Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 723

Chapter 723 Whats Not Proper?

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“Heh, the Luxuriant Fragrance Hall! Can a measly little Divine Traversing Realm boy prop up the massive Luxuriant Fragrance Hall?” Gu Changshun said with a cold laugh.

“Family Head, this boy has no respect for our Gu Family at all by relying on Jun Tianyu’s backing!” Gu Hong said with a look of righteous indignation.

Gu Changshun looked at Gu Hong with a smile that was not a smile, staring until he had a guilty conscience.

“Oh, Gu Hong, looks like these few years, I’ve been too indulgent towards you!” Gu Changshun said rather emotionally.

Gu Hong’s heart thumped, kneeling onto the ground with a thud as he said with a wail, “Gu Hong dare not! It’s really that . . . really that they bully others too far!”

“Heh heh, bully others too far? It was probably you going too far in bullying others beforehand, right? Honestly speaking, you being able to come back alive makes me very surprised. Looks like Jun Tianyu is still rather wary of City Lord,” Gu Changshun said.

The more Gu Hong listened, the more it felt amiss. Could it be that those things he did behind Family Head’s back, he knew all of it?

Once this thought popped up, Gu Hong sniveled even more as he said sobbingly, “Family Head, you have to stand up for Gu Hong! I went to invite Ye Yuan to take action, but he crippled my ear with any word! This . . . This is simply making light of you!”

Gu Hong did not notice Gu Changshun’s expression gradually becoming cold.

“Gu Hong, this is the last chance that I’m giving you!”

Gu Hong trembled, his entire person instantly sobering up.

He knew that nothing could be hidden any more from Family Head’s eyes!

Gu Hong was an astute man. He knew that everything of his was all given by Gu Changshun!

With this, he held nothing back, directly recounting all the things that happened these few days.

Of course, what he said definitely had some discrepancies from the actual situation, but there was no way of verifying them.

This sort of thing, Gu Hong had long attained perfection in it. Even Gu Changshun could not discern the slightest bit of inkling too.

Such as that day he went to remove the mission, he ran into Ye Yuan and Yu Ming. The story was naturally Ye Yuan’s strength was measly but looked down on other people, looking even more like a swindler. Hence, that was why he did not let them enter.

This point coupled with the condition Ye Yuan raised made people feel that it was the truth even more.

Indeed, after Gu Changshun finished listening, the coldness from before diminished a lot, and he said coolly, “Lucky you’re honest. If you still dared to intentionally hide it, without the need for Jun Tianyu to take action, I’ll send you on your way too!”

Gu Hong sweated profusely in his heart, feeling like he had toured one round around the gates of hell and back.

But with his understanding of Gu Changshun, he should have cleared the hurdle this time!

“Family Head, Gu Hong was muddle-headed for a moment, such that I led to a huge mistake. Family Head, please punish! It’s just that even though that Ye Yuan is formidable, this subordinate don’t believe that he’s even stronger than Lord Shuming, that’s why I would make a move against him!” Gu Hong resorted to sophistry.

Gu Changshun nodded and said, “Honestly speaking, I also find it very hard to believe that a Divine Traversing Realm boy can be even stronger than He Shuming. It’s just that Qing-er’s illness really can’t afford to delay! If he wants the Luxuriant Fragrance Hall, give it to him then, as long as he can treat Qing-er’s illness!”

. . . . . .

The second day morning, Jun Tianyu and Ye Yuan came to the Gu Family.

Gu Changshun personally welcomed them. By his side, tagging along was a sagely-looking elderly.

After both parties had small talk, Gu Changshun said, “Master Ye, I’ll have to trouble you for my daughter’s illness!”

“Taking people’s money to avert disaster for them, this is naturally part of this Ye’s duties,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

He and the Gu Family would probably be very hard to become friends, so he was not polite either.

Except, that elderly said with a cold smile, “Heh, age isn’t old, tone isn’t small! A baby whose hair hasn’t grown fully yet actually dares to proclaim to be a master. Truly ignorant of the immensity of heaven and earth!”

This old man was clearly the He Shuming from Gu Changshun’s words.

Ye Yuan was treating Gu Changshun’s daughter’s illness today. Some words, he was inconvenient to say out. Getting this He Shuming over here was in order to say those words inconvenient to say.

Ye Yuan gave him a sidelong glance and said nonchalantly, “Firstly, being advanced in age shouldn’t be a bar to ambition. Treating illnesses and curing people, one has to look at true capability! Since Miss Gu’s illness isn’t cured, then your esteemed self naturally doesn’t have this capability! Secondly, the title master was all called out by others. I’ve never professed before! But I never felt that calling me as master is in any way inappropriate! Thirdly, who are you?”

“You! You don’t even recognize this old man and actually dare to utter wild ravings here! Haven’t seen this sickness yet and you have an appearance like you can handle anything. Do you really think that you’re an Alchemy Emperor?” He Shuming was enraged by Ye Yuan until his beard billowed and he glared.

“What a joke! Why do I have to know you? Also, even though I’m not an Alchemy Emperor, Miss Gu’s illness, I’m definitely able to treat it!” Ye Yuan said with a cold laugh.

“Conceited and ignorant kid! Today, if you can’t treat Qing-er’s sickness, I’ll make you pay the price for your wild arrogance!” He Shuming was thoroughly infuriated by Ye Yuan.

But right at this time, the Jun Tianyu who did not speak all along opened his mouth.

“Looks like this Jun hasn’t taken action for too long. Ancient Opulence City already have some people who don’t remember this Jun’s existence!”


Stark-naked threatening!

But Jun Tianyu had always been so domineering!

Threatening an Alchemy Saint in front of the three great aristocratic families’ family heads, only Jun Tianyu could do that!

Gu Changshun by the side suddenly had an impression. Ye Yuan and Jun Tianyu, these two people mingling together were simply a perfect match!

These two people considered everyone beneath their notice exactly the same, showing striking resemblance of arrogance!

He Shuming could not help freezing when he heard that. That imposing momentum earlier immediately vanished like mist and smoke.

He lost his head from anger due to Ye Yuan earlier and really forgot that Jun Tianyu was right beside for a moment.

Jun Tianyu followed right by Ye Yuan’s side today constantly, rather like his follower; it was very easy to make people overlook his existence.

“Haha, everyone says fewer words. Master Ye, Brother Jun and Brother He are both this Gu’s honored guests. Harmony is precious, harmony is precious!” Gu Changshun saw that the momentum was not right and hurriedly came out to smooth things over.

“Humph!” He Shuming gave a cold snort and turned his head over, no longer speaking.

“Family Head Gu, I think we better not waste time anymore. Let’s head straight for your daughter there,” Ye Yuan said.

Ye Yuan’s impression towards the Gu Family was not good and was disinclined to waste time here as well.

“That’s for the best!” Gu Changshun said.

The group of people entered the Gu Family’s inner-chambers and circled one big detour. Gu Changshun actually led Ye Yuan inside a dungeon.

This made Ye Yuan very surprised. Because he got to know from Yu Ming there that this daughter of Gu Changshun’s was the sole remaining bloodline left from his first wife. Gu Changshun normally doted on her very much.

Gu Changshun even took out the Luxuriant Fragrance Hall without any hesitation in order to save her. His doting on her could be seen at a glance.

But why did Gu Changshun actually lock her up in such a dungeon which did not see the light of day?

The further in they walked, the more unbelievably cold it got.

When they walked to the depths, Ye Yuan saw an ice bed. On the ice bed lay a woman wearing a sky-blue attire.

But that woman’s hands and legs were actually bounded by metal chains!

“This is my daughter, Gu Qing! Since three years ago, she became mentally deranged, killing people on sight. Having no choice, I could only bind up her hands and legs,” Gu Changshun explained.