Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 724

Chapter 724 Essence Silk Thread Pulse Reading

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“Kill! You’re all demons! I’m going to kill you!”

When Gu Qing discovered that people came, she immediately became incomparably violent, using all of her strength wanting to shake off the constraints of the metal chains.

Seeing this kind of situation, Ye Yuan’s brows knitted together slightly too.

“Boy, I’ve already prepared the Dream Soul Incense for you. Are you doing it yourself?”

As he said, He Shuming threw Ye Yuan a short incense.

But Ye Yuan did not reach his hand out to catch, allowing that short incense to fall onto the ground.

Dream Soul Incense was a type of aromatic which could make people enter sleep. It had the function of pacifying the soul and spirit. Gu Qing’s ailment was hard for alchemists to take her pulse. This Dream Soul Incense naturally came in handy.

Seeing Ye Yuan like this, He Shuming was enraged. “Punk, what’s the meaning of this?”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Miss Gu’s illness is currently in a state of outbreak illness at this time. Many things related to the illness will naturally be exposed during this time as well. You use the Dream Soul Incense to make her fall asleep, what if you misdiagnose because of this? Don’t even have this bit of elementary knowledge, I really don’t know how you, this Alchemy Saint, came about!”

He Shuming could not help choking up when he heard that. This punk was actually doubting his Alchemy Saint strength!

But every word of Ye Yuan’s was reasonable. He was actually unable to refute.

Even the Gu Changshun and Jun Tianyu by the side who did not understand also nodded their heads secretly when they heard. Very clearly, this argument was strong.

Gu Changshun could not resist darting a glance at He Shuming. When he diagnosed Gu Qing, didn’t he use the Dream Soul Incense to put Gu Qing to sleep?

“Utterly ignorant! Not using Dream Soul Incense, I want to see how you take the pulse!” He Shuming said with a cold smile.

Sensing Gu Changshun’s gaze, He Shuming’s face was burning too. But not putting Gu Qing to sleep, how to take the pulse?

“Then you open your eyes wide and look properly!”

Ye Yuan went forward a few steps and approached closer to Gu Qing a little more. Then, he extended his index finger. A trace of pale-yellow silk thread flowed out from his index finger.

This fine thread was actually condensed and formed with essence energy!

Seeing this scene, He Shuming’s expression could not help changing drastically as he let his tongue slip and said “Essence silk thread pulse reading!”

Gu Changshun did not know what was called essence silk thread pulse reading. But he could also tell from He Shuming’s expression that this move of Ye Yuan’s seemed to be very formidable, and he could not help feeling more hopeful.

This Gu Qing was born from him and his first wife. The two people were deeply in love. But his wife left this world not long after Gu Qing was born.

Furthermore, Gu Qing looked virtually identical to his first wife. Therefore, Gu Changshun also showered her with favors all along.

Who could have thought that Gu Qing would actually get such a strange illness? Even He Shuming taking action could not find the cause of the illness too.

If even Gu Qing left him too, Gu Changshun would really have a breakdown.

Hence, he did not scruple in agreeing to Ye Yuan, using the Luxuriant Fragrance Hall as the diagnosis fee to treat Gu Qing.

And at this time, the silk thread spat out from Ye Yuan already gradually crept over onto Gu Qing’s arm, then reached into the meridians from her arm.

Seeing this scene, Gu Changshun’s face slightly revealed an astonished look too.

Even though he did not know what was called essence silk thread pulse reading, this move of Ye Yuan’s was sufficient to indicate that he was extraordinary.

Martial artists spitting out essence energy was mostly for the sake of pursuing greater destructive power. The control towards essence energy belonged to the crude style.

But this move of Ye Yuan’s required extremely fine control over essence energy.

This point, even he, as a Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artist, could not accomplish it too!

This kind of skill, without going through repeated tempering, it was simply impossible to master.

As for He Shuming, the astonishment in his heart was even more intense compared to Gu Chagnshun.

Gu Changshun did not know, but He Shuming was an Alchemy Saint powerhouse!

The Ancient Opulence City’s only Alchemy Saint powerhouse!

This essence silk thread reading pulse was an extremely profound pulse reading skill. It had a close to perverse requirement towards control of essence energy and soul force.

He Shuming had also attempted to train this skill before. But in the end, he still gave up because it was too hard.

Essence silk thread pulse reading was not just condensing essence energy into a fine thread and inserting into a martial artist’s body that simple. If that were the case, he could also do it.

The hardest part about essence silk thread pulse reading was the probing inside the martial artist’s body after entering the martial artist’s meridians!

The control of essence energy in this could not have the slightest deviation. Otherwise, it would fall short of success and even damage the martial artist’s body.

This was still He Shuming’s first time seeing essence silk thread pulse reading on an Alchemy Sovereign Realm coming from a junior’s body!

As far as he knew, those able to master this skill were all powerhouses above Alchemy Saint!

This boy was definitely putting on an act. He did not have any way to probe Gu Qing’s meridians at all.

Yes, it must be like this!

Before long, Ye Yuan withdraw his essence energy. That thread of essence energy dissipated immediately.

Gu Changshun inquired with a hopeful look, “Master Ye, how is my daughter’s illness?”

Ye Yuan frowned and said, “A little troublesome!”

He Shuming perked up the moment he heard and immediately laughed coldly as he said, “Heh, can’t diagnose means can’t diagnose! Pretending for what! Like I said, how can essence silk thread pulse reading be so easy to master? Almost got hoodwinked by you, this punk!”

Gu Changshun’s face fell following that too. The atmosphere became rather odd for a moment.

But Ye Yuan had a calm look as he said, “Is that so . . . The troublesome I said was not because I have no way, but because I wonder which moron tied Miss Gu onto this ice bed! That fool completely doesn’t have a clue about Miss Gu’s illness and assumed that this ten-thousand year profound ice bed could suppress the mental demon. In the end, not only did it not have any effect, it worsened the illness instead! Eh? What are you glaring so angrily for? I wasn’t talking about you.”

The more Ye Yuan talked, the blacker He Shuming’s face became.

Ye Yuan’s ability to scold the locust while pointing at the mulberry was truly at the acme of perfection!

Who else could this fool be other than him, He Shuming?

“Boy, I admit that your verbal skills are impressive! Since you say that the ten-thousand year profound ice bed is useless, then say what’s up with Qing-er!” He Shuming said with a black face.

Ye Yuan said in amazement, “Eh? It’s really you? Could it be that you, this Alchemy Saint, was bought with earth essence crystals? Alchemy Saint treating people’s illnesses, not knowing but pretending to know is a great taboo. You don’t even know this point? You didn’t even figure out her sickness and dared to make the Gu Family tie her onto the ten-thousand year profound ice bed. I’m really in awe of your courage! Are you trying to save people or harm people?”

He Shuming was almost about to explode from anger. If He Shuming wasn’t present, even if Ye Yuan really had the ability to save Gu Qing, he would also smack Ye Yuan to death with one palm!

Without any suspense, Gu Changshun gave him a glance with a profound meaning again.

“Boy, if you want to be rampant, wait until you ascertain Qing-er’s illness before you be rampant. You keep on refusing to say, diverting Family Head Gu’s attention, it should be that you didn’t find out the cause of the illness, right?” He Shuming said with a cold smile.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said with a sigh, “Honestly, I feel that your reputation, this Alchemy Saint, are too exaggerated. You don’t even know some basic knowledge of alchemists! When other alchemists are attending to patients, shouldn’t you back away a little? I’m not saying naturally because I’m afraid that you’d secretly learn! But with your intellect, even if you secretly learn, you probably can’t reach genuine Alchemy Saint standards either! Forget it, if you want to secretly learn, that’s up to you as well! I’m here to tell you that the real cause of Miss Gu’s illness is . . . no cause of illness!”