right after coming in. It’s inauspicious!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Gu Hong was overjoyed when he heard and hurriedly said, “Many thanks for Master Ye’s grace of not killing! Many thanks for Lord Jun’s grace of not killing!”

But Jun Tianyu said coolly, “Death penalty may be spared, but punishment is hard to pardon!”

Finished talking, Jun Tianyu wielded his fingers as a sword. A streak of sword qi flew past Gu Hong’s ear with a swoosh.

Gu Hong only felt coolness at his ear and did not even react to it.

If that finger earlier slanted a wee bit more, his head would explode like a watermelon.

But very soon, a piercing pain assaulted, striking the deepest parts of his heart!

“Argh! My ear!”

Gu Hong covered the ear with fresh blood flowing out, hurting until he rolled on the floor.

“Make any more fuss, even if I give Younger Brother Ye face and don’t kill you here, it’s impossible for you to return to the Gu Family alive either!”

Jun Tianyu’s words seemed to have come from the underworld. Even if Gu Hong was hurting until he was about to faint, he immediately ceased the howling too.

Gu Hong covered his ear, in pain until he was trembling all over. But he did not dare to make even a sound. Sweat flowed down his forehead, pickling the wound by his ear, making it even more painful like pouring oil onto a fire.

Jun Tianyu was obviously not this sort of narrow-minded people. He was deliberately finding fault.

This Gu Hong was just an unimportant person to him. If he killed Gu Hong, then he killed. But if Ye Yuan thoroughly offended the Gu Family because of this, it would be terrible.

The Tao Family’s destruction made these aristocratic families in the Ancient Opulence City be on guard too.

These few years, the three great families all concentrated on development. Their strength had a very large increase.

Although Jun Tianyu was not afraid, he had an agreement with City Lord back then, not to kill Heaven Enlightenment Realm powerhouses as he pleased again!

Unless he did not wish to stay on in the Ancient Opulence City anymore.

The face of the three great families, Jun Tianyu would not give any thought. But City Lord’s face, Jun Tianyu still have to consider it.

The city lord was appointed by a holy land. Even if he, Jun Tianyu, was any stronger, he could not possibly be stronger than a holy land too.

Therefore, Jun Tianyu carrying out a slight punishment was solely getting a bit of interest for Ye Yuan.

Either way, he only made a move to claim an ear. The Gu Family would not dare to do anything.

Gu Hong sucked in cold breaths by the side as he said, “M-Master Ye’s anger is vented as well. C-Can you take action . . . and save . . . Eldest Miss?”

Towards Gu Hong, Ye Yuan naturally did not have the slightest bit of pity.

He already had killing intent towards him. Not killing him is already taking into account the Gu Family’s face.

Towards the killing intent which fleeted across Gu Hong’s eyes, Ye Yuan chose to ignore.

With Jun Tianyu around, forget about Gu Hong, even the entire Gu Family did not dare to touch him either!

“Saving people is okay. But this time is different from taking on the mission. You know it; I already gave you a chance,” Ye Yuan said indifferently.

When Gu Hong heard this sentence, a hint of regret flashed past in his heart too.

If he had relented on that day and let Ye Yuan go look at Eldest Miss’s illness, he would definitely obtain Family Head’s commendation now and would also not lose an ear because of this.

But his regret was replaced by hatred very quickly!

Even if he did not dare to do anything to Ye Yuan, the people around Ye Yuan, he could touch!

After this matter’s hype passes, I, Gu Hong, will definitely let you know that I’m not to be provoked!

“It . . . It was all this lowly one’s fault! Whatever conditions . . . Master Ye has . . . feel free to say!”

Even if he hated to the extreme in his heart, Gu Hong did not dare to have the least bit of dissatisfaction verbally. Instead, he still lowered his posture very low.

“I want the Gu Family’s title deed for Ancient Opulence Street’s Luxuriant Fragrance Hall!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“What?! L-Luxuriant Fragrance Hall! Ouch!”

The moment Gu Hong became agitated, it aggravated his wounds again, hurting until his face contorted in agony.

“That’s right!”

“M-Master Ye, this . . . this is also too . . . Can you . . . change the terms?”

Gu Hong wanted to kill people badly. Ye Yuan this was also demanding a too exorbitant price!

However, he had to endure! Otherwise, the one dead would be him!

“No negotiations. Either agree to my terms, or you guys find someone else better!” Ye Yuan did not give face in the slightest.

“This . . . lowly one cannot make the decision. Can you permit . . . this lowly one to go back and report to Family Head?” Gu Hong said.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Can. Give me a reply by tomorrow noon. Or else, there won’t be any leeway to talk over.”

How could Gu Hong still dare to stay? Enduring the intense pain on his ear, he scrambled back to the Gu Family.

After Gu Hong left, Jun Tianyu asked, “Younger Brother Ye, this condition of yours is out of my expectations! Could it be that Younger Brother Ye is planning on establishing a sect in this Ancient Opulence City?”